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SANITY 4 and 5.1
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  • Hi guys, sorry about my fool question: independent of the hack, why almost everybody set the 'noise reduction' of GH2 in minus 2? What exactly this specific setting produces in the image quality? (more noise or less noise? more resolution or less resolution? why not setting it to zero?) Thanks a lot! Paulo Leão from Brazil.

  • Past national champion runners have been invited to take part in this event.
    All shots are handheld, Sanity 5 and Pany 14-45 lens.

  • @thepalalias - I captured the HDMI signal with a Blackmagic Intensity board and used UT 422.

    @peternap - that was a Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens wide open at f1.4.

  • @Ralpg_B What lens did you use Ralph?

  • @Ralph_B Downloading now. UT (in RGB mode) is my favorite mathematically lossless codec.

    What method did you use to record the HDMI output with UT?

  • When I developed, Sanity I was constantly using the uncompressed HDMI picture as a reference - a target to shoot for. Since most GH2 owners don't have access to an HDMI capture device, I don't think they fully understand how close Sanity 5 is to the ideal. So, I've uploaded two short clips - one Sanity 5 and one HDMI capture. They were recorded simultaneously at ISO 2500, so you can get a sense of how well Sanity 5 tracks noise in low light conditions. This is important. Get the noise right, and everything else follows along.

    The HDMI clip was recorded lossless with UT video codec. If you don't have UT on your machine, you can get it here:

    There are versions for PC and Mac.

    You can download the clips from Sendspace:


    IMPORTANT: Only click on the button that says "Click here to start download from sendspace". Don't click anything else!

  • @kendalloz

    Those really are shark infested waters. Scary!

  • Yep....Looks like 1080 30 which doesn't do very good slomo. We all forget something sometime. Otherwise, it looked pretty good. Sanity 5 is one of my two core settings,

  • Hello all. New person here. Have learned a lot here and have contributed a few bucks.

    This is some outdoor (fishing) stuff shot yesterday with Sanity 5. I intended to shoot at 720 60p shutter 125 but I think I goofed and by accident went back to 1080 30p but still had the shutter at 125.

    Glass was Panasonic 14mm and Nikon 60mm.

    There is also some GoPro ProTune footage in clip. Other settings explained in the video.

    Thanks for looking!

  • Shot a few Sanity V5 clips and applied Filmconvert. Loving the patch so far, the noise is perfect. No banding or strange noise patterns in low light.

  • @TraumManufaktur

    Damn, that looks good!

  • @Ralph_B

    Children & circus. I can't thank you enough. I feel Sanity 5 is perfect for run & gun for me. I live with the noise in extreme situations, as long as I can capture the action.

  • Has anyone used Sanity 5 with a GX1?

  • @oneday

    Ocassionally there have been reports of people having problems with Sandisk 45M cards. Other people have no problems with them. It's difficult to say what the issue is. One thing you might try is to back off on the ISO a bit. Try 2500 instead of 3200 and see if that works for you.

  • the good thing is that the files are OK, it just stopped the recording and nothing else, there was no need even for the restart of the camera or taking out the battery (when the camera won't turn off

    as for the card, all of my cards I have bought from amazon directly from the SanDisk,

    usually when I had that kind of error the files were broken, so I was very happy to see that the files are Ok

  • @oneday Sanity 5 is as near bulletproof as they come and a 45mb card works fine with it. My guess is you have a bad card or a fake.

  • @TraumManufaktur I cringe when I ask for a critique because there are always a hundred things that are subjective and can be beaten to death. I'll say this and leave it alone.

    IMO, you nailed it. Sound was good, IQ was good, perspective was good, it flowed, etc. I usually watch the first 20 seconds of these with the sound low. I watched yours all the way with the sound up a little.....If that tells you anything.

    Sanity 5 was made for that type of video.

  • does anyone had some errors with this patch?

    yesterday for the first time I had two times in a row an error " motion picture recording was canceled because of the limitation of the card speed " on SanDisk Class 10 45MB/s UHS-1 I was recording in 720p 50 3200ISO shutter 25 and 4 aperture with stock lens 14-140.

    is the card maybe faulty? I will make some codec stress test with trees but maybe the patch have some weak spots?

    I had this error a lot in the first phase of the GH2 hack when recording in 720p 50 mode with B-frames, but the sanity seams that had resolve that issue.

  • @peternap Great story! Thanks

    Here's the film, might still give it another polish once there's time again do so.

  • @FilmingArt

    If I understand you, you said you were seeing the breaking up on the LCD screen while filming. This is not normal. I would suggest re-installing the stock firmware and see whether it goes away. If not, then the camera is defective.

  • @Ralph_B

    Any suggestions what I can do? I provided a video a couple of pages back on what is happening....

  • @FilmingArt

    If you saw the image breaking up on the LCD screen while filming, this would indicate something happening in the camera upstream of the compression engine. This would have nothing to do Sanity or any patch because Vitaliy's hack cannot alter the picture on the LCD screen.

  • @Ralph_B

    Using the Panasonic lens 12-35mm I was getting horrible horrible aliasing.... Is this something with Panasonic lenses?

  • @peternap Great story and a good lesson.

    @TraumManufaktur Noise is always more noticable in a frame grab than it is when playing the movie at speed. I bet this scene looks pretty darn good when played normally. But if you want to clean it up totally, I'm a big fan of Neat Video.

  • @TraumManufaktur Yep, it cleaned up very well. Still some noise but read on.

    I do a lot of wildlife pictures. I especially like bears. A couple of years ago a photographer asked me why his Grizzly photo's didn't sell. They were almost text book perfect where mine aren't. I gave him the best advice I could:

    When you're in the woods, the wind is in the trees, it's cold and you have 700 pounds or so of animal within stick throwing distance with nothing but a camera and a 44 magnum between you two. It's exciting and awe inspiring. When someone looks at one of your photo's and are in a warm, safe room, you want them to feel the same way you did.

    If someone looks at your work and says "My, that's a crisp clean video" you've lost them. But, if they look at it like I did at that first screen grab and get the feeling that you're in God's house listening to beautiful've got a winner.

    My point is....a little noise here and there ain't necessarily a bad thing. It's the whole package that counts.