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Official Panasonic GH3 topic
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  • @AKED To upload on Vimeo you have to use the simple uploader option once you select the file to upload. The advanced uploader always fails. I had the same problem the whole day Sunday, it was driving me absolutely insane.

  • I want to know if the gh3 will be offered with the 12-35 f2.8 that I've been hearing about. That's a kit that I'd be interested in.

  • @mlysbakken, I am with you on that one!! Rally and ask for 4:2:2!! @svart, yah Panasonic list it on their web site as the DMC-GH3A kit. They didn't put a price for it yet. That's what i'm waiting to see.

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  • on the german panasonic site the price for the kit GH3 with 12-35mm lens is 2199 Euro

  • Hey guys here is a GH3 talk called the birth of hybrid imaging

    Interesting part starts at 35 min in

  • 2199 Euro

    Yeah, the prices advertised here in France are :

    1199€ body

    1799€ body+14-140

    2199€ body + 12-35

  • @mlysbakken @HillTop1 @ahbleza guys I´m with you, I don´t want a sad end when almost perfect camera ends up with crippled 4:2:0 hdmi out just because nobody complained about it ...I don´t care about that fat prehistoric AF100 , but the clean hdmi would force me to buy that damn baby!

  • still there is no 4:2:2 color?? its a shame. sony nikon and canon continuously releasing cameras with 4:2:2 hdmi output.why panasonic is not in this competition?

  • @ahbleza lol, good one. @lumixgeorge, I don't know about that Europe price as if I were to change that to US dollars it will be more that the price of the camera and the lens bought separately. I'm hoping for $2100-2300 US.

  • interesting video too. Mirror is bulshit now.

  • @HillTop1 when you compare US prices with European prices in the camera market it is usually 1:1 - because the cams are substantially cheaper in the US - so I would assume that the price will be around 2200 dollars with the 12-35

  • Some where really happy here for the $ 1300 body, because they live in the USA. For me it would be closer to the $ 1800 body because of taxes and shipping with no guarantee because it is not sold in my country.

  • I'll send Panasonic an email tonight regarding 4:2:2 ;)

  • when you compare US prices with European prices in the camera market it is usually 1:1 - because the cams are substantially cheaper in the US

    true, but the advantage is that the product are usually more available in Europe, neither the GH2 nor the Voigtlander 25mm were out of stock for long here.

  • Another test in low ligth with a prototype from Emmanuel Pampuri. ISO 1600 and 3200.

  • @Manu4Vendetta

    Yet another blurry GH3 clip. :/

  • I have an idea. If VK just announce " No more hackargentina for Pana", gh3 price would drop and we'll all happy :-)

  • @mlysbakken @Amadeus5D2

    1. RGB (4:4:4) is super standard for video a days 4:2:2 is very essential, especially when it comes to digital film making. we aren't craving for RGB. at least companies like panasonic should consider 4:2:2.

    2. iFrames is only for 1080 24P no iframe recording possible using 50p and 60p option this is a bullshit. 72mbit iframe 24p is good but why its 72mbit while canon 5d mk3 already released a camera with 90mbit iframe on 24p modes??? cant it reach over 90mbit or panasonic purposefully leaving such to hackers to push it too high???

    3. battery is still the same 1850mah with battery grip we can load 2 batteries which can only keep the camera running for 2 hours and 30 minutes is also the worst thing. sony hav 8000 mah batteries for its most cameras. there are third party batteries for sony which gives 12000 mah with proper battery indicator code support.why panasonic is so amateur??. still i am looking for better batteries for my gh2s (which could work without damaging my camera). panasonic seems to always look for hackers to promote their cameras free of charge. if they provide proper camera why we need a hack. gh1 hacked, gh2 hacked, gh3 sure will get nicely. look for 240mbit 24p 176mbit 60p and 50p all iframes soon from driftwood. Panasonic must learn.

  • No focus peaking :-(

  • @Manu4Vendetta

    I'm confused by that girl - a mix between Marion Cotillard and Eva Green lol

  • @blackspot

    How is it that with all the incredible talent out there Panasonic provide a test GH3 to someone who's obviously struggling to know what to do with it?

  • I spoke to many Panasonic Guys about the GH3.

    Nobody knew about the Dynamic Range. Shame.

    I shot almost identical videos with my GH2 and their GH3 - using the same lens (they gave me one 12-35mm f2.8) and same shutter/f-stop. Well, judging by histogram and eyesight (GH3 has no zebra as of yet, and also not the semi-zebra of the GH2 - firmware is 0.4 at the moment) -

    it seems to have some 2-4 stops more DR.

    really hard to tell. But my GH2 clearly had white clipping while the GH3 didn't seem to.

    It was not allowed to use my own sd card to keep the videos. also worth mentioning: there was occasional stutter in the video capture/there was dropped frames. accessing the menu while hdmi attached leads to playback menu which can not be left. :-D

    Well done, guys^^ - well, it IS Beta and there are only 10 GH3s out there at the moment, they told me.

  • I am not happy. I was so excited about the release of the GH3 and now I started looking at Nikons! What happened? I mean I like so many of those new features and I think that the GH3 could be a real step up from the original stock GH2 (we cannot count the hacked versions). Driftwood and LPowell gave us a hint of what the cam could put out if hacked, but man....4:2:0? Probably we pumped our hopes and expectations way too high (thanks to all the rumors) and now we feel the fall. I don't know...just my thoughts....

    Facebook petition? Maybe childish.

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