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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 2: Sedna A, B, C
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  • @rsquires

    "What version of PTool is your 24p-25p Nine setting?"

    the most recent version

  • @Driftwood, glad to hear she is OK, relatively speaking of course. I am sure she will miss eating fast moving mackerel, but it sounds like it's for the best.

  • Even more people are pm'ing me about the highly variable bitrate issues with the CBR Orion V4b. This can no longer be called "user error".

    I have two clips here that you can download and check the bitrate, this is all shot with the Orion V4B with 720 50p... One is in normal mode, the other is in Ex Tele mode...

  • Hi, I am new to Driftwood patches, first of all, thank you Driftwood for your hard work to give us a better creative tool. Question: I am using dark matter V3, because I thought it was possible to use it with any class 10 card. At 24H the camera stops recording after 3 seconds because of writing speed (transcend class ten, 32 gig), at 24L all is good. According to 5Dto RGB I am at 146.02 mb on 24h and 84.26 mb on 24L recording the exact same scene. I love the image, so I wonder if it is worth it for me to invest in a better card??? or will I have the same problem?should I hack again??? Also, I edit with Premiere pro cs4, Can someone recommend me settings for 5DtoRGB and related to those settings, project settings for cs4 so I can edit (just in case, I am a mac user, 4 gig ram memory). Thank you all, I hope I can contribute with something helpful soon.

  • @Adde put 720 on AQ4 then and uncheck 720 Quantiser setting = 8. Or set 720 Quantiser setting to = 4 and try that. Let me know how you get on.

  • @Xavieramelio. For low end sd-cards use the pictoris hack (v5) it has lower bitrates that will span on the normal cards. orion and this dark matter are made and tested for the 64gb 95mb/s sandisk cards, maybe the 16gb 95mb/s etc will work too but most of us here bought the 64 =) i bought mine a week ago to get everything there is to get out of the gh2 and i haven't looked back =) i also own a 45mb/s 16gb on which most of the patches worked, not even spanning problems for most but if you are gonna buy a new one i'd take the 64gb/ 95mb =)

    i can't help you with cs4/ 5dtorgb thingies. greetz from belgium!

  • Thank you driftwood for the quick replay, I play around with it later tonight, I have to go to work now, and I let you know what i get. Klem007 thank you for the advise, I keep it in mind, I am waiting for a 45mb from ebay, then I will see, I want to get the best possible quality, greetings from Montreal

  • @leejb4 cool video ,..keep it up

  • Here are some clips I've put together of our animals around the house using the Orion v4b and v4c. Color graded with Looks and the first three clips used twixtor. At 1:56 I used some Neat Video for a few clips. I ran out of space on my Vimeo account, so I'm sorry about the youtube compression. I'll try to upload it elsewhere to get a downloadable file.

  • @thepalalias i like orion v4b best

  • @xavieramelio My advice, don't buy SD cards off ebay. You never know if you will be getting an authentic card or not. Sometimes those deals ARE too good to be true. Best to buy from an authorized retailer.

  • amazon has the best deals

  • @sanzadez thank you, I already did, next time I get it from a store, let you know what I get when I receive it...

  • @klem007 I will check amazon also...

  • Orion v4b - down at the marina doing some scouting yesterday. Shots are screengrabs straight out of camera. 50mm & 28mm Super Taks. ISO 160. Cinema +2,-1,+1,-2. Vivitar circular polarizer and lens hood. Love this camera and it's evolving firmware + settings.

    marina 1.jpg
    2000 x 1125 - 476K
    marina 2.jpg
    2000 x 1125 - 329K
    marina 3.jpg
    2000 x 1125 - 266K
  • @pchristoph phenomenal contrast on that 2nd screen grab. May I ask what type of polarizer you're using??

  • Hi @Driftwood and everybody,

    First of all I wanna say that for now Orion 4c for 24h is the BEST patch I’ve ever seen here! Shadows look amazing in terms of “previously” hidden details. So basically, you’ve just added 2 more f stops for all of us for free! All we gotta care about is the correct shutter speed and ISOs!

    Speaking of the shutter’s speed… I’ve noticed that for 24h the shutter speed of 50 is not sufficient! What I mean is that I’ve seen a lot of tests here made up from 1/25 to 1/50 and a lot of them look blurry during some motion!

    As for the ISOs, from my previous long experience, I personally and strongly recommend not to use any ISO above 1600 for GH2! Even this “number” is a huge one! No matter what “beautiful” grain you have! In “real” Hollywood movies almost none of the filmmakers go above the ISO of 640 in any case!

    When you watch a movie, you’ll notice that almost all frames during the “pause” always stay “clear” without any blur. So my suggestion to everybody - try to use the shutter speed above 1/50 (but be careful with the flickering) and every frame will a beautiful frame to be watched (or copied to your family album). But for this case you gotta have a fast lens :-)

    In any case, I wanna thank Vitaliy Kiselev (by the way, he’s from Russia as I am :-)) and you Nick! Right now I’ll donate again :-)

    And this is what I’ve always wanted to ask everybody – maybe it is time for Nick (Driftwood) to “deserve” the right to accept donations as well as Vitaliy!?

    Without you both we wouldn’t have found out what it means to be able to shoot a real “movie” quality using just an amateur CAMERA!

    Best regards, Mikhail

  • Notice some artifacts in my test footage i posted last night today :( that i didn't see while grading. Not sure if vimeo compression did this or what. But ill check it when i get off work and regrade if needed and post again.

  • @MikhailK ive done some panning tests and blurry motion (or loss of detail) is apparent even with shutter over 50. Only 720p mode seems better at handling motion.

  • @stray Thank's a lot. I was sort of sure it must be different matrices. But clarification (also on 709) was well needed.

  • @thepalalias nice test but why didn't u shoot more movements??? its very narrow to judge,.. i personally tested all the patches v4 v4b v4c v4d v1 v2 v3,..... all these patches do have same amount of visible noise above iso 1600,... didn't u notice??? the best overall performer is still v4b. all above v4b are some sort of variations thats all,... just like u have some profiles bundled up,...

  • @MikhailK yes i accept ,... more shutter speed less iso makes some real difference in quality,... but upto iso 1600 noise is not at all visible,..ya sure we can see very minor grains starts from iso 1250 ,..upto iso 1000 it is super safe and super clear,...isnt it??? hai the highlights and shadow on these patches are good variations we have ever got,..thanks to driftwood,... but i am still in a confusion v1 v2 or v3??? he he,... for daylight its always orion v4b cbr,... the overkiller, none of the patches pleased most users like orion v4b & Quantum v9b. but for night shots is it v4d v1 or v2 or vc3??? what u personally feel,...i think we shld wait for another finalized and ever shining "dark matter" patch from sir driftwood

  • I really love 4b, cinema -2 -2 -1 -2, only prores conversion, no correction (OM 50mm glass at f8, 400iso, awb)

    My only wish with the GH3 is zebras for underexposed areas and I'll be so happy

    Screen shot 2012-03-07 at 6.12.49 PM.png
    1920 x 1080 - 3M
  • @jhero i'm buying myself a kinotehnik evf when it comes out, partly because of a good good zebra for over and underexposures =) and a histogram in luminance and rgb. I noticed that when well exposed and a good histogram the image doesn't dissolve that quick when grading

    small test with grading the dark matter v3

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