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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • US and capitalism

    Early on during the outbreak of the coronavirus, securing PPE for medical professionals (and for the nation) was one of the key problems.

    Some healthcare facilities are still below recommended quantities, according to the Wall Street Journal. This has forced some facilities to ration and reuse masks. In Michigan, almost 66% of healthcare systems are reporting less than a 3 week supply of PPE. Some facilities say they have less than a 7 day supply. The state recommends a 3 month supply.

    Each state's efforts to rebuild their supply of masks has been slowed by the rising number of cases, as the nation heads into the critical winter season.

    Jeff Wagner, supply chain manager MidMichigan Health told the WSJ: “We would really like to beef up our stockpiles, but volume is high for everyone, so you can’t. The N95s are really the most challenging.”

    In New Mexico, 90% of hospitals were reusing N95 masks. Wyoming said its hospitals could also wind up reverting to "emergency reuse" if hospitalizations in the state continue to rise.

    Pandmedic Solutions Inc., an N95-maker in Las Vegas, has seen orders rise 40% just in the past two weeks alone. Orders that would normally be 30,000 masks are now rising to 100,000 masks. The company's operating manager said: "As fast as we are making them, they are leaving our facility."

    Usage of N95 masks at medical facilities is open crime.

  • @zcream

    You should leave mordor and move to China as you like it so much. Give xi a kiss from me.

    Thanks for stupid suggestion.

  • You should leave mordor and move to China as you like it so much. Give xi a kiss from me.

  • Mordor and capitalism

    • Reported numbers have nothing to do with reality according to everyone I asked
    • PCR tests can take from 2 to 10 days to be complete, proper amount of lab equipment is not installed, people did not get proper training on using it
    • Almost total lack of antibiotics, as "smart" doctors decided to prescribe tons of them to everyone
    • Lack of HCQ, anticoagulants and such
    • Lack of hospital beds

    And most fun - no one among ruling class gives a fuck. They just fake statistics of deaths.

    To some contrast, China

    • Most major cities now have installed capacity and trained personnel to test all population within 2-5 days.
    • Infection hospitals will be build fast in case they will be required, places reserved, all major builders in region have necessary documentation to start making parts instantly upon orders
    • Equipment, medications, masks, oxygen systems reserved by the state at very fast pace since March
    • Lockdown plans fully made and coordinated with factories in case it will be local jump in cases
  • Minks genocide

    The Danish government has decided to eradicate all minks in fur farms after detecting cases of infection among animals to prevent the spread of the mutated coronavirus, it was announced at a press conference at the Prime Minister's Office. The coronavirus has spread rapidly among 1,139 mink farms in Denmark.

    "All minks in Denmark must be killed," said Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, who attended the online press conference, as she is currently in self-isolation after meeting with Justice Minister Nick Häckkerup.

    The military and the Danish Emergency Management Agency will assist farmers in killing minks.

    Real idiots. I propose to kill instead families of all government clerks who proposed this, as minks at least give you good fur, and clerks are just produce waste by processing good food.

    Something tells me that it is another round and attempt to get to the home cats, as we saw at least 9 prior attempts, but they failed.

  • Scientists from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health evaluated how the accuracy of the tests changes depending on the number of days since infection with COVID-19. The researchers analyzed seven articles with clear data on the time between infection, symptom onset, and testing. After excluding unreliable data, the study included 1.3 thousand test samples of patients who were sick with COVID-19.

    • In the first three days, ALMOST ALL TESTS for SARS-Cov-2 carriers were negative.
    • On the fourth day, already 20% of infected received a positive test result.
    • On the fifth day, the first symptoms of COVID-19 usually appear - and here almost TWO THIRD tests have shown the truth.
    • After another three days, only the FIFTH PART of the results was false
    • further the probability of the veracity of the test began to fall. Three weeks after the start of the infection, TWO THIRD CHECKS GIVEN A NEGATIVE RESULT.
  • Germany

    Germany’s leading intensive care expert has urged hospitals to postpone non-urgent procedures to free up beds and staff to deal with a rise in coronavirus patients. The number of Covid-19 patients in intensive care in Germany has soared from just over 360 in early October to almost 2,400 currently.

  • @garroulus

    Watch the nice documentary on it - The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley (just need to make your own research as it is made from telling story of one side only).

    Of course they made exaggregated claims, but it was coordinated mainstream press and two big companies attack that took them down.

    US system on making tests is one of the worst of its kind, where 2 large firms doing most of the tests with huge profits (many frequent tests will have 1000-5000% margins for them).

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I also think it is why Theranos startup had been attacked by mass media and closed, as they had been only firm working of total automation of tests.

    How funny( i mean how fuked up) is society it was presented like one of the greatest scam and in reality might of being exactly the opposite.

  • More Mordor news

    Currently, by my order, if a medical institution, especially primary care, does not have the ability to provide medical care in a planned manner, it is canceled. This means that at the moment all forces are thrown into organizing care for patients with COVID-19.

    Medicine actually collapsed.

    And all the same people told how all nice and sound during August and early September.

  • @Francklin

    but it's too late now we have the worst infection rate in europe and soon more contaminated people than Mordor!!.

    Do not worry Mordor just now do not allow to do tests for people who do not have severe lungs damage (plus medics and few other categories), so actual numbers are from 6 to 12x higher than officially reported.

    The way out of this mess id not locking everything but testing everyone to locate and isolate contaminated people, non symptomatic people is the weakness, actually in china if someone is positive the whole city is locked one week and tested

    I'll tell you small secret - governments do not WANT to do it, it is not their goal.

    As China showed - it is possible to do, but it has big consequences - capitalists do not get any necessary stuff they need our of this coronavirus. They just won't have anything to blame, but themselfs.

    PCR testing if done right (new testing machines, total automation of tests) is suitable to testing whole 100% of citizens each day. PCR also must include other coronaviruses, adenoviruses and flu to stop them also.

    I also think it is why Theranos startup had been attacked by mass media and closed, as they had been only firm working of total automation of tests. They had some issues with small blood samples tests, but overall approach and machines they made had been proper one.

  • Quite the same in France, in april while the first wave, governement said it's stupid to wear mask, now we have a 135€ fine if we dont wear it, but it's too late now we have the worst infection rate in europe and soon more contaminated people than Russia!!. The way out of this mess id not locking everything but testing everyone to locate and isolate contaminated people, non symptomatic people is the weakness, actually in china if someone is positive the whole city is locked one week and tested, it seemed to work well butlock a city is not possible here but massive testing maybe... So in France we do the opposite: reduce the number of tests while infection is rising, even whith that number of positive test is still high, aroud 40.000 a day (see PCR test graphic)

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  • In the next few months, the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 in the world will be very difficult, warned the representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) Melita Vuinovich.

    I propose some fast military tribunal for all WHO guys. And public execution afterwards. Their proposes not to wear masks and close boards are pretty enough.

  • Canada

    New cuts on medicine spending are proposed, up to 10000 workers can be out of job. Ruling class absolutely do not care how it will affect health and how many more deaths it will cause.

  • There was the dissemination by tourist since july/august, but there is may be the workers in the farm, some come from eastern europe and they can move from farm to farm in spain and france then go back to eastern europe in october and spread it there. Anyway once in a country it spread fast, in France most of the people wear mask since september and it didnt slow much the spread, perhaps the spread by contact and surface is more efficient than before (or the colder season, also good for viruses)

  • @Francklin

    Sequences in this cluster (20A.EU1) differ from ancestral sequences at 6 or more positions, including the mutation A222V in the spike protein and A220V in the nucleoprotein. We show that this variant was exported from Spain to other European countries multiple times and that much of the diversity of this cluster in Spain is observed across Europe. It is currently unclear whether this variant is spreading because of a transmission advantage of the virus or whether high incidence in Spain followed by dissemination through tourists is sufficient to explain the rapid rise in multiple countries.

    Worst thing is that we don't know if we see natural mutations or we see spreading of prepared variants that allow to keep good speed of spreading via diversity.

  • Hello from Europe where a new variant of the Covid 19 called 20A EU1 is spreading very fast, if you look a the John hopkins map about europeean countrys ( ) you will see a big peak on daily cases since september. All details of this variant in this study: Map and genetic database of the covid to trace variants

  • Scientists at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York have determined the period of retention of antibodies to coronavirus.

    Experts concluded that necessary level of antibodies to COVID-19 persists for an average of about five months.

    Such a period is possible if a person has suffered a disease in a mild or moderate form. Scientists recalled that antibodies can protect against re-infection with coronavirus or help have milder form in case of re-infection.

    The study involved more than 30 thousand people who have had a coronavirus infection.

    Not good, as next surprise will come with the fact that vaccine efficiency will drop significantly at 2nd and 3rd use.

  • The European Commission will take administrative measures against Hungary if it buys a vaccine that has not been certified in the European Union (aka from China dn Russia, as EU do not plan to certify them under any circumstances). This was stated at a briefing by the representative of the European Commission Eric Mamer.

    Big money at stake and now you see criminals in power trying to help their friends.

  • On small business


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  • Mordor news

    Waiting to even make test (not get result) reached from 7 to 14 days. You can wait result another 10-14 days.

    Actual capacity is now around 1/5-1/7 of required. As no one did anything during summer.

    So, real numbers are much much higher.

  • If we stop talking about nanochips finally

    Immunocontraception involves the administration of vaccine that induces an adaptive immune response which causes an animal to become infertile. The method promises for high target specificity, long term action but not permanent, relatively inexpensive, lack of endocrine or metabolic side effects, easy to use without surgical intervention. The immune system is employed as a contraceptive by targeting sperm- or egg-specific proteins, or even gonadotropins because antisperm antibodies can play a role in infertility. Few examples of target proteins for immunocontraception are SPAM1, MDC, SP-10, FA-1, SP-17, NZ-1, NZ-2, LDH-C, SAGA-1, hESP, rSMP-B, SAMP-32, 80 kDa HSA, BS-17, EP-20, DE Protein, SFP2, AKAP, TSA-1, YLP-12. The development of immunocontraceptives is at the active research stage.