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Nebula 4200 - strange monster
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  • Nebula stabilizer and Nebula Gyro Jib live shots at IBC

  • Nebula 4200 tutorial video

  • Picture is very smooth, looks nice.

  • Test with nebula4200——the effect as a slide moving

  • The footage is from Adorama TV and shot by Timbuz.

  • The footage is so smooth, this is a clear winter day under the lens.

  • Roaming around in the Kyoto gloaming

  • Upgraded Nebula 4200 5-axis tactical version shot by T-one Image.

  • A great memory of a Chriatmas market 2016 recorded by Nebula 4200!To feel the season which is peaceful and delightful.

  • I just ordered the Nebula 4200. I hope the setup is not too tricky. I am exited! Any possible way to mount it on a tripod/monopod/crane or to take some weight off with some other accessoir?

  • @olli66 You could see the picture and video below. The tactical grip could have double 1/4 scerw hole for DIY your own set, variety shooting mode.


    1080 x 1340 - 117K
  • Take a look at this video about BTS Adorama Through The Lens S03EP6

  • Fantastic wedding show presented by Love Bridal shot by a Filmpower upgraded Nebula 4200 with tactical grip.

  • Japan's park scenery is very good and the picture looks so smooth. This Japanese users shooting technology is very good.

  • How to make creative camera movements?

  • Greetings. I've seen this request before on this thread but realize you can't answer it directly on the site. I recently purchased a 4200 and have managed to lose the default settings in the SimpleBGC app. I would truly appreciate the settings for all three profiles as the gimbal was working reasonably well out of the box. Two other issues... I can't switch between settings and don't hear a beat when attempting nor will clicking 4 or 5 times initiate anything. I'm also having trouble updating. It fails on both Mac and PC using bluetooth and after installing all drivers, I'm unable to connect using USB. After the drivers are installed on the PC I see COM1, COM2 and COM3 but none allow for a connection. On the Mac, I've never seen any change at all after the drivers are installed. Thanks very much for your help.

  • @flighttime Glad to receive your message, sorry for reply late, I have sent message to you, you could contact our support for help, they will slove your problem.

  • Yesterday I finally received my Nebula 4200. It does some strange things (sudden movements) but I just started so not everything is set 100% yet. Anyone can tell me what profile 4 and 5 are for? Any user profiles that are optimized? I use Panasonic GH4, Sony A7RII and Sony A6300...

  • @olli66 About your gimbal sudden movements, I think you could balance the gimbal first. Every axis in 45 degrees is able to maintain a balance. profile 4 and 5 left to the user's own Settings, there are three operating mode. You could watch the toturial video first, if you have question about using yet, you could sent email to our support.

  • @Avril_Lovin thanks! I will get in touch. So far I almost got my GH4 with Lumix 20mm lense working. It just isn't 100 percent alligned in horizontal axis. There is a tilt I don't get rid of. With the motor of it is perfectly alligned but when I turn on the Nebula it tilts. I have to further investigate and will send you an email. The other thing: A Sony a7RII with a Sony SEL2470GM lense is it a too front heavy setup? I don't come anywhere near to balancing it. edit: my a7rII and the 24-70 weight 1630g. I somewhere read the Nebula 4200 supports up to 2,5kg, other info says 1,6kg. Which is it and would 1,63kg be too much?