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Mordor: Capitalists have no homeland
  • According to the current data of the Federal Customs Service of Mordor, for 11 months of 2020, wheat exports from Mordor amounted to 33.7 million tons. The results of other countries are much more modest: for example, Canadian exports for 11 months amounted to 24.4 million tons, the USA (traditionally the main competitor) - 24.2 million tons, France - about 18.5 million tons, Ukraine - 17.6 million tons.

    Actually grain reserves are very low now and inflation on flour, pasta and bread set new records in years. Most of the money large exporters gained never returned to country.

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  • Inflation on sunflower oil reached 100-120% for cheap brands and around 20% for better brands, with all sales cancelled last 6-8 months.

    Almost all extra sunflower oil that manufacturers managed to get unsold such way went into... China and also some in EU. Chinese middle class love cheaper and "vegan" oil.

  • Most good fish is no longer sold in any good amounts in Mordor. As fish traders association leader told - Mordor slaves are non competitive on the fish market.

    From around 85% domestic consumption in 1990 numbers went to 5-15% in 2020, on some good fish they are below 4% on some cheap it is 20-25% still. Fish consumption per citizen now around 15-30% in the bottom 80% families compared to 1990. Around 98% of fish exports go to China, Japan and EU countries. Another 40% of fish is being get by foreign vessels that buy licenses now as around 85% of domestic vessels already disintegrated after 30 years of almost no building of anything.

  • According to some sources Sputnik-V COVID vaccine is now being used from 10% to 30% of planned capacity domestically, shortages are severe, yet big amount of it is being exported to allow nice income to certain business structures.

  • Inflation on vegetables

    • YoY potatoes price rise around + 100%
    • Tomatoes - +30-50%
    • Cucumbers - +30-50%

    All this because our capitalists made lot of new imports restrictions and sanctions, for example fresh potatoes from Israel and Egypt actually limited prices and now they are banned (have no idea why this time, last time had been due to plane crash). For reference - average price big retail giants buy potatoes is 5 rubles and 10 rubles per kg for premium from farmers and other sources, after 4-5 months in storage (that they usually rent) they resell same potatoes for 30-40 rub/kg and premium for 50-55 rub/kg.

    Turkish and Azerbaijan bans allowed to rise tomatoes and cucumbers prices for local producers.

  • Fish exports


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  • Grain exports from Mordor from the beginning of the 2020-2021 agricultural year (July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021), as of February 11, increased by 28.5% compared to the same period of the last agricultural year and reached 36.3 million tons. This is stated in the materials of the Ministry of Agriculture.

    "According to the operational data of the FCS of Mordor (excluding data on mutual trade with the EAEU member states for January and February), as of February 11, 2021, in the current 2020-2021 agricultural year, 36.3 million tons of grain have already been exported, which is 28, 5% higher than in the same period last season (28.3 million tons), "the ministry said.

    And they do not care about big inflation of anything produced from grain at home. Not even a little.

  • Change in export from Mordor, note that this year was largest domestic reduction in food consumption in many years due to big price rise where lot of products are no longer available to people with small income

    Also note that most of the year prices actually had been smaller than 2019, so natural export is mostly larger increase than money based numbers.

    • Wheat: an increase of $1804 million, or 28% growth
    • Sunflower oil: an increase of $606 million, or 27% growth
    • Barley: an increase of $322 million, or 42%.
    • Sunflower: an increase of $309 million, or 2.2 times.
    • Soy: an increase of $ 208 million, or 74%.
    • Sugar: an increase of $ 195 million, or 72%.
    • Rapeseed: up $140 million, or 79%.
    • Pork: an increase of $132 million, or 2 times.
    • Poultry meat and by-products: an increase of $100 million, or 31%.
    • Crustaceans: an increase of $ 91 million, or 6%.
    • Soybean oil: up $84 million, or 21%.
    • Corn: up $83 million, or 13%.
    • Rapeseed oil: an increase of $71 million, or 14%.
    • Instant coffee: up $59 million, or 55%.
    • Beef: an increase of $59 million, or 2 times.
    • Finished products from fruits, nuts, seeds: an increase of $ 44 million, or 30%.
    • Soybean meal: an increase of $ 41 million, or 21%.
    • Modified fats and oils: an increase of $33 million, or 56%.
    • Fish fillets: an increase of $ 32 million, or 8%.
    • Livestock by-products: an increase of $29 million, or 72%.
    • Cooked vegetables (including potatoes and mushrooms): an increase of $26 million, or + 17%.
    • Non-alcoholic beverages: up $ 26 million, or + 14%.
    • Formulas for baby food: an increase of $ 24 million, or + 27%.
    • Fishmeal: an increase of $ 24 million, or + 27%.
    • Frozen berries and fruits: an increase of $ 22 million, or 2.1 times.
    • Margarine and analogues: an increase of $ 21 million, or + 10%.
  • The nice thing about USA is that we have so much abundance. You can be poor and at least eat well.. for now

  • @robertGL

    Here it is same thing, problem is that we also need to feed EU, China and lot of other guys.

    And this feeding looks a little strange, we sell them food and resources for low prices (many contracts are top secret), get money (say $100), and after this use only $30-50, where other $50-70 goes is little mystery (Norway is similar, they just have nice legend - called national fund).

    I am not even saying that lot of export goes using fake prices via special representatives companies, so stealing happen on early stages.

    Even all our artificial "crisis" events are just form of fast renegotiation of feeding terms.

    • 1998 - boom and due to crisis (and huge dollar rise) they closed lot of factories and reduced fuel consumption, this is main trigger event of new resources export restoration wave (can open any chart).
    • 2008 - same thing, rising resources prices had been reversed and another devaluation added to this
    • 2014 - again same shit, but now under other pretense
    • 2020 - smaller event, but same outcome

    Not only this, but all local capitalists LOVE such events, as they work internally very nice:

    Suppose you have 50 rubles per dollar course, oil is $50 per barrel, people earn 10000 rubles ($200). Total rubles in country is 1 trillion (20 billions). All numbers are just for example.

    Event occurs, changes are as follows: you have 75 rubles per dollar, $27 for oil and people still earn 10000 rubles (now it is $133), prices of all things are also 1.5x higher, food will catch slightly later.

    If you look at this - only one thing happened. Our partners renegotiated exchange terms, now they want much more. Price that media feeds us is absolutely fake, as only 1-2% of oil is openly traded. Al else in under dark clouds, some contracts are 30-40 years old and are under very tight guard.

    Suppose in one year oil returns to $50. How things will look?

    You will have 73 rubles per dollar. How so? Now it is 1.46 trillions of rubles in economy (same $20 billions as initially), this 460 trillions went to proper capitalists, for free (formally it is more complex). So, worker salary is still 10000 rubles ($137).

    Nice game - such way ruling class become much more rich, their quality of life improved, with them also some of their servicing and clerks. But all working people had been robbed.

    One thing is also ignored, why they love to do so? Because making people poorer for colony is very nice idea, they can buy less food and other stuff, so without any production changes you can now EXPORT more.

    Whole fight now is that our partners want another round right away, hence Navalny try. Guy stands for making ultra liberal system with very poor people under full control of our partners. And does it openly.

  • LED lamps of several Mordor brands are supplied to the Belarusian market. So these lamps differ significantly for the better from lamps of the same brands in Mordor.

    It turns out that, unlike our country, in Belarus the quality of goods, including light bulbs, is very carefully controlled. Manufacturers are required to certify all products sold in the certification centers of Belarus and the bulbs are really tested there, and they check not only the technical parameters, but also, for example, which components are used.

    If a light bulb is found on sale that differs from what is written in the certificate (even if the parameters are saved but replaced, for example, the driver chip), the amount of the fine is comparable to the cost of the entire batch of lamps.

    As a result, our brands for sale in Belarus make separate bulbs with honest parameters (real power, luminous flux, color rendering index), sometimes they even make them in other Chinese factories. At the same time, bulbs for Mordor will come with low power, lower brightness and worse color rendering index may have exactly the same packaging and the same barcode.

  • We are not going to create state capitalism, this is not our way ... We are not going to keep these state corporations forever. When these companies get on their feet, the state should create conditions for such companies to work in the common market in order to attract business there, and in key, control proportions. Not only do I not rule out this, I think we will do so.

    (c) 2007 Sauron himself.

    Interesting how each capitalist politician wants to fight with imperialism and state capitalism using liberal mantras.

    All this ideas are focused only how to buy little more time. Not on how move progress forward.

  • Agricultural export in 2020


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  • Over the past 5 years, the budgets of the Russian Federation have grown by 9.5%. Corporate profits increased by 52.3%. And the real incomes of the population decreased by 7.9%. In the last 2 years alone, corporate profits have simply GALOPED as poverty progresses.

  • Evtukhov urged not to shift the responsibility for the rise in prices to retail and, moreover, suggested paying attention to the high profitability of large and medium-sized agricultural holdings, which, according to the Deputy Minister, is from 17% to 77%.

    "If the owner of agricultural holdings, large companies, medium-sized ones, receives such income, then what prevents him from raising the wages of those who work for him? Let's ask this question then ... Less dividends - higher salaries. Profitability allows", - said the deputy head Ministry of Industry and Trade.

    He also stressed that according to Rosstat, the average trade margin for socially important food products in retail trade is about 15%.

    Some holdings do not pay even usual tiny salaries ($300-450 per month) on time.

  • Car fuel prices


    Green here is cost of USD, red is cost of oil barrel.

    Quite easy to see that you never see price lowering despite big changes of oil prices.

    Usually each price jump is always accompanied with rise of fuel export to our best partners (accidentally they are also our most dangerous enemies).

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  • Export deliveries of timber and pulp and paper products in the reporting period amounted to 3.4% of total exports. For comparison, in the same period last year - 2.8%. In value terms, supplies to foreign markets increased by 1.1%, in physical terms - by 5.3%.

    Exports of sawnwood in January 2021 decreased by 23.7%, newsprint - by 21.5%. The volume of unprocessed timber exports abroad increased by 30.1%, and plywood exports also increased by 2.4%.

    In the total structure of exports, the share of non-CIS countries accounted for 86.6%, 13.4; - CIS countries. Russia's main partners are China ($ 8.5 billion in trade), Germany ($ 2.9 billion in trade), South Korea ($ 2.2 billion in trade), the Netherlands ($ 2.2 billion in trade), Turkey ( trade turnover of $ 2.1 billion), Italy (trade turnover of $ 1.7 billion), USA (trade turnover of $ 1.5 billion), Great Britain (trade turnover of $ 1.3 billion), France (trade turnover of $ 1.1 billion) dollars) and Poland (trade turnover of $ 1 billion).

    It is very important to stop any export of unprocessed timber and even product produced from it. But any attempts to do so are oppose even since USSR times as lot of criminal and rich people are behind this.

  • image

    The pharmaceutical industry ended last year with a bumpy pace. In one December 2020, domestic companies produced drugs worth 79.3 billion rubles. This is an absolute historical record - nothing like this has been noted in the entire history of the Mordor pharmaceutical market. At the end of the year, the volume of pharmaceutical production in Mordor amounted to 534.3 billion rubles.

    In 2020, drugs were produced in Mordor in the amount of 534.3 billion rubles. (in manufacturers' shipping prices, VAT included). This is more than 25.6% higher than the same indicator for 2019.

    Almost all this is due to record rise of drugs prices.

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  • Publishers have warned of the risk of a sharp rise in book prices in dark Mordor due to a shortage of offset paper. The cost can jump up to 20 percent. The problem of shortage of paper products has existed in the country since February this year, experts say. In addition to publishing houses, manufacturers of goods that need paper or cardboard packaging also suffer. According to forecasts of market players, the deficit will reach peak values ​​by this summer.

    Citizens of Mordors must suffer, so will have to buy more expensive things for the summer and autumn seasons. The rise in the cost of clothing, footwear and accessories in the dark and horrible Mordor market is explained by the increase in the cost of materials: since the beginning of 2021, the price of cotton has increased by 30-35 percent, and other materials - by 20 percent.

    Both can be simply explained - Mordor sent record amount of materials abroad, mostly to China.

  • Mordor exported $ 427.2 million worth of poultry meat in 2020, which is 31% more than in 2019, according to the Center for Agricultural Analytics under the Ministry of Agriculture. In physical terms, the export of poultry meat amounted to 295 thousand tons.

    As the head of the center Dmitry Aveltsov said through the press service, the country's internal needs for poultry meat are now fully met, the industry has a great export potential.

    Actually, they lie, as this export resulted in highest ever price hike for poultry meat making life of many poor people really miserable. Even more fun is that most of this exports went to China who just printed money out of thin air and never sent back any real product. But capitalists do not care.

  • Fun stuff.

    The cost of checking water meters has increased 2-3 times compared to last year.

    In reality, of course, no one check anything (unless the thing is stuck!), just put out marks.

    Even salaries of all workers doing this shit either stayed same or decreased.

    All new record profits went directly to owners and also to bureaucrats who hiked so called "license" pricing .

    I love capitalism, you need just 2-3 seconds to find new fresh scam.

  • At a meeting of the subcommittee on customs-tariff and non-tariff regulation, which took place on March 26, the decision to establish a damper mechanism for the export of sunflower oil was supported. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Economic Development.

    The export duty will amount to 70%, it will be levied on the difference between the base price and the indicative price. This measure will be applied from September 1, 2021 to September 1, 2022.

    Actually it means no export duty until new season. This is that all capitalists wanted as it allows to get huge profits.

    The meeting also supported the proposal of the Ministry of Agriculture to establish the export customs duty rate for sunflower seeds at a rate of 50% for the period from July 1, 2021 to September 1, 2022.

    Also date is such that it is designed to not prevent destroying resources and preventing reduction of sunflower crop areas.

    Lot of sunflower related capitalists can flee country after this or next year and move to their new villas in EU and US.

  • According to MTS estimates, in the first quarter of 2021, sales of smartphones in dark cloudy Mordor decreased on an annualized basis by 8.8% in units.

    GfK gives an even more negative assessment: from the first week of January to the first week of March, the demand for smart cellular devices in the horrific Mordor market collapsed by 14%. Two more orks retail chains received similar data - the figure is minus 13%.

    It should be noted that negative dynamics in the smartphone market in Mordor was also recorded at the end of 2020. According to estimates by the International Data Corporation (IDC), shipments of devices amounted to 30.376 million units, a decrease of 7.6% compared to 2019.

    Someone must pay for US and Chinese free ride during 2020.

  • More samples

    • Penoplex in December cost a wholesale price tag not retail 50 thickness - 4450 now 6550 rubles rise in price 46%
    • Film faced plywood Sveza for monolithic slaves in a construction site 18 thickness - 2390 now 3900 price increase 63%
    • Rebar price increase across the entire range of 50-80%
    • Decking metal price increase of 30%
    • Mineral wool from producers from 10-15% price increase

    And the funny thing is that the suppliers of materials do not have anything to sale even for such prices. The suppliers say there is no material, they introduce quotas.

    All the goods went abroad, or the raw materials from which they produce the material went abroad!

    Staggering thing.

  • In Kiev, the list of goods prohibited for import from Mordor has been expanded to include paper, cardboard, wire, wheat, sunflower oil and other goods. The ban on the import of Mordor goods has been in effect in Ukraine since 2016

    Capitalists in Ukraine now have no limits on oppression of their own people.

  • Sugar producers in the last days of March suspended its sales to retail chains. The factories also do not confirm the volumes of future supplies. The problems began after the announcement that the Cabinet was ready to allocate subsidies to the industry from April 1 for the sale of products at a fixed price of 36 rubles per 1 kg. Manufacturers hope to resume trading after receiving compensation from the government of 5 rubles per kg, the interlocutors of the publication explained. Sugar stocks in distribution centers of large retail chains are decreasing. But retailers argue that consumers are unlikely to have any problems buying items at fixed prices. The Ministry of Agriculture assesses the situation on the sugar market as stable and does not expect a shortage of products.

    For a little more than a week, large retail chains have been unable to purchase granulated sugar from producers at a fixed price, according to two market sources. This happened after the government on March 22 announced its readiness to provide subsidies to manufacturers of these products to compensate for their costs from April 1. Thus, factories can receive from the state 5 rubles for each kilogram of sugar that the factories sell to retail chains at a fixed price, that is, 36 rubles per 1 kg.

    Manufacturers curtailed their activity amid this news. Factories do not take part in electronic trading, where retailers usually make purchases. The interlocutor explained: the network announces tenders for the purchase of a batch of sugar, for example, 10 tons, but the manufacturers do not react to them. After that, trading companies independently turn to factories to purchase products. But in the end it is not always possible to buy it: manufacturers inform companies that they cannot yet ship the goods. According to the interlocutor of the publication, this situation is not surprising: already from April 1, factories can receive compensation from the government, so now it is unprofitable for them to sell their products.

    Everything is amazing here, all the capitalism cancerous qualities are exposed.