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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • They where to the moon and in a few years was supposed to reach Mars but they fail to make ventilators. All these years they where selling some idealistic since (your terms which fits very well) but they fail on real since . Now this is a real conspiration like medieval popes holding since to keep people dump and easy controllable.

  • They where to the moon and in a few years was supposed to reach Mars but they fail to make ventilators. All these years they where selling some idealistic since (your terms which fits very well) but they fail on real since . Now this is a real conspiration like medieval popes holding since to keep people dump and easy controllable.

    You mean that they made fake films about Moon and lot of marketing stuff how they will go to the Mars. So it is no surprise that they can't make ventilators.

    Modern capitalists are exactly like medieval popes and they invest trillions to keep people dumb.

  • President Trump is considering a national "quarantine" order affecting the entire tri-state area - that is, all of NYC, the greater New York area, north and most of central New Jersey and all of southern Connecticut.

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  • California age range for coronavirus patients:

    • Age 0-17: 45 cases
    • Age 18-49: 1,906 cases
    • Age 50-64: 967 cases
    • Age 65 and older: 847 cases
    • Unknown: 36 cases
  • Guy responsible for US China trade war mess is in charge of medical supplies for Covid-19 War! ( Peter Navarro, chief anti-China Hawk in the Trump Administration, writer of books on US/China trade, invented imaginary China expert Ron Vara ( anagram of Navarro) to make fake arguments for a trade war! )

  • look who owns World Health org....

  • trump vs god on easter sunday....

  • Mordor news.

    Record 18 ships left main Pacific Ocean base in one day. This can be part of preparation on events that will unfold in coming week.

  • @kurth

    The study concluded that 86 per cent of cases were “undocumented” – that is, asymptomatic or had only very mild symptoms

    It seems like ruling class just made themselves perfect trap.

    As if "86 per cent of cases were “undocumented”" all panic about horrible mortality is fake.

    Such undocumented cases are still contagious and the study found them to be the source of most of the virus’s spread in China before the restrictions came in.

    Of course they need this to tell you how you can be not sick but dangerous.

    I still do not understand logic as all measures seems to indicate wither some other plans or insanity.

    As even if you are completely incapable you can make controlled infection of people (just do not call it such) who are below 35 and who have no serious illnesses and also no (even small) issues with lungs. This will already free huge part of workforce to go back to work, and you will have around 0.1% of people requiring medical attention. Just compensate salary for everyone but this category forcing them to go to work. And after this slowly change terms of support.

    Not that I am fan of such approach, but it is working one.

  • Lock-down is controlled spread. People still go out to shops. True rate of infection will only be known once random sampling of populations takes place, and / or antibody test.

    I think the infection rate is an order of magnitude larger than reported.

    Population dense areas are going to be hit hardest, especially with broken health care systems.

  • @Vitaliy....I think the authors made a leap of faith because "undocumented" doesn't necessarily mean they were asymptomatic or even mild. It means they didn't seek treatment. As well this article uses chinese test data, which can have any number of exit wounds. If anyone thinks this is a psyop, Italy certainly contradicts the idea the virus is not dangerous. Of course, maybe some naysayers think it's all a big lie, at which point I'd recommend them to prove it and win a pulitzer. And I know people who think so, and I've challenged them to the pulitzer. It's the cry wolf story, where govts are the boy, and wolfs are the controlled demolition. And i think it's normal for most of us to initially doubt the veracity of our govts. That doesn't mean this time the wolfs aren't at our door.

  • @kurth

    Italy can actually prove this.

    As this thing started to spread in the places where old people had been located they started to make tests and almost all of people who made them had been infected, after this they made regular visits of new medical personnel who also had been infected. And they got results.

    If they started to make this same shit with flu infected people going constantly to see each old person around - it'll be same bad thing.

  • @alcomposer

    Present lock-down is unprecedented destruction of economy, especially smaller companies.

    And efficiency of this is pushed mostly by very narrow field specialists.

  • Ronald Cutburth: United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made an incriminating comment while addressing the American people from the White House when he stated that COVID-19 is a live military exercise. The US Congress Judicial and intelligence committees need to investigate. Pompeo said: COVID-19 is a live military exercise. This is not about retribution,” Pompeo explained. “This matter is going forward — we are in a live exercise here to get this right.”

    Mike Pompeo Admits COVID-19 Is a “Live Exercise,” Trump Retorts “I Wish You Would Have Told Us”

  • Wear your mask! but not these ones :)

  • UK tests

    Only by implementing carefully controlled programmes that use two very different Covid-19 test kits will it be possible to predict how the disease will affect the country

    To locate those in the first category – the newly infected – medical staff need to use a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, which can find viral particles on a person. The test locates a particular coronavirus gene sequence and creates multiple copies that can then be easily detected.

    To identify those who have already been infected and who should now be immune from reinfection, doctors need to use a test that shows antibodies generated in response to a past infection of Covid-19 .

    The PCR test was in itself very effective for detecting the virus but that that efficacy was dependent on how well healthcare workers took samples from patients, from the nose and the back of the throat.

    Interesting thing is that capitalist countries rarely used PCR to find flu or similar viruses to help treating patients and prevent complications (and number of dead is still significantly worse than all coronavirus panic).

    As I already said, PCR tests must be made only by society controlled lab places, not private corporations and not government. As it is too easy to make fake test replacing primer and no one will be able to tell it.

    PCR tests must be long ago extremely common and cheap things even in poorest countries, but corporations treated method and simple detection scheme as something where they can get big profits.

  • Mordor news or why Wuhan is not so dangerous

    Normal salary in NTC vector in Novosibirsk is $360 USD per month (young PhD and such). This is people working with biological weapon grade agents, making vaccines and so on. Company worked (and most tell that still works) for military. It is responsible for >90% of all coronavirus tests here.

  • Since washing one's hands is such an arbitrarily effective's cdc on using clorox as a hand cleaning agent.....

  • Mordor news

    Moscow is installing emergency information speakers with extreme speed.

    Another one thousand big speakers installed, making it already 2750.

    Next 6000 speakers will be installed very fast.

    Speakers will be used during air strikes, nuclear attack, chemical attack.

  • @Vitaliy ...flu kills .1%....chinese data which is far less than Italian data says coronavirus deathrate is 3.5% . That makes coronavirus 35x more deadly than the flu. This "coronavirus is like the flu" , and "flu kills more than coronavirus" meme is false and dangerous.