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Mordor: Capitalists have no homeland
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  • Mordor bicycle sellers are faced with a shortage of goods.

    The deficit began both for foreign models and for domestic ones, experts and market participants say.

    According to Vladimir Losinsky, General Director of the CityCycle store, some imported brands lack 70 percent of the catalog, while those that are on sale increased in price by an average of 10-12 percent. The representative of the bicycle manufacturer Forward Mikhail Nevelev noted that many models have risen in price by 35 percent.

    Another source of the publication says that the reduction in assortment is observed in almost all brands. For example, the dark land local brand Stels offered more than 500 items last season, this number has dropped to less than a hundred.

    Foreign manufacturers have introduced quotas for countries and markets, delivery times have been shifted by about a quarter. Many bicycles from the mass segment will go on sale only in June-July, if not later, and in March they will not be available.

    Main manufacturers:

    Giant Group is reporting that its sales last year were up 10.3% over 2019, to NT $70.01 billion ($2.45 billion). Net profit was up 46.7%, to NT$4.95 billion. Earnings per share was NT$13.19.

  • Prices for air tickets to some especially dark Mordor cities departing in April-June jumped 15-120% compared to 2019.

    Tickets from Moscow have risen the most. Thus, the price of a flight from the capital to Naberezhnye Chelny increased by 121%, to Tomsk - by 91%, Nizhnekamsk - by 88%, Cheboksary - by 46%. The cost of air tickets from Moscow to Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Mineralnye Vody, Ulyanovsk, Khanty-Mansiysk, Yakutsk and Syktyvkar increased by 30–36%.

    Flights from the Sauron location to Sochi, Kaliningrad, Kazan, Volgograd, Irkutsk, Surgut, Simferopol, as well as from Sochi to St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don increased by more than 15%. Flights from Sochi to Perm also significantly increased in price - plus 58%, from Novosibirsk to Nizhnevartovsk - 41%.

    Almost all of this increases went into big capitalists pockets and instantly is transferred to offshore accounts.

  • Former President Donald Trump’s ban on guest worker visas has expired, allowing foreign workers to reapply for entry into the United States. The news is a win for tech companies including Apple, Twitter, and Google, each of which vocally opposed the policy.

    Note how similar US sharks are. They don't care for anything but their own profits.

  • Some of the reasons of price hikes in Mordor:

    Tomato imports last year will decreased by 4.2%, amounting to about 518 thousand tons. The key trading partners are traditionally Azerbaijan, China, Morocco, Turkey, and the EAEU countries. Despite the warming of Mordor-Turkish relations, the control over the import of tomatoes from Turkey in 2020 remained at a rather “strict” level, due to which there was not enough space for the expansion of Turkey in the domestic tomato market.

    The import of cucumbers also showed a decrease in physical terms, and is only 27% compared to the level of the previous year. Thus, the import of cucumbers in 2020 will be about 69 thousand tons.

    Export shipments in 2020 are also hitting records in recent years. At the end of the year, the export of tomatoes from Mordor will amount to about 20.5 thousand tons, which is 17% higher than last year's figure. Export of cucumbers will amount to at least 27 thousand tons, which is 2 times higher than last year.

  • Export rise for most things




    713 x 422 - 44K
    707 x 415 - 50K
    720 x 404 - 51K
  • Beef consumption in Mordor in 2020 decreased by 3.4%, to 1.94 million tons, which was the lowest in the last ten years. Such data are provided by the Center for Industry Expertise of the Mordor Plants and Animals Genocide Bank. The head of the National Meat Association Sergey Yushin confirms the trend. According to him, in the face of uncertainty with future income, consumers saved and chose cheaper types of protein, including poultry and pork.

    Actually trend is set by largest capitalist agro firms, as beef is least profitable (but best for people) and most expensive (most food and time). This is why they spent billions paying infuencers to prize poultry and pork.

  • More than a third of Russians with higher education (38%) do not work in their specialty, among fellow citizens with a university diploma under the age of 24, this share is 54%, according to a survey by the Research Center of the

    The study showed that among respondents with a monthly income of less than 30 thousand rubles, this share is 51%, among fellow citizens who earn more than 80 thousand rubles a month - half as much (25%).

    According to the survey, every fifth Russian with a higher education (22%) works in a related specialty, 40% of fellow citizens with a university diploma work directly in the profile.

    Efficiency of education as business idea is horrible. Lack of any proper planning also play major role.

  • Modern Mordor houses, NONE, I mean 0% of flats in this houses are suitable even for family with one child (as even tiny two rooms flats are only 20%, more than 40% are flats without separate kitchen even).

    Such approach allow to have huge profits.

  • Almost 20 percent of the population lives below the subsistence level in the country, so the popularity of discounters is growing. In the budget segment there are 55 percent of consumers, in the upper segment - 10 percent, and the middle segment is rapidly declining (it is only 15 percent).

    Over the past year, the second place in the list of discounters was taken by the Svetofor chain of stores. Its revenue increased by 38.8 percent (to 188.7 billion rubles).

    Progress, clearly.

    Same time average price and amount of new elite home build by business owners rose 2-3 times.

  • Late 19th century capitalists and feudals in Mordor

    In a typical year, the income from the sale of bread abroad was 431 million rubles. Of these, 180 million were spent on luxury goods for the aristocracy and landowners. Another 140 million Russian merchants and nobles spent in the resorts of Baden-Baden, drank in France, lost in casinos, bought real estate in Europe. As much as one-sixth of the income (58 million rubles) from the sale of grain was spent on something useful like equipment or similar things.

  • New laws

    If you are going to grow potatoes not only for yourself, but also for sale, you will have to buy seed grown specially for planting in specialized stores with special paper. You will pay significant fine otherwise . If you plant your own potato and then sell the crop, this is considered a gross violation of the rules. Those who grow potatoes for their own needs can use any seed potatoes.

    Around 80% of potatoes are grown by private citizens and small farmers, hence this allows to get extra income to feed police and other criminals.

  • In Mordor, it was proposed to introduce a mandatory progressive scale of electricity tariffs for the population. With this initiative, the Union of Consumers of Mordor appealed to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

    Note that UCM is just fake capitalist organisation that have nothing to do with consumers.

    According to the proposed plan, Mordor orks will be obliged to pay much more for consumption above the maximum rate. As a guideline, it is proposed to set a limit of 100 kilowatt-hours per month per person. At the same time, they will also add 50 kilowatt-hours for each additional person living with him, and in the presence of an electric stove, multiply this coefficient by one and a half times.

    Main goal here is to be able to export more coal and electricity abroad.

    The chairman of the Consumer Union Petr Shelishch said that each region should be given the right to set a maximum threshold depending on the length of daylight hours or other indicators. He also emphasized that it is reasonable to exponentially raise fees when the limit is exceeded, for example, for every new 100 kilowatt-hours. In his opinion, the prices should be upped significantly and brought closer to economically justified (by big corporations) tariffs.

    Just nice.

  • Retail sales in Mordor in 2020 turned out to be below the 2013 level by about 9%.


  • The rise in food prices continues on the vast dark plains of Mordor

    Thus, the basic set of food products (meat, chicken, fish, milk, bread, etc., 24 items in total) in March grew in price faster than in February and January of the same year. Compared to the same period last year, socially important products have risen in price by 15.6%, that is, almost three times higher than the official inflation.

    The new leader in the race for the most expensive products is potatoes. In March, its price grew 10 times faster than the official inflation, adding 58.1% in annual terms. Products such as carrots (+ 48.2%) and sugar (+ 47.5%) are also not far behind. Attention is drawn to the rise in price by a third of a chicken egg, which continued in April.

  • During the year, Mordor banks transferred 582 billion rubles of troubled debts of individuals for collection to collection agencies. This is evidenced by the data of the National Association of Professional Collection Agencies. It is noted that this is a record amount of debt since 2013. Meanwhile, the debts on loans of citizens have reached almost a trillion rubles.

    I think we are close to total prosperity, just something went wrong.

  • According to the forecast of the Ministry of Economic Development of Dark Mordor, this year the population of orks will decrease by 0.55 million, a year later - by another half a million people, and by 2024 this figure will decrease by 1.7 million people compared to last year.

    Capitalism is so good, just not for you and not in this life.

  • Today, six-day and 12-hour workdays in Israeli factories have become the norm in Israel.

    Nobody has officially canceled the eight-hour working day. Everything happens "voluntarily and with songs." "The minimum wage is small, it’s about feeding a family, because people themselves want to work with overtime." "You don't want to work 12 hours a day? No need. Nobody drags the door across. You can look for where they work for 8 hours."

    Who could have thought.

  • Breakthrough from the bottom

    Vladimir Putin signed a law prohibiting the seizure of pets for debts, the document was published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

    Changes are being made to the Code of Civil Procedure. The list of property that is prohibited from seizure will include dogs, cats and other pets that are not used in business.

    Debts, seizures... All the good in your life.

  • The government introduced a ban on the export of buckwheat from June 5 to August 31.

    Note the range - first is to never hurt local exporters and last is to allow instant export of new 2021 buckwheat .

    If from July 2019 to January 2020, 29.3 thousand tons of buckwheat were sent abroad, then for the same period of 2020/2021 agricultural exports, according to preliminary data, increased to 55 thousand tons. Moreover, more than 30 thousand tons were exported in two months - for December 2020 - January 2021.

    According to Rosstat, the Russian Federation in 2020 increased the harvest of buckwheat to 893 thousand tons from 786 thousand tons in 2019.

    Local capitalists doings (aka enemies of the people):

    Buckwheat in retail, according to Rosstat, for the year has risen in price by 36% to 94.3 rubles / kg.

    100% of extra price ended in big pockets of retail, logistics and large agro holding owners.

  • As a result of a study conducted by the Public Movement "Trud" and the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, it turned out that 85% of job advertisements are false, and among vacancies for blue-collar jobs this figure is 91%.

    Most often, an unrealistically high salary is indicated. Then it turns out that they meant a salary for 2-3 months or taking into account the fact that a person works seven days a week, holidays and even during his sleep. As a result, a person is officially given a minimum wage, and everything else is a motivational part, the conditions of which are not spelled out anywhere. Let's say a person gets a job at 70 thousand, and a month later he gets 20 and leaves. And the company is recruiting the following.

    Often, instead of an employment contract, they offer to sign a civil law contract, to formalize as self-employed. Such an employee has no guarantees of tomorrow's employment, payment of overtime, holidays, sick leave, he is deprived of hope for an insurance pension. Only 61% of respondents receive a "white" salary.

    Most job seekers find out about the fraud only after the first month, which they worked for a penny, because they were on probation or did not fulfill the plan. But the employer still managed to take advantage of their slave labor.

    All the perfect sides of proper capitalism, Louis Rossman wants more of the same in US.

  • Total revenue of 22 leading bookmakers


    544 x 415 - 36K
  • A new list of FORBS Russian billionaires has been published

    The number of billionaires in Russia has grown from 102 in 2020 to 123 in early 2021.

    Overall fortune rose to $ 605.8 billion from $392.3 billion, in just one year. Same year real income of average Mordor citizen dropped 10,9%.

    Best of all, the number of non-resource based billionaires (aka resellers, software speculators and scammers) has grown dramatically. The leadership belongs to Pavel Durov, the growth of his fortune from $3.4 billion to $17.2 billion, 9th position in the list. The owner of the Wildberries online store Tatyana Bakalchuk became the richest woman in Russia - her fortune grew by 1200%, to $13 billion (13th place). In terms of growth rates, she is on second place among billionaires around the world.

  • Parasites news

    The number of loans issued in early spring increased by 17.1 percent in monthly terms and by 30.6 percent in annual terms. The average amount of one loan is 13.1 thousand rubles for the third month in a row. The total volume of loans increased in March and for the first time reached 31 billion rubles.

    As a result, the volume of the microloan portfolio in Russia grew by 2.3 percent in March, to 178.7 billion rubles, while the number of active loans in this segment grew by 5.3 percent, to 13.9 million.

    At the same time, the number of overdue loans also increased - by 1.8 percent, to 5.4 million units, and their volume increased by 5.3 percent - to 61 billion rubles.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    "Overall fortune rose to $ 605.8 billion from $392.3 billion, in just one year. Same year real income of average Mordor citizen dropped 10,9%."

    For anyone ho think the US an Mordor are the bigest you pointed countless times...the same classes all around... And i'm not a fan of Marx but what it's obvious ...well it's jus obvious.

  • @garroulus

    For anyone ho think the US an Mordor are the bigest you pointed countless times...the same classes all around... And i'm not a fan of Marx but what it's obvious ...well it's jus obvious.

    Yep, and most interesting is that even nice small business owners have very lot in common with large sharks, can check Louis Rossman topic, you can literally see small Velociraptor getting stronger and obtaining full consciousness.