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Personal View 2017 LAING Video Contest
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  • Well, we still lack enough participants.

  • this one is older but good.

    Made on red dragon sensor. Iso 3200 for grain look all the time. Ultra prime t2. Only 3 650watts fresnels. Some art direction and good space. Was shot on one night. Edited on resolve in raw. Then mastered on black and white. Me as DP and direction with a friend as the other video

    i hope you like it

  • @endotoxic

    Cool, but terms are terms.

  • Its ok

    I just wanted too share it with the forum.

  • Hi all,

    here is my (late) entry for the contest. Shot on the Panasonic GH2/cbrandin hack with a C-mount 25mm 1.4 lens. Minimal level corrections only. Enjoy!

    Thanks for the contest, Vitaliy!

  • Anything going on with this contest?

  • @TinRoof

    Prize is reserved, so all is ok.

    We'll close it after NAB exhibition, as hope for few more participants.

  • Just noticed this contest. Well nothing to lose...

    Here is first short teaser from our upcoming giallo film full of black comedy elements. Or as we call it: "first Finnish giallo so it's FiALLO!"

    TENÚ is coming...

  • @maskare

    Good idea.

    As if you compare camera discussions to good videos that can compete it is not good relation.

  • "Exploring Petra - From the Great Temple to the High Place of Sacrifice" - personal-view laing contest

    My entry for the contest. Video was shot entirely hand held, with the GX80, using the Olympus 9-18mm lens. Edited in FCP X.

  • Contest officially closed.

    In original terms intention was to determinate winner using opinions posts, but I do not see enough of them now.

    So, if nothing changes in a week, we'll make our own decision on winner.

  • My bad that did not posted it due to unplanned issues. Sorry guys, Will do very soon.

  • I am so sorry for delays, just I need to rewatch every video without distractions to be sure.

    Asked opinion from few other members, so will post all on Monday if nothing happens.

  • So, final results.

    Stabilizer goes to @TinRoof for

  • Such an honor for my work to be recognized by Vitaliy and the other members of this forum. Considering the work submitted I am very humbled. Thanks to all of you for this honor, and for also providing such an important knowledge base that I feed on daily. PersonalView is truly a gem. Peace, Kevin Balling Tin Roof Video

  • Congrats @TinRoof love your video, I can't wait for the next contest :)

  • @ivan_romeo

    Hope to make one at summer.

    Time to move to 2 contests a year. But need more activity :-)

  • I need to be more active in the forum, normally I just read and learn from many talented people here, many thanks for your work Vitaliy_Kiselev I will be sure to donate for the cause :)