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GH2+GH1 camera cage
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  • Looks killer!
  • @pc_bel

    looks great, let me know when ready for sale ...
  • I'd take one
  • I would love to know how much it would cost.
  • I would expect it to be expensive, as it is made from single piece of aluminium...
  • I want one.

  • @pc_bel

    I am very interested in this cage. If the price is right, I might be willing to buy the difference to get you to 50 units if you don't reach the 50 needed. I would just resell them on ebay or at the local rental houses.

  • Hi everybody,

    Finally, my friend says yes to the cage production!!! and price!!!

    Price is 220 euros + shipping for 1cage.

    Shipping by SEUR to EEUU is 48 euros for 1 or 2 cages, delivery in 2-3 days. 85,99 euros for 3-9 cages, delivery 4-7 days. 10 or more cages free shipping, delivery 4-7 days. Shipping to europe is 26,34 euros+taxes (VAT) and shipping to Spain is 16,09+taxes (IVA). All shippments insured. Buyers are responsible for customs tax in your country/state. We are searching for other shipping options (cheaper)...

    Cage is 100% CNC machined in strong aluminium. Price include the piece to attach the camera flash mount to the cage, and @rockroadpix it will be option anodized in black.

    The proto in the first photos has been slightly modified. @Jspatz More clearance in mini jack microphone plug and more easy acces to SD card. More 1/4" holes in cage and other minor improvements.

    @Brian202020 we are calculating price for 10 or more cages.

    Payment will be only by PayPal.

    We will have first cages in about 20 days.... Then I will post more photos.

    Thank you very much.

  • I would say that's priced to sell! Any idea on shipping charges to the states?

  • @rockroadpix In previous post you have all the info. To USA 46 euros delivery in 2-3 days. Not include possible custom taxes.

  • @rockroadpix Sorry 48 euros, about 61,9 US$.

  • The photos do not show a baseplate for rods. Am I correct to compare this at 220 with rewo at 370 including baseplate?

  • Yes, there is no base plate. The cage is intended to be used with a tripod baseplate rig style. Then you can adapt it to diferent rigs. I will show you some photos about what I mean. Rewo price not include VAT for europe.

  • great news, thank you

  • What is your return policy? Also curious why this thread does not appear in the topics list and I have to search to find it.

  • How do you prevent the GH2 from twisting?

  • @Jspatz Yes!!! The thread don't update. I don't know the reason. If you don't like you have 10 days to return and we will return money. In PayPal you have buyer protections.

  • @JackBayer In the first photo you can see two protuberances in de base, just in front of the camera base, to prevent rotation.

  • Is this cage coming form europe or are you based in the US?

  • We are from europe. I'm a "aspiring filmmaker" and this cage is the one that I use for work. I have a friend who has CNC machines and we decided to offer it to other people too. This is very difficult today, but here we are...

  • @pc_bel

    waiting for the first cage, very excited. I prefer a black anodized one as it's better, no reflections.

  • Soon we will have a black anodized version to show...

  • Any word on the 10 or more price?