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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • @alcomposer

    I was wondering, there should be a VLogL to false colour LUT somewhere. That may be cool for working out exposure.

    Hah, I was thinking about that, but it is not possible. You could make a false color looking lut, by creating several luma keys and coloring selections to different hues, though the colors would more look like oversaturated areas of some hues and not strong flat overlay color like in real FC. Or maybe values of gray in black and white image could be mapped to different colors, create lut, and applied to some black and white picture profile in camera? I think that it would not be good for anything, but someone might try to see what would happen :)

  • We shot our first Project with the GH5. Cinelike D most of it in 8Bit 4K 60p. There are a few GH4/A7S and Mavic Shots mixed in, but 90% is from the GH5.

    Really pleased with the results so far :) Proper Auto Focus would be great for Gimbal Work though.

  • Yosuke Yamane, the Director of Panasonic’s imaging business visited DPReview on a recent trip to the United States. He spoke to them about the GH5, the promise of 8K, reports of downsizing and why we haven’t seen on-sensor phase detection in one of the company’s cameras.

  • Yep

    Yamane was very open about the reasoning behind selling the V-Log feature as a paid upgrade: ‘If we incorporated it into the camera, we would have to charge a higher price for the GH5. As of now we believe it’s appropriate to offer V-Log as an option.

    And I like how he lies.

    We pressed Yamane on whether he thought the GH5 was selling beyond existing GH4 owners. ‘We don’t have any specific numbers,’ he says: ‘but my gut feeling is that many GH4 users are upgrading to the GH5, this is a decent portion of our first buyers. But, beside GH4 users, maybe it’ll be Canon EOS 5D III and IV users, or Alpha 7S Mark II users. Especially, my feeling was that EOS 5D Mark III users are very much interested in GH5.’

    Some issues with GH5 sales.

    ‘Really at the core of the camera is its performance, which comes from the LSI’s development: the new processing engine. I truly believe this is the most special engine in the entire industry. This is not only for DSC but also for consumer and professional camcorders.’

    LSI now being official;y made universal for all lineups

    ‘4:2:2 10-bit codec is 64x as much data as before. 4:2:0 8-bit at 60p.

    Has some math problems.

    ‘The current business in the United States is 30% mirrorless and 70% compact camera,’ he says: ‘though nearer to 50:50 if you count interchangeable lenses as well.’

    And this is mostly due to bad management, UK management is similar, btw.

    ‘For the future, to double the business, we’re going to focus on high end product: mirrorless cameras and high-end compacts.

    What happens if everything is focus on high end? Right - failure.

    As far as for the customer category, we don’t know if we will be able to record all of the output from 8K video. So the question is how we utilize 8K information and create a new photographic culture’

    And now math hits hard on his head. If you can record 400Mbit you can certainly record 8K :-)

  • Some Late in the day GH5 footage of the Roses growing in my front yard.

  • If Panasonic reads those forums I have a request for a future firmware update on the GH5:

    • I wold like to see a dedicated "6K" video option (for 3/2 and 4/3 aspect ratios), with proper audio bit rate (PCM uncompressed audio (not a low bit rate as it is now), 24 and 25 fps frame rates (not only 30 fps) and a 5,5K option in 16/9 aspect ratio.
    • Improved algorithms for continuous AF in video mode.
    • An option to select the speed of the manual focus by wire on native m4/3 lenses. The current variable focus speed is not so great. It needs a lot of unnecessary turn at normal turn speed and it's way to quick for a faster turn of the manual focus ring. What I wold like to see is a constant but in camera selectable manual focus speed (slow, medium and fast).
    • In manual focus mode, I wold love to see a distance scale on the camera screen (for the m4/3 lenses).

    Thank you!

  • @Eno I'm there.... but I guess that will come with GH6 about 2-3 years from now.. ;-/

  • Anyone got a GH5 and a girlfriend? Any chance you could film your girlfriend walking around where you live in slowmotion as I haven't seen much footage of people's girlfriends walking around where they live in slow motion filmed on the GH5...

  • @Fost VFR is a lego-land mode right now. What Panasonic need to do is forget about pixel skipping- and just do what Blackmagic does: Windowed mode. Sure it's even more of a crop- but 180 fps is cool cropped.

    Hmm- that gives me an idea... can we use crop mode at same time?

    EDIT: I think it possibly could look worse in 2k crop mode. :-0

  • A mini Varicam?

  • I made a short test GH4 vs GH5 at 400 iso ...and how GH5 perform much better in FHD 1080p

  • @valpopando What is really interesting about your test is that the supersampling in the GH5 is delivering so much more detail than the GH4 4k image. Noise control is a plus too.

  • Those GH5 vs. Micro vids are useless. What's the point of comparing unless he's shooting 1080 on the GH5 as well (which I'm 99.9% sure he's not). Can only assume same lens, ISO, f-stop, shutter, etc. But based on the 1st mismatch, who knows?