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Panasonic S1 FF Camera - copy of Nikon Z6
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    800 x 518 - 47K
  • 1st testing of Lumix S1/24-105 OIS Preproduction version fw.0.6 CinelikeV (0,0,0,0,0) not graded Handheld. Some long shots stabilized in post. UHD version

  • "I think we have each new Panasonic camera release same story about improving AF :-)

    Instead we need to make some article about AF basics explaining why Panasonic AF never can reliable for video."

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev What you've just written is absolutely 120% totally true!

  • @ntsan

    I think we have with each new Panasonic camera release same story about improving AF :-)

    Instead we need to make some article about AF basics explaining why Panasonic AF never can reliable for video.

  • new firmware seems to improve video AF a lot better

  • It's like they never give you all the features at once. Something is always saved for the next model... ;-)

    Even if they already made camera with such features before. Now the sensor size is changed and they restart the featureless game again.

    In any case: The question is if Lumix S can be a profitable endeavor for Panasonic in a falling camera market?

  • Panasonic issued the 2018 financial report. In all documents I could only find one mention of their camera business. It says sales decreased:

    700 x 143 - 54K
  • Thanks @Fahrenheit, hadn't seen that anywhere. Might I ask where you found that?

    Cheers, Pete

  • @c3hammer From the spec list:
    Extra Tele Conversion: 2.0x (EX S), 1.4x (EX M) So two levels it appears. Not sure what that means for 1080p.

    I don't understand this whole discussion here of rich and uninformed ???

    People keep warning us about those associated with the manufacturer distorting reality, but at least their motives are clear!

    It's those purporting to be helpful and informative in an unremittingly insistent manner that I'm always most dubious about, lol. People saying 'buy' and people saying 'don't buy' are all influencers in my book, and equally as unwelcome. I'm quite capable of doing my thinking for myself and find the manipulations tiresome.

  • I don't understand this whole discussion here of rich and uninformed ???

    This is that Panasonic managers talk about on their closed meetings :-)

  • I don't understand this whole discussion here of rich and uninformed ???

    Where can you get super35 4k 60p and ff 4k 30/25/24p anywhere near this price? None of the other makers are even close to doing 60p ff. None of the other guys are even in the realm with in cam timelapse, 6k 10bit h.265, high res photo or many of the other niceties we have been enjoying in the GHx lineup for years now.

    The ability to do ff stills, 4K 30p lowlight and s35 cropped 4K 60p, giant large scale landscape high res images in cam without the need for stitching in ps, and stills timelapse to 4K video in cam are all things that are incredibly useful for the working photo/video creator these days. None other has even but one of these features in a ff cam.

    I'm still hoping they put a couple levels of ETC in the S1 so I can use it like the GH5 for wildlife work as well.

    Yeah the S1 might not be 'everything' we want out of the gate, but it's a long way from a product for the rich and uninformed. It's pretty much everything I want in a full frame already. The image quality with that 50 f/1.4 seems to be everything anyone could want from the samples I've seen so far.

    I for one am looking forward to seeing this thing in person for sure.

    Cheers, Pete

  • Go to any large camera shop in Japan and you will see the attention always goes to older people and they are always directed to the most expensive camera on display. I don't think this alone is driving the current silly market though. There are too many young bloggers with new bubble money. Panasonic and Sony camera's are all they seem to know, and if the Gh5 and 5s are the best camera they can get for v-logging, then an even more expensive new panasonic camera must be even better!! Well, that's what Panasonic hopes anyways right? Seems likely from my slightly different angle of view that Pansonic took note of the Sharp 8k camera, and decided to continue the nearly abandoned but nearly complete work on a micro 4/3rd 8K sensor. It may be another reason they are going to try and push as many of the full frame camera's out the door to the rich and uninformed as they can as fast as they can. Sorta the new GH3 if you will. Maaaybeee.....

  • @thetrickster

    My source told me that they intentionally did not want to do FF GH5.

    Management DO NOT like their current market positioning. They want to appeal to older and much richer people and this means pushing photo features, expensive premium lenses. I had been told that rear screen main influence had been Fujifilm and Pentax as management though that it could bring attention of photo crown who likes this cameras, especially old ones.

  • Like others have stated, all they needed to do, was make a FF GH5, same feature set and same ergonomics, same flippy screen. I probably would have preordered at that point - and probably a few more too.

    I presume we shouldn't look at this as FF GH5, but more a FF G9 and wait for late 2019 / early 2020 for a more video oriented S2 which is more in line with the GH5 feature set. But if thats the case, they shouldn't be pushing the S1 so much for video use.

    But as it stands, there are too many artificial limitations compared to the GH5 to make it a worthwhile upgrade (for the massive outlay) for me and by the looks of it others too...

  • Considering phase AF - for video it is not much useful tech at all.

    You need true depth map.