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Nebula 4200 - strange monster
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  • Mine just arrived today. Just could get an first impression, because I've got client work to do. I'm a bit dissappointed, because it doesn't work out of the box. But well I guess thats the price you pay for the relativly low price point of this gimbal. And I'm a gimbal noob. So maybe I just did something wrong. I will find out as soon my current job is done.

  • Nebula4200 5-Axis gimbal test

  • Nebula4200 5-Axis gimbal unboxing video

  • I got mine the other day...but, it tends to tilt to the left. We downloaded the calibration software but it's so difficult to use!! Anyone help?

  • @hleelee Did you adjust the balance? I think this video could help you.

  • Nebula 4200 5-axis gimbal test

  • Nebula4200 5-Axis Demo Video, include the mirror film and film on foot test. Among them a video of the stairs, which can reflect the spring arm for vertical vibration damping effect.

  • Nebula4200 5-Axis gimbal unboxing video

  • Nebula4200 5-axis in Japan

  • Nebula 4200 5-axis gimbal and Sony a6000 video

  • Filmpower had carried ROXOR and Nebula4200 5-Axis gimbal attend CeBIT2016, the booth stand No.F20/1, Hall 016. In the exhibition, many people like ROXOR and Nebula4200 5-Axis gimbal very much, and receives the user high praise.

    In this exhibition, Filmpower had released the latest product Nebula REMOTE, which is a Wireless Bluetooth Thumb Controller. The price is $125.

    It Simple to setup and use, the Nebula REMOTE makes controlling your Nebula 4200-5 Axis gimbal more easier and more intuitive, even with only a single operator. Capture shots that are difficult or impossible now, and start using your gimbal to its full potential.

    Nebula REMOTE has several functions, other functions will be released in succession. If you are interested, please keep attention.

    1. Control Nebula4200 series and Nebula4000
    2. Infrared remote camera
    3. Real-time display


    2652 x 1500 - 1M
  • Nebula4200 5-Axis gimbal sony a6300 test video.

  • 5-Axis gimbal is more suitable for the wedding shooting.

  • An imaginative video, which simulates the shots of many auxiliary equipments.

  • Japanese videos usually very beautiful.

  • Nebula4200 5 axis gimbal Japanese Review. Cannot read the content, but the images are very beautiful.

  • OMD EM5 MK2 has launched for a long time, but the focus speed and continuous shooting speed is good.

  • Nebula REMOTE available on the end of this month, if you want to experience the effect in advance, you can go to our ‪‎NAB2016‬ booth Central Hall C12435, there will be many surprises waiting for you.



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  • Nebula4200 real video shoot@Targi Film Video Foto show

  • 4K shooters report:

    Filmpower will realease new Nebula 4100 3-axis Stabilizer, Roxor Pro 4K & 360 VR 3K Gimbal Camera at NAB2016.

  • Filmpower‬ will realease new ‪products at ‪NAB2016‬ NAB Show, our booth is Central Hall C12435, looking forward to your visit.

  • First day of ‪NAB2016‬, so many users come to Central Hall C12435 try Nebula4200‬, and Filmpower release Nebula ‪REMOTE‬.





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  • I find filmpower facebook homepage have release some new footage about Nebula4100. Very suitable for my a6300.


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    960 x 540 - 38K
  • Nebula4200 5-axis and Nebula4200 pro comparison of video. Nebula4200 5-axis damping effect is very obvious, it seems the spring arm really have the effect very much. If practice moving step, the shooting effect will be more smoothly.