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MAGA: Any small issue with US debt and it'll be thermonuclear reaction
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  • In order to simply touch run-of-the-mill historical valuation norms, the S&P 500 would have to lose somewhere in the range of 65-70% over the completion of this cycle.

  • This is how exchange of newly printed money to real goods look like near US port :-)

    And it will continue, for a little while. But you really do not want to know that happens next.

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    Considering that US reached new records where for each collected dollar that print now another fake one..

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  • New records in exchange of debt to real goods



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  • “This policy with China matters … to every one of the people who is out there seeking employment,” Pompeo advised. “If we get this wrong, Maria, we will live in a world that is so deeply different. We will see these sanctions on our leaders pale in comparison to the pain and the absence of prosperity that will be here in the United States of America if we don’t get this right. It’s one of the things that I’m proudest of that we did. We protected American jobs. We protected American businesses. We made sure that our intellectual property was in a better place. These are the things that will ultimately matter.”

    If China suddenly will demand some real goods in exchange for theirs... Yes, it will be certainly lack of prosperity.

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  • The deficit of the US state budget in December increased by 10.8 times in annual terms and amounted to a record $143.562 billion for this month, the country's finance ministry said. In December 2019, the figure was $13.286 billion.

    Budget revenues increased last month by 3.1% - to $346.119 billion compared to $ 335.805 billion a year earlier. Meanwhile, spending jumped 40.3% to $489.682 billion from $ 349.091 billion in December 2019. This is mainly due to the measures of the government of the country to keep the economy afloat amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the costs of developing a vaccine against coronavirus infection.

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  • Trade balance don't help at all as US is using new debt to cover it


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  • A sophisticated hacking group backed by a foreign government stole information from the U.S. Treasury Department and a U.S. agency responsible for deciding policy around the internet and telecommunications, according to people familiar with the matter.

    Seems like we are close.

  • Budget issues


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    Machine can't stop.

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  • @zcream

    You cannot have a debt problem as the nations debt is in the local currency.

    It is not purely technically debt problem - it is trust problem.

    Any small error now - and system will become unstable and with each new day they need more intense bubbles to store imbalances.

    Main issue is that it is tiny amount of people who are becoming "richer", they are more and more distant from all other society. And it is harder for system to contain newly made virtual dollars.

  • USA has a printing press. As long as the debt is marked in USD, it will simply be rolled over. You cannot have a debt problem as the nations debt is in the local currency.