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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • @fahenheit I believe that 6k photo mode currently is the teaser into what Panasonic want to do with 6k recording. Ironically you can also view footage shot in 6k mode in the ways: sequential frame-by-frame and normal video playback. Possibly there is also the possibility that h265 will become the "raw" of the future. I have had success extracting 6k h265 footage from the GH5, very promissing. Only strange thing is that the bit rate was quite high: 190kb/s... At least that is what ffmpeg reported.

    Considering that "press to start" mode is basically "click to record" I think we may see more video centric 6k in future… especially as we all know 8k is future for the big 3 camera makers.

  • I wonder how GH5 can read sensor in 10bit 6k photo 3 times faster than 12bit photo e-shutter. Is the 6k photo really true 10bit or is it only 8bit video in 10bit container?

  • More cinematic camera Lumix ever?

  • One of my long time wishes have been a FN-option for playback button. Now GH5 has it and I can program play button to right side of the camera. Then I dont need to take my left hand of the lens when quickly reviewing photos or videos. This is great. Is there somewhere a list of programmable FN items. Seems that there are at least 16 pages of items for FN in this image.

    500 x 281 - 73K
  • Is there allready a GH5 price drop in the european market?

    "The body is sold alone more or less 1 600 € in Maine-et-Loire and Paris."

  • I wish Panasonic wold make a 16/9 5K video format in the GH5 with uncompressed 48 Khz sound besides the 6K photo mode which is ok'ish except the 125 kb/sec audio quality (which is quite bad). :(

  • Does the GH5 minimum shutter speed and auto iso range/limiter settings work when shooting video?

    Does the AFS with half shutter work in 6k photo? manual says no, odd.

    Can I adjust contrast, saturation, sharpness and Nr (image adjustmets) with FN-button without searching/digging photo menu?

  • @Vesku, yes it does limit ISO in video M mode. No to shutter min. or ISO limit in A mode.

    When recording in 6K photo it does allow you to use a half press shutter to focus and during recording !!!

    Not sure about fn for image adjustments.

    Cheers, Pete

  • Thanks hammer. So again one half working feature. It would be nice to have iso limit in video auto exposure. Maybe in GH7.

    6k photo half shutter AF: Manual says that continuous AF is always ON. It sure focuses in video start with half shutter but does it continue with constant focusing/hunting?

    Try assign photo style to some FN and tell how it works. Does it just allow you to choose photo style (like GH4) or does it allow you to adjust it also?

  • Is it possible to use some LUT to just sharpen the EVF and monitor image?

  • @Vesku How does a LUT do sharpening?

  • @caveport

    How does a LUT do sharpening?

    I am asking about it. Can someone tell how LUT works? Is it only color adjustment or can it do more? Maybe contrast adjustment can make image look sharper.

  • @Vesku

    I am asking about it. Can someone tell how LUT works? Is it only color adjustment or can it do more? Maybe contrast adjustment can make image look sharper.

    LUT is just mathematical function stored as matrixes.

    to make it very simple it is


  • f(r,g,b)=(r',g',b')

    What are the precise values to get more local contrast?

  • @Vesku

    You won't make any local contrast changes with it, but can do anything with overall brightness and contrast.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev, I was wondering, there should be a VLogL to false colour LUT somewhere. That may be cool for working out exposure.

  • :( GH5 needs a sharpness setting for EVF and screen.


    I wonder if these are paid reviews. never one bad word of anything. They never find small issues like slow sensor reading e-shutter, exposure info blocking or no AFS in 6k photo. I wonder if they tested 6k photo AFC with a tele lens and moving target.