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GH2+GH1 camera cage
  • Hi everybody,
    My name is Pau and I am a long time fan of this forum, but never before had done a post. I'm gh2 and gh1 user and, of course, a hack user... Searching for a cage for my cameras I saw Rewo one and really liked, but too expensive and no suitable for gh1 made me discard it. No one in the market seemed to be adequated for my needs, so long time ago I decided to build it myself.
    Now with the great help of a friend we have a prototipe almost finish. Attached are some images from the 3D model. The cage is made in CNC aluminium and in few days I'll post real images. Real prototipe will have some improvements like two ridges in the front of the base plate to prevent the camera turns and some more... The intent is to be much cheaper than the Rewo, so some improvements as helicoids on the threads I did not think possible. All the threads in the top and some more (not yet in the 3D model) in laterals will be 1/4".
    If there were enough people interested in buying it (at least 50), we could give a price.

    Thanks to everyone and especially to Vitaliy Kiselev. Thanks to him, this revolution has been possible.

    caixa cam 2.jpg
    1284 x 907 - 47K
    caixa cam base.jpg
    1284 x 907 - 37K
    caixa cam lat dret.jpg
    1284 x 907 - 30K
    caixa cam lat esq.jpg
    1284 x 907 - 32K
    caixa cam top.jpg
    1284 x 907 - 36K
    caixa cam.jpg
    1284 x 907 - 48K
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  • @Erdan. Yes, the same that my cage, je, je... ;-)

  • Hey check out this DIY accessory frame stabilizer rig for a DSLR, that you don't cut or drill or glue. Everything comes from eBay! And I now have one... The Bracket Rig?

  • Hi, Weight is 445g. I never had problems with hdmi cable. I use a 90º cable and don't use any clamp. But you can drill a pair of holes in the cage to adapt a clamp.

  • What is the weight of the cage? What method do you recommend for HDMI clamp?

  • Yes, is still available. We still have some.

  • Is this cage still available?

  • And just like example this is my own rig I work with. It is a mixture of different components to get to the settings that really fits for my work. Not light, but solid and very functional.

    1072 x 712 - 118K
  • Hi, We have made only 10 cages. If some one are interested you can take a look here:


  • I am interested also. Let us know when and how.

  • I mean that when you replay to this topic, topic don't update on the list.

    Some delay in cages due to anodized...


  • Whats the update?

  • Hi feha,

    We are making 10 cages. At the end of the week it will be ready, I hope. Price will have a discount. 199 euros plus taxes and/or customs. I think is a great price for a CNC cage!!!.

    We are waiting too for normal operation of this topic. As you can see update is desactivated.

    Sorry for the delay.


  • any news ?

  • I'm also waiting for this cage :-)

  • Just waiting to know if all is ok to VK...

  • What's the latest on this one?

  • @Brian202020. Sorry for the delay... We are changing some things like price (special promo price) and anodizing in black for same price. ASAP we discuss that question. Thanks.

  • Any word on the 10 or more price?

  • Soon we will have a black anodized version to show...

  • @pc_bel

    waiting for the first cage, very excited. I prefer a black anodized one as it's better, no reflections.

  • We are from europe. I'm a "aspiring filmmaker" and this cage is the one that I use for work. I have a friend who has CNC machines and we decided to offer it to other people too. This is very difficult today, but here we are...

  • Is this cage coming form europe or are you based in the US?

  • @JackBayer In the first photo you can see two protuberances in de base, just in front of the camera base, to prevent rotation.

  • @Jspatz Yes!!! The thread don't update. I don't know the reason. If you don't like you have 10 days to return and we will return money. In PayPal you have buyer protections.

  • How do you prevent the GH2 from twisting?