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Driftwood Settings, Series 5: Cluster v6 ULTRA RELIABLE, Mysteron, Crossfire, Quantum 9B, Sedna...
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  • @driftwood Hi Nick, about Crossfire ver.2 shouldn't be the other way around? I mean reducing the green and have more blue and red infos? Unless I didn't get it right. I mean, doesn't the gh2 record too much of green and low red, and that's one of the reason of banding (I know the main is the 8bit) and, sometimes, weird skin tones?

  • Badly written. My explanation isnt clear. In the Quantisation matrix you can affect the transformed coefficients of the chrominance & luminance components including Luma Y, Chromas Cr (red) and Cb (Blue) for intra and inter macroblocks.

    Each macroblock contains 4 Y (luminance) blocks, 1 Cb (blue color difference) block, 1 Cr (red color difference) block (4:2:0).

    Editing the values for Cr red and Cb blue makes changes to the chrominance Green - as red and blue cancel out the notion of having a Cg Green set of values. Increasing the quantisation entries (thereby reducing the entries down from 255) of Cr and Cb in the scaling tables can help take out more of the green chrominance frequency.

  • this is shot with cluster 4

    only with 2 different CCTV 25mm 1.4 / 1.2 and slrmagic 12mm 1.6

    I wanted something very dirt - 800 ISO to have the right noise and 1/100 of course

    CC: just some raw curves correction and maybe a contrast mask

    overall satisfied, thanks @VK, thanks @driftwood

    pass: milza

  • @driftwood Thank you, now I understand. I'm shooting tomorrow 4pm ny time skintone test. If Crossfire v.2 is up before then, I can upload the settings and send you the test results.

  • @driftwood - "Increasing the quantisation entries (thereby reducing the entries down from 255) of Cr and Cb in the scaling tables can help take out more of the green chrominance."

    While this would certainly increase the quantization precision of Cr and Cb luma components, it won't have any effect on the relative balance of green versus red and blue components. Color balance is determined by Film Mode settings, the Quantization Matrix affects only the precision with which color components are encoded.

  • @LPowell hi, which one, at your opinion, is the most balanced film mode with the least green cast to have a good palette in make up and skin tone (if it's possible to shoot make up with the gh2 without banding)...

  • @terry2 Aside from Nostalgic, which has a warm-to-yellowish look, all GH2 Film Modes have a greenish tint. In Smooth Film Mode, I use the White Balance adjustment to add an M-3 correction in-camera.

  • Thankyou Lee for your participation. I don't think I ever gave the impression it would change the colour space! However, it can help in reducing chroma interpolation along edges. It is very difficult to judge at the best of times as the human perceptual system cannot tell any difference in some of these subtle tweaks. I have found Standard to be the best profile for Green Screen work.

  • Hello to everyone and to @thepalalias, how is it all going? I dont know if anyone gotten my previous comment but I was just surprised to see how much has moved on and how much I missed.

    Picking up where I left off quite awhile ago here:

    I have finally gotten around to applying Sedna Q20 C, BUT the recordings still keep halting after a few seconds on the Manual Movie Modes (1080i50)! And yes, I have been using my Sandisk 16GB 95Mb/s card :(

    Now, I saw the Quantum 9b Updated and I thought I would give that a go, and interstingly enough in Manual Movie Mode, it actually was going on for abit longer than i thought compared to Sedna Q20 alone, still it did stop but after a few minutes, althought this was more positive results, it was not what I was looking for.

    You also mentioned in your comment there that it was all down to programming on the Manual Movie Mode which was designed to work at lower bitrates than 24H, has there by ay chance managed to resolve this by now? If not, what would have to be done exactly? Cant someone take the Cinema Mode but for it to capture at 50i instead? :D

    I hope all understands what I mean, because of this, a couple of my assignments had to be recorded in 24p inorder to get long recordings, but I dont like the fact I am using 1/50th of a shutter speed with it, it really looks odd.

  • @GH2_fan The short answer is that the camera firmware handles the different frame rates differently. 24P is given special treatment and though all modes can be improved, 24P tops out at a higher level than any of the others. There is nothing so far to suggest that will change and @Driftwood has stated several times that the other modes will not be able to equal 24P in terms of image quality on the GH2.

    I have not seen much activity in terms of trying to make those modes run better in Sedna.

    At this point, my advice is not to tweak the settings for FSH, but to find the ones that are optimized for them to start with. Several new settings have been released and while my stills photography and music composition have kept me too busy to test as much recently, I will offer that some of them do seem to be more optimized for FSH.

    If you have not tried them yet, I would suggest trying the new FlowMotion, for instance. Also, you might try Driftwood's Crossfire (which I have not tested yet).

  • Crossfire variation 2 'Green Screen matrix' Featuring a tighter quantisation in the Chroma Red and Chroma Blue plus work on the Luma settings. Its a Q20 VBR setting, all buffers perfectly constant, with High Intra settings on 24p and HBR modes. Detail will use bitrate accordingly. Good for Green Screen, I prefer ISO 320 or 160 along with Standard picture profile on the camera. Give it a test and report back as usual.

    Crossfire variation no.2 with 'Canis Green Screen Matrix'
  • @Driftwood @LPowell thanks guys for your help, I'll test tomorrow...

  • thanks @DeShonDixon !

    @driftwood wow, green screen optimized. this is usefull!

  • On my way to London to The Revenge of the Great Zacuto Camera Shootout 2012 4pm screening - anyone else going?

  • @driftwood quantum v9b adjusted to sedna matrix,..what it is sir???

  • @driftwood & @LPowell I just tested Crossfire variation 2 'Green Screen matrix' set to 24h. It looks good but it shows up as 24fps in after effects not 23.98

  • using voigtlander 25mm and slr magic 12mm for music video. sedna a aq1 or canis majoris night, day or skin or crossfire? about 4pm all outside except one shot inside elevator/lift. any recommendations?

  • HD format (.mov) is recording at 2 fps in crossfire patch this is bad. Can anyone please confirm this?

  • I got this same result (2fps). But Driftwood don"t answer me about it. Maybe due to my bad english...

  • @banaphsh, @paglez. If you go to ptools and bring up the Crossfire settings, the last line shows as 720p30->720pXfps=2. Change the 2 to 30 and you should be OK. It was changed to 2 to give you timelapse recording.

  • Thank you Zaven 13. I did this procedure by common sense, but without 'forum support' until now


  • Just tested out Crossfire v.1 - Excellent color. Great detail as always. This one feels special.

    1920 x 1080 - 3M
    1920 x 1080 - 3M
  • Attended the London screening of Zacuto's Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012 today at Soho Screening Rooms and it was great to meet fellow GH2 users down there. Without being told which camera was which we were asked to pick our fav 5 shots produced between the Iphone, 7D, Sony F65, Arri Alexa, Sony F3, Canon cs300, Red Epic, Sony FS100 and the good old GH2. I chose the GH2 (using Quantum 9B) as my second favourite ranked shot - choosing the Arri as the overall best looking image - but like other reports was completely taken aback by how suprisingly good even the iphone was. It just goes to show with the right lighting, setup, lens, grade and care you can make the minnows match the big boys.

    Having a chat later on with the team I got an indication as to which top Hollywood film director preferred the look of the GH2 over all the rest - he's made some of the most inspiring films of the last 40 odd years... but I promised the guys I wouldn't reveal his name as the first of the web series of documents comes out tomorrow... they'll hopefully reveal all tomorrow... Gotta say it made me smile though! :-)

    Driftwood at Revenge of the Great Zacuto Shootout 2012.png
    1837 x 1379 - 3M
    Screen shot 2012-06-14 at 22.23.01.png
    1278 x 805 - 591K
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