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Beginners: Help me find specific settings topic
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  • I shoot mostly skateboarding and sports, im using flowmotion 2.02 right now i think, any other good hacks out there that i should be testing out? I have 16gbSDXC 95mbs card.

    Thanks for any advice.

  • Hello All, I have a GH2 and I'm new to videography.

    All my videos revolve around water, mostly ocean. I shoot mostly fishing-oriented clips (lots of reflections, very,very bright). I shoot in 720 to have a more fluid video when it needs to be shown in slower motion. (ie sailfish/ dolphin making a series of jumps).

    Can anyone recommend the best/most stable hack for that type of application (least amount of artifacts, more precise details during "action" shoots, less blurry frames ? Thanks!

    ps if any pros want to share tips for shooting under these circumstances, I'm all ears!

  • I have installed the "No adverse affects" hack; the way to tell if the hack has been taken by the camera is to look at the recording times on the SD card, before and after any hack's installation (set to 24P Cinema mode); after any hack, it's my understanding that the recording times shown on the card will be less (because the files resulting from any hack have higher bit rates and hence will show less (lower) recording times.

    And I can say from experiments over this last week since installing this particular hack, recording in 720p/60 will yield footage that can be slowed well (I use Final Cut Studio).

  • The most reliably ever tested Driftwood settings (including iA and iDynamic modes) were Cluster 6 Series: Nebula or DREWnet released last year - check earlier Driftwood threads.

  • @FrankAbyss did you try the Flowmotion by LPowell?

  • @FrankAbyss

    tips for shooting under these circumstances

    Polarizing filter will help you a lot.

  • Looking for a settings recommendation for 24p narrative film making. Image quality is king, file size not a concern, short takes are fine. Have a sandisk extreme pro 96 card. Thanks!

  • @luekio I like Intavenus v2. Many like Intravenus v1 or Boom. Many also like Moon v5. There's a topic on this site somewhere that has a lot of the different settings.

  • I have not been around these forums in a long time. What's the general consensus for a great all around 24P setting that wont lock up or freeze? Like to use it making commercials and corporate videos so it has to be reliable.

    I have 64gb 95mbs extreme pro cards.

    Also what about a 720p 60 setting for slow motion?

  • Hey I just bought a 32gb 95mb/s extreme pro card for my GH2 and currently have the No Adverse Hack installed However I noticed that while No Adverse is basically one of the safest hacks around to use I was wondering if there were any better suited for the 95mb/s card to give it more of a reason for purchasing it. I feel like I could use the No Adverse Hack along with my Transcend 32gb that I bought originally along with my GH2.

    Know any cool hacks I should try and use on the 95mb/s that I can get atleast 1 and half to 2 hours of footage with?

    Btw I just noticed with some of my footage in Premiere Pro CS5 it gave me a weird green and red screen when previewing videos. I ended up closing the program, ejecting the memory card(had the files imported from the card, and was running it off that; hopefully that was the problem) the imported the files to my computer and then reimported them and everything seems to be fine but I feel like this problem will return. Should I download something to convert the files or is there another solution?

  • Hey everybody! First of all I want to thank everybody involved in this forum and hacking the GH-Series! I've been silently reading here for about a year now and I think I've probably learned more than in some of my Filmlessons at the University. So, as my upcoming Projects are getting bigger, I'd like to finally hack my GH2. But I'm slightly overwhelmed by the quantity of hacks out there, and thus having read a lot I still can't figure out which fits me best. I hope I can get here a clue of what hacks have been reliable for my purposes. I shoot mainly narrative shorts, well-lit and color graded afterwards. I am searching for a better overall image quality, more detail in the shadows and less noise (or at least less digital-looking) and artefacts when grading. I use a 32Gb and a 16GB SanDisk Extreme 45MB/s and preferably the hack should work with those. About Spanning I'm concerned that the camera stops recording when covering a Master-shot. So it'd be best if spanning works or the datarate isn't xtreme (so that I can record at least around 8 minutes before the 4Gb limit is reached, that should be enough time to cover the longest scenes). I -only- use 24p so I don't care about what's happening to the other mode, but in 24p it's important that the hack is reliable.

    So, what are your opinions and experiences?

  • Hi,

    im not sure wich hack is probably the best for me. I own the gh2 with the Nokton 17.5 mm and the sd card for 95mbs recording. I need stable recording times between 1 hour and 1,5 hours. My wish is to get less noise and more room to grade with davinci resolve lite.

    Sry for the bad english. It's not my main language

    Greetings from germany -Matthias

  • My setup

    • GH2
    • Panasonic Lumix 20mm
    • Glidecam HD1000
    • Rode Videomic
    • SanDisk Extreme SDHC 32 GB 45 MB/s Class 10

    • I would like to shoot big landscapes while walking/running with the steadycam. Mostly with the sun.

    • I would like to shoot in 720p60 for smaller file size and slowmotion where I want.
    • If I have to buy another card, I will.
  • Hi there,

    I am looking for Ptool setting recommendation for shooting documentaries (for TV).

    My criteria is stability, bitrate at least 50Mbps but not more than 80Mbps and good for colour grading (All I Frame?).

    Any suggestions?

    many thanks

  • If you need to shoot at a 'broadcast' frame rate - i.e. using hbr mode, then you've got lots of options. I settled for flowmotion 2.2 as it had a good balance of being reliable but producing great images. If you're ok with a 24fps delivery, then the highest quality patch you can shoot with will be one of Driftwood's - lots of people like Moon, versions 5 and 7. Try these for starters.

  • Thanks @mrbill I have been using a setting which produced - for static shots around 38mbps (variable) I think its one of the earlier version of cluster.

    And I am shooting 25p.

    I was fine with the current settings, although I wound not mind pushing it higher as the new episode I am editing at the moment does not have enough dynamic range for colour correction. It was an evening and had to push the ISO to 400. The shot was backlit by the evening sun and I had no other artificial light source or reflector to bounce the light on the subject' face.

    That is why I am on lookout for new settings, also I have invested in bmpcc recently as well to avoid situations like this.

  • What patch is the best for fast motion camera without strob effect at 24p?