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Panasonic S1 FF Camera - copy of Nikon Z6
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  • @omega1978

    This same thing must be made as firmware update for all m43 lenses. Not sure if it'll work perfect, but at least it'll be better.

  • Shure, i hope this for all owner of GH line cameras.

  • The linear function has it's own set of issues. I do lots of filming at long distances and in linear mode regardless of rotation range selected, it is almost unmanageable out toward infinity focus. You simply can't control it finely enough to hit critical focus. The non-linear mode allows ultra fine adjustment when out closer to infinity focus and is much more useful for a lot of the wildlife and landscape work I tend to do most often. With a focus ring clutch like the new 50mm it might be more useful but on the 24-105, I found it to be much worse than than the non-linear mode I've become accustom to and actually prefer.

    Cheers, Pete

  • First discounts start in US, for starters as trade-in stuff


    800 x 332 - 41K
  • UK PR on firmware

    Functions available within the upgrade programme include:

    • 14+ stops of V-Log recording
    • World’s first 4:2:2 10-bit 4K MOV 30p/25p1 internal video recording2
    • World’s first 4:2:2 10-bit 4K 60p/50p1 HDMI output2
    • V-Log and V-Gamut compatible with Cinema VariCam Look
    • In-camera LUT (Look Up Table) application enabling playback of V-Log while or after recording (LUT Display with Custom Function)
    • A WFM (Waveform Monitor) displays brightness level while recording
    • High-res 48-kHz/24-bit or 96-kHz/24-bit sound can be recorded in MOV using the XLR Microphone Adaptor DMW-XLR1

    The upgrade key will be available free of charge by redemption from 8th July 2019 for existing purchasers of the LUMIX S1, and new purchasers until 30th September 2019. From 1st October 2019 the key will be available to purchase at £179.00.

    UK and Ireland only. Full terms and conditions apply. For further information visit

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