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GH2+GH1 camera cage
  • Hi everybody,
    My name is Pau and I am a long time fan of this forum, but never before had done a post. I'm gh2 and gh1 user and, of course, a hack user... Searching for a cage for my cameras I saw Rewo one and really liked, but too expensive and no suitable for gh1 made me discard it. No one in the market seemed to be adequated for my needs, so long time ago I decided to build it myself.
    Now with the great help of a friend we have a prototipe almost finish. Attached are some images from the 3D model. The cage is made in CNC aluminium and in few days I'll post real images. Real prototipe will have some improvements like two ridges in the front of the base plate to prevent the camera turns and some more... The intent is to be much cheaper than the Rewo, so some improvements as helicoids on the threads I did not think possible. All the threads in the top and some more (not yet in the 3D model) in laterals will be 1/4".
    If there were enough people interested in buying it (at least 50), we could give a price.

    Thanks to everyone and especially to Vitaliy Kiselev. Thanks to him, this revolution has been possible.

    caixa cam 2.jpg
    1284 x 907 - 47K
    caixa cam base.jpg
    1284 x 907 - 37K
    caixa cam lat dret.jpg
    1284 x 907 - 30K
    caixa cam lat esq.jpg
    1284 x 907 - 32K
    caixa cam top.jpg
    1284 x 907 - 36K
    caixa cam.jpg
    1284 x 907 - 48K
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  • We already had quite strange man who constantly wanted to produce 50 cages (but never had money even to make one), just to be cheaper than Rewo.
    Even model looks similar :-)

    How about invent something slightly different than Rewo?

    And sit down and calculate costs, shipping, etc and check that you could be cheaper?
  • Forget about all the 3d rendering pics and minimum order. Just get The ReWo lookalike out ASAP at $250 or less with shipping ( international) and I believe you will sell plenty I'll buy 2 from you :) possible?
  • I suggest making bigger holes on the top bar so it's easy to see what mode you're in.
  • @FGCU

    They work.
    But you need to produce them first.
    3D Renderings don't work, this is for sure.
  • "We already had quite strange man who constantly wanted to produce 50 cages (but never had money even to make one)"

    @Vitaliy. Yes, I know who is he. Mine is now maked. In a couple of days I will post photos!!!. May be never get to produce more than mine, but I'm not worried.

    My intention is not to make money. Just return a favor to a friend because he did the cage for me for free. I thought maybe he could earn some money. I supose he will not earn with less than 50 cages minimum.

    The inspiration was Rewo because this is the cage that I would buy... May be in version 2 I try to invent something different.

    @brianluce. I don't need holes (I prefer threaded holes) on top because its easy to see the dials from the rear.

    Sorry for my english. Sometimes I use google translator!!!.


  • >My intention is not to make money. Just return a favor to a friend because he did the cage for me for free.

    I always like guys who want to start business with clear target of not making money.
    I really suggest to stop wanting to produce 50 cages, finding money for it.
    If you want to make actual cages, sell them, one by one, I am not against it.
    Just do not tell me that "I am doing it not to make money, I just want to prevent climate change' :-)
  • >I am doing it not to make money, I just want to prevent climate change' :-)

    You don't trust me... Well, its ok because you dont know me. Everyone is guilty until proven otherwise. My friend work in the automotive world and have CNC machines. Just did me a favor. Sometimes people have oportunities in front of his eyes, but in this corrupted world is easy to think the worst. The world is full of trickery people.

    Anyway, when I have the pictures I will post them.


  • How can you see the dials from the rear when the setting markers are centered on the camera body? What are you going to do with all those holes? shred cheese?

  • Please, be back not with pictures, but with real product.

    And if I ever hear from you shit "free because climate change", I'll vomit and will do something bad :-)
    Get some good book and learn to make business. Small, but real.
  • >Please, be back not with pictures, but with real product.

    For sure, I'll be back with the product, with the pictures of the real product. I don't expect bussiness with the cage, just to show the cage. Sure Rewo it's better.
    I don't know make business, I know, and I don't mind because I won't do it.

    Well I didn't expect great entusiasm, but not be spoken in this way, Vitaliy. May be I said something missunderstood in my bad enghish... I don't know... I'm confused...
  • I am looking forward to your pictures, @pc_bel!
  • Oh how there is never enough smilies on this site ;)
  • @pc_bel

    make one i buy it, thanks ...
  • I would definately be wanting one!
  • I would be interested if it's properly "painted" black. I shoot a lot of product and cannot have the reflections. As long as I can secure it top AND bottom, I would be in. Of course, it would have to be less than the ReWo. To get it in the US, it's about $540 with conversion to dollars! The ReWo is dead sexy, so this had better be much less. I would want to see the camera in it and shots of every angle. The access port to the card seems a bit small. Maybe it's just me, tho.
  • Perry is that you?
  • ahaha , take two!)))
  • Hi guys,

    I have my prototipe ready. Here you have some images from the real product as I promised. Sure its not perfect and others are more cool, but the intention is to be cheap. My friend (the maker of the cage) is not very confident to sell it, but I will try to convince him.

    Thanks to all Personal-View comunity.
    600 x 399 - 95K
    600 x 399 - 82K
    600 x 399 - 84K
    600 x 399 - 100K
    600 x 399 - 95K
    600 x 399 - 68K
    600 x 399 - 89K
    600 x 399 - 82K
    600 x 399 - 92K
  • does look good!
  • How much? I want!
  • It looks like accessing the mic/remote socket is not to easy?
  • If a baseplate for rods is attached, will the battery still be accessible?
  • I'd buy one as well. How much?
  • The only fault I can find with it right now is that there appears to be no way to tie it down on the bottom to a tripod or other rig.

    needs 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch holes for mounting on the bottom. Otherwise, nice work,.
  • @Jspatz, for me is easy to plug something in the mic socket. May be in the photo is not obvious.
    It depends on the baseplate type. Acces to the battery is what it is... Hole in cage is same as battery door. No way to change it.

    @bannedindv, for my rig I only need what you see in the photo. One long hole (match GH2 and GH1) and one rear 1/4 inch. One bolt goes directly to the camera through the base plate and the other bolt goes to the cage through the baseplate too. Sorry for my english, I can't explain better.

    @all, sorry but I don't know how much because mine was for free. As I said I will try to convince my friend to sell it.

    Thanks for all your interest.