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Lilliput Monitor with histogram, focus assist, zebras
  • This new Lilliput 7" 5D-II-O-P packed in a lot of pro feature for a good price. I heard it's US300 + shipping

    image image image image image

    • Resolution 1024 X 600 supports 1920 X 1080
    • Peaking Filter
    • False Colors
    • Zebra Stripes
    • Histogram
    • 1:1 Pixel Mapping
    • Color Bars
    • 4x Zoom
    • Underscan/Overscan
    • Freeze Frame
    • 4xZoom
    • Image Flip
    • Selectable Aspect Ratio

    P version is with HDMI pass through (OUT) :

    466 x 486 - 46K
    645 x 463 - 59K
    626 x 477 - 74K
    639 x 477 - 63K
    640 x 199 - 30K
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  • Thanks, I added images and slightly reformatted message.

  • Thanks VK. Possible to get a deal for Personal View Members

  • These are without battery right?

  • "8. DV Battery F970/DU21/QM91D (optional): 1piece" Looks like it, yeah.

    Accepts F970 batteries by default but battery plate can be changed for either DU21 or QM91D.

  • Seems very nice. I would replace my Amuse with this one...

  • Can we buy now?

  • At first, they are on holiday :-)

  • finally! Great that it is not so small which stopped me from ordering the Ruige 4,8". +1 for a special deal. Can I pay upfront? :)

  • how much are the batteries?

  • This is standard Sony batteries. Cheap as hell.

  • +1 interest for PV deal here too. Fingers crossed!

  • +1 interest for PV deal.

  • +1 interest for PV deal. ( i was already looking into this monitor! so let's get a sweet deal )

  • does the 7" 5D-II have focus assist, zebras, etc., or are those only available in the 7" 5D-II-O-P? It looks like:

    7" 5D-II = no peaking, histogram, etc.
    7" 5D-II-O = no peaking, histogram, etc., but with hdmi pass-through
    7" 5D-II-O-P = peaking, histogram, etc., and with hdmi pass-through also

    The 7" 5D-II and 7" 5D-II-O are both available on US now for around $250 shipped.

  • Count me in on the PV deal!

  • +1 for PV deal.

  • As VK said they are on Chinese New Year Holiday now, they will be back to office on Jan.30th.

    I'm really tempted for an ebay auction.

  • @brianluce

    I was quoted $35 for the Sony F970 battery and charger. I read on another forum that the F970 battery is excellent and lasts 10hrs+ on a single charge.

    I'd also be super interested in a PV deal for this monitor. Can anyone recommend a solid magic arm? It seems a lot of the models out there get loose after awhile. I was looking at this one

    Have any of you folks used this arm? It even comes with the olive green rod clamp to match my soon to arrive Lanparte rig.

  • It is Lanparte arm :-)

    You can also check Tilta on deals, but you need to get something bigger with it (due to shipping costs)

  • +1 for PV deal :)

  • Considering deal all is going good. But it is NY time, so have to wait.

  • +1 for PV deal

  • Cheers @Vitaliy_Kiselev, much appreciated.

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