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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • @Eno

    Well, it'll be utterly stupid thing to do.

    I just want to emphasize one thing. Panasonic is not your friend and is not making cameras you really need.
    But they add features that allow to make margin as high as possibly while keeping sales good.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    If I "really" wouldn't "needed" the camera, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have serious thoughts of investing money on it. Panasonic may not be "my friend" but neither is Nikon, Canon, Sony and company. Yes I know, it's unfortunate that I need gear to work with. :)

  • If I "really" wouldn't "needed" the camera, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have serious thoughts of investing money on it.

    Camera is not investment. And usage of word "need" here has other meaning.

    Nor of this guys are friends, you are right, they are enemies.

    As for thoughts, thoughts come not from vacuum. From talks, watching media, reading reviews. Big marketing machine. Capitalists translate you that they need you to think :-)

  • So what about native gh5 iso (for best DR)? I heard it is 400, but this tests shows best dr at lowest iso.

  • Btw, if no one knows, official Russian GH5 price (and it is sold at it) for GH5 is $2822.

  • DXO are really only reviewing based on stills performance. They should start to seriously review video cameras as well.

    Given that, a7rii and d810 are best performers in stills area currently. No real competition there.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev is that USD? Very high price.

  • @alcomposer

    Yes. And it is common for Panasonic.

  • Good thing to take away from DxOMark: at lease we have 13stops of dynamic range to play with! :-)

    And we get to play with smaller and light weight glass.

    With Sony pushing ahead with full frame MFT should reposition itself as a s16 solution, small, and light.

    @vitaliy_kiselev international purchase?

  • sigma 35mm f1,4 (speedbooster xl)

  • Quite a flattering review actually. I was surprised.

    Translated conclusion:

    Panasonic Lumix GH5 will not be hugely camera because of its price and a combination of large size with a small matrix, but as a tool for combining video and photography is probably the best choice from what's available today.

  • Long hair in 120fps always look great! (Not mine)

  • Btw, my personal biggest wish list for GH5 firmware are addition of HEVC modes to 4K and 1080p:

    I need 4Kp30 50Mbit, 4Kp30 35Mbit, 1080p60 25Mbit, 1080p 15Mbit, All HEVC 8bit 420.

  • If the rumours are correct, then 400mbps summer firmware will be HEVC. (Maybe the imageapp trick can reduce the bitrate?) We know that overloading the bitrate on the hack causes lower bit rates, so it could already work out? Just place stupid high bitrate value in url string.

    I didn't know you had a GH5 Vitaliy.

  • @alcomposer

    I do not have GH5, nor do I have plans to get one soon (until it drops below $799).

    Just edit GH5 footage :-) And for me low bitrate HEVC is necessary, as US internet speed is just bad.

  • @alcomposer, Nice subject and composition !!! Was that shot with extended iso though? It looks like all the highlight information is completely gone. If you shoot with extended ISO 100 you get about 6 stops of dynamic range in bright sun. Never shoot video on the GH5 in extended ISO. Give ISO 200 vs ISO 100 a test, it's hard to believe it can be that bad, but you'll have to see for yourself. Cheers, Pete

  • I am intending to put some material up for pixel peeping, but its not mine @c3hammer.

    I normally shoot these days in log now that we have LUTS and 10 bit. (I'm not currently seeing problems with 10bit and 150mbps- maybe I am not looking enough).

  • If you ask me HEIF must be in next firmware summer update, without doubt. As HEVC-I hardware core is in place I see no reason not to add this.

  • GH5's JPEG leaves a lot to be desired. It would be nice to get HEIF, I'm not holding my breath. :-/

  • I own several GH2s and a GH4, not going to buy the GH5 but a friend asks if the 400 Mbps will work with a Transcend card with write speed of 60MB/s which would be 480 Mbps if I did the math correctly. Is this enough reserve?

  • @olli66 depends if the Transcend cards are UHSII or UHSI.

    Even really fast UHSI cards will not work with the GH5 with the 400Mbps firmware, as the internal SD Card chip in the GH5 isn't fast enough. This is easily tested by placing the GH5 into USB reader mode, R/W speeds hardly hit 30MBps with UHSI media.

    Your friend will need UHSII cards (which have an extra row of contacts) to record in 400Mbps.

    I am guessing that its probably very easy for the GH5 to know if a UHSII card is in use, and will probably just disable the 400 Mbps mode if UHSI card in slot. (That is my guess).

    Also as 400Mbps is only 50MBps (400/8) I would suggest to get the cheapest V60's possible. The GH5 will not use the extra speed for recording video. (it may be useful for photo modes- and review though).

  • @alcomposer

    Btw, no one knows if speeds show actual camera limit. Can be just bad software side.

  • We have small new batch of GH5 (HK version) for $1950 shipped (to EU, AU, UK, US, NZ)

    Can PM me.