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Sony A6500 topic, 4K, 5-axist stabilizer, touch screen
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  • Hi Mark, Nice images of a rainy day. I assume this was hand held? Does the A6500 camera always exhibit the left and right jitters? This is most visible in the scenes where an object should be stationary. Examples are 1:14-1:20, 1:27-1:35, 1:43-1:47. Once you see this horizontal jittering in those scenes, you begin to see it in others. Is this typical of the a6500? Is there an easy way to get rid of it in post?

    Other than the horizontal jittering it looks great.

  • Lots of golden flowers, and a goldfinch.

  • @jjj_ri_usa Looks like jitters from being handheld, to me. From what I've seen, the IBIS in the a6500 is only so-so, not as good as the A7x series.

  • Same camera, lens and videographer in the video just above. Do you specifically see "horizontal jitters"? I shoot with the A7s ii and I do not detect any difference whatsoever in the performance of IBIS compared with the A6500. It's no gimbal in either case,; same as Panasonic.

  • I upgraded to v1.04. If you're using Sony Memories tweak "patch" to allow more than 30 minutes recording, it needs to be re-enabled, after each FW upgrade.

    @markr041 are these last 2 video you've posted on v1.03 or v1.04? Did you see any IBIS improvement?

  • 1.04. I had just shot a video before the last two with 1.03; I noticed no difference and I was looking for one.

  • Review in Russian


    Stabilizer work


    800 x 530 - 53K
    774 x 449 - 46K
  • Finally, does this camera overheat or not when recording to 4K?

  • @italiy_Kiselev Really? :(

    Im will buy this camera for upgrade stills and video from my great GX8. The GH5 look better for video, but not for stills.

    How long does it take before it overheats?

  • @Manu4Vendetta You have an entire thread here full of information on that (the time varies, no exact answer)! Start digging!

  • @joethepro You're right, the drawback I see is that on heating the information isnt uniform, because although it is not worrisome like the A6300, a few say yes but most say no have heat issue.

    Anyway, I already ordered it this morning. What I will do later is sell my GX8, the Nex-N and the GH2, save something and buy a GH in a few months.

  • It will overheat; that's all you need to know about the overheating. If you keep the clips under 20 minutes you will probably, but not certainly, be OK.

  • @Manu4Vendetta my A6500 will overheat in a 70 degree (Fahrenheit) room (indoors) after ca. 60 minutes with an electronic lens and the "higher" heat setting, mounted in a small rig cage (acts as a heatsink) & the screen pulled away from the back of the camera. With a manual lens and a speed booster I have gotten recordings 90-120 minutes. With a USB power pack I have been able to max out the card with either type of lens.

    Yes, I am running the open memories unlimited recording hack.

    I never had the A6300 but the comparison videos on YT show the A6500 has a longer run time than the A6300 even with the new firmware.

    I have not shot with the A6500 in full sun yet.

  • @CFreak which USB pack do you use? Tx.

  • Overheating is only a problem for long takes, which is a very specialized use of a camera (but a use). Let's get back to work...

  • Considering switching from a7sII to a6500... Only concern is low light. Typically shoot in Slog2 and never go above 12800, will I notice a difference in performance at that ISO on a6500?

  • @theconformist Yes, you definitely will. It is a great performer for its class, but obviously no match for the A7sii. For still or slow movement scenes it still looks decent at 12800, especially with some Neat Video applied. But the motion ghosting is just bad at or above 6400 (from all the tests I've seen... I don't actually own the camera).

  • @DrDave. I tested with a small one with 1 18650 cell inside. It was swag I got for free. I since bought a 2x18650 cell Inland USB Power pack at MicroCenter for ca. $12. It works great too.

    Since in testing I used a battery in the camera too, the USB power pack doesn't matter so much.