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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • Then there is this too, something must be fueling the sudden interest:

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  • @

    Was living close to then border of Russia and im in the forty's enough te remember those times. The graph's never show the whole story.

    You had been 6-10 years? What is exact birth year?

    The '70 was very good but the '80 where real horror for most of the population rationalized food electricity, even water, heat in the winter, gas and so on ...but everything on a good purpose as in '89 right before the execution of Ceusescu the country had zero debt.

    So, you think that Ceusescu out of his idiotism decided to return western(!) credits? I understand that it is most popular theory that ruling class pushes.

    Also can you precisely link me to any documents about "half a bread a day and one kg of sugar and oil a month."

    As all I could find is clearly anti communist sites

    The process by which Ceausescu intended to reduce food rations at the edge of survival, followed a scientific program created at the request of specialists from the Party’s Central Committee. In 1982 it came out with the “scientific diet program for the population,” which established the calorie intake needs, including food rations and weight standards for individuals – a purely Nazi piece of legislation.

    By decree, in 1984 a new and lower food standard was adopted. Romanians were annually entitled to 39 kg of meat, 78 liters of milk and 166 kg of vegetables. Oil and sugar were given once a month, the ration was one kilogram.

    Rations were lifted on Christmas Eve 1989, a couple of days after Ceausescu and his wife fled the Central Committee in a helicopter.

    Issue is how they lie about that you will be dead if you lost your card. And in lot of other parts.

    Also they completely hid creditors role in all this (and beginning of rationing happened because Romanian elite came into trap, carefully organized trap).

    Ceausescu death is only recently had been truthully covered, btw (like 4-5 years from now). As it had been orchestrated by USSR provided special anti communist forces paired with local traitors.

    In USSR food shortages and rationing organization had been made by traitors (head of our plan department, for example) who had been also only fully uncovered mostly in late 2000s.

    There was severe law for abortion which is one aspect for the high natality.

    Unfortunately theory is bad, as chart is same for ex socialist countries that did not have similar things.
    Also, any anti abortion laws always resulted not in some big rise of birthrate, but in big rise of unofficial aborts.

  • In an interview with CNN, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said they’ve seen a 75% increase in video views for news from “authoritative sources” since the beginning of 2020. She also said they’ve been busy removing “problematic information” like anything that is “medically unsubstantiated.” She also said YouTube will remove anything that goes against World Health Organization recommendations.

  • We need more ventilators, or not?

    the Washington Post reports that new data from New York’s largest hospital system showed that survival rates for patients placed on ventilators are even lower than previously believed. The data showed that a staggering 88% of coronavirus patients who were placed on ventilators in the state's hospitals didn’t survive.

  • Little humour from Israel


    "Please do not talk on cellphone in our pharmacy, as radiation can hurt highly sensitive homeopatic medications".

    All present capitalism level in one sentence.

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  • @Vitaliy....did u read the article posted yesterday about diamox, in relation to the ventilator issue?

  • @kurth

    Assessing the outcomes of COVID-19 patients on ventilators, Brooklyn emergency room physician Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell found worse outcomes than expected. He told Medscape that around 70% of COVID-19 patients on ventilators never recover, based on his research.

    What's more, the doctor noticed disturbing patterns he had never seen before. COVID-19 patients on ventilators sometimes showed extremely low blood-oxygen concentrations during ventilation, he said. Despite doctors' best efforts, he reported seeing concentrations of oxygen in blood at 10% to 20%, and sometimes even lower – a healthy blood oxygen level is above 95 percent, according to the British Lung Foundation.

    You mean this one?

  • @kurth

    I also must note that ventilators showed extreme deficiency of modern medicine and organizations overall.

    It is now most important to make proper reports and follow protocol, you never will get in trouble, even if all of your patients die.

    But any initialive, experiments, thinking or unconventional treatment are being punished, with legal and finance consequences. This is horrible.

    Get all this Hydroxychloroquine story, where it could be used only due to very closed Jews medical system, so official medicine was not aware of it, but attempted to shut all down instantly as they got information. And after this made horrible media attack using worst tricks possible.

    Remember -

    The Peter Principle is: "In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence".

    "In time, every post tends to be occupied by an employee who is incompetent to carry out its duties". Work is accomplished by those employees who have not yet reached their level of incompetence.

    We are at terminal state now.

  • @Vitaliy...yeah that one...about dr. kyle-sidell. Diomax interacts with hydroxy in a beneficial way. People are dying from blood clots in the lungs with symptoms that look like ....

  • ""In the worst week of the 2017-18 flu season, New York saw 445 deaths from flu and pneumonia and 3,481 total from all causes. Last week, the state saw 4,694 reported Covid-19 deaths alone. These figures must put to rest the “dying with but not of” line of skepticism. The idea that this many people would have died anyway even without Covid-19 is simply not credible."".....

  • Big Gates writing

    Which activities cause the most risk of infection? People ask me questions about avoiding prepared food or door knobs or public toilets so they can minimize their risk. I wish I knew what to tell them. Judgements will have to be made about different kinds of gatherings like classes or church going and whether some kind of spacing should be required. In places without good sanitation, there may be spread from fecal contamination since people who are infected shed the virus.

    I just have stupid question, what all this labs had been doing last 20 years except making human targeted virus.

  • Preliminary results from New York’s first coronavirus antibody study show nearly 14 percent tested positive, meaning they had the virus at some point and recovered, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday. That equates to 2.7 million infections statewide — more than 10 times the state’s confirmed cases.

    The study, part of Cuomo’s “aggressive” antibody testing launched earlier this week, is based on 3,000 random samples from 40 locations in 19 counties.

    It must be noted that antibody tests are not so simple, as antibodies form differently for different people and also different antibody form at different time after illness. The weaker the illness had been - the fewer will be antibodies (for many people you won't be able to track any).

  • An interesting topic here - would like to throw it into discussion;


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  • @Oblikovalnik

    It is remains of horrible socialism and soviet occupation.

    Higher number of hospital beds per each citizen, still lot of medical personell and education approaches left.

  • Dr. Donald's Prescriptions

    Trump suggests 'injection' of disinfectant to beat coronavirus and 'clean' the lungs

    A Homeland Security official, under questioning from reporters, later said federal laboratories are not considering such a treatment option.

    “This notion of injecting or ingesting any type of cleansing product into the body is irresponsible and it’s dangerous," said Gupta. "It’s a common method that people utilize when they want to kill themselves."

    The maker of Lysol also issued a statement warning against any internal use of the cleaning product.

  • @jleo

    It's original idea :-) Inject and fuck the bastard, it has nowhere to run.

  • @Oblikovalnik .... more likely it was easier to shutdown countries early that were historically accustomed to societal control measures. Add that to little real testing ....

  • @kurth

    They are historically more accustomed to scientific thinking. It helps.

  • in mex, we're working on daily tequila infusions... but we've noticed none of the street drunks who drink etilico alcohol have acquired corona so donald might be on to something ...or maybe it was the soviet political influence from the 40's. After all trotsky left his seeds all over mexico !

  • @Vitaliy ....and they were more accustomed to torture as well, which is why cia put all their black sites there.

  • Guardian reveals the identity of the man behind the 5G theory of CV19. Another 'expert' evangelical with a direct line to God. “God has blessed me with the ability to bring disparate pieces of information together that puts the puzzle together and makes sense of it.”

  • Mordor news

    • Only 45% of Mordor workers kept their job and close to previous salary
    • 44% no longer work at all now, not all of them are fired, just not getting money (note that usual compensation is $30 per month, and special compensation that is hard to get is $156 per month for jobless people)
    • 52,3% now agree to work much more for same salary


    ....and they were more accustomed to torture as well, which is why cia put all their black sites there.

    Nice logic. :-)

    Knowing capitalist companies wery well from inside I can 100% tell you that Western Europe not only accustomed to torture and horrible treating at work, but also have extreme fear.