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Nebula 4200 - strange monster
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  • Many scenes in video using inclined Angle shot, the effect is good and very accord with fashion film.

  • Nebula 4200 review video shot by Digital24.

    They introduced how to balance the gimbal, how to swith three different mode, show Nebula REMOTE use effect and real shooting by Nebula 4200.

  • Nebula spring arm built-in standard 1/4 screw hole. Simple to insert the microphone and monitor or other accessories.


    Nebula 4200 and Canon60D.jpg
    1242 x 1302 - 884K
  • Nebula 4200 5axis Gimbal. Sony a7s. Samyang 35mm 1.5 Cine Lens.




  • The portable equipment of Adorama photographer


    600 x 598 - 791K
  • Test video of Nebula 4200 with Nebula Remote in Paris.

    When Nebula 4200 meets Nebula Remote, it is easier for taking marching shot with low angle and experience the smooth and steady frame while walking, mounting, spinning.

  • Hiking through the wilderness Sony A7s II & Nebula 4200 5-Axis Gyroscopic Stabilizer & Phantom 4

  • In addition to the beginning of a video using drone, the whole process using Nebula 4200 5-axis gimbal.

  • Interesting short video, which introduce the function of the Nebula REMOTE.

  • Will I be seeing the Nebula 5300 at the Photokina? I can't find any details yet on the 5300. Is it just for the Sony FS5? I am still looking to buy a gimbal that suits my A7RII/A6300/GH4...and I want...the best!

  • GIMBAL USED : NEBULA 4200 LENS : LEICA 25 MM F1.4 MUSIC : Danelle - Chairs (Ronin Remix)

  • Beautiful wedding trailer shot by Nebula 4200 5-axis

  • I would like to know if Avril Lovin works for the company that manufactures or sells Nebula products. I have seen posts here and elsewhere all of which seem like product promotion, with no actual authored videos. I know others who think this. A simple response would clarify.

  • I would like to know if Avril Lovin works for the company that manufactures or sells Nebula products.

    Yes, of course. But videos are not made by FilmPower.

  • Please help. I really need Nebula 4200 profile settings for Sony A7S. Any help?

  • I really need Nebula 4200 profile settings for Sony A7S. Any help?

    Do you have some issues? What exact?

    They use SimpleBGC

    You can check some principles (you do not need calibration and such). Normally you can adjust PID only and may be motors power. Just do not rush without storing everything up.

  • I need default values of my gimbal Nebula 4200 PRO. Because I change a lot of values, and gimbal became to behave very strange. I asked FilmPower for default profiles, but they sent my some very strange configuration, that is useless - very high P and D - Nebula went crazy. I just need default values to start with them. Thank's for your link.

  • @creativegrapes

    Check the link in my post and start from start in this case, it explains how to set things initially and tune it further.

  • Vitality_Kiselev - thank's for your links. I've got one more problem. Can't upgrade firmware to the newest version. I've got message Failed to upload. Error writing firmware. Unable to get boot loader version. I'm connected by bluetooth.

  • @creativegrapes Sorry for reply late, I have sent message to you and will hlep you to slove the problem.

  • Nebula 4200 5-axis and Sony a7s ii

  • Malcolm used a Filmpower Nebula 4200 5-Axis Gyroscopic Stabilizer and a Canon 5D to capture the smooth moves by this fantastic dancer.

  • Nebula 4200+Camera Sony A7Sii+Canon 10X22mm