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    They are rising fast. Big other guys also.

  • If you live in Texas, you can avoid Whole Foods altogether with Central Market.

  • Amazon would start implementing the idea in 2017 as a greater push to combat counterfeit goods. In short, the commerce titan would reach out to vendors and compel them to prove they had the brand's permission to sell its products. A source told Bloomberg that Nike will get this treatment first, allowing the brand to control who can and can't sell its merchandise.

    Btw Alibaba is going same way. Idea to fight "counterfeit goods" is only small part here.
    Main goals is total price control, fight with gray imports, full replacement of smaller dealers to official Nike/Amazon items.

  • Isn't AWS something that can be easily copied by 10000 companies, kind of like memecoins ??

  • Sure, if 10,000 companies have the budget to deploy numerous huge datacenters and build out dozens of reliable services, they could more or less copy AWS.

  • @eatstoomuchjam huge isn't even required for most hosting needs

  • Today, half of all U.S. households are subscribed to the membership program Amazon Prime, half of all online shopping searches start directly on Amazon, and Amazon captures nearly one in every two dollars that Americans spend online. Amazon sells more books, toys, and by next year, apparel and consumer electronics than any retailer online or off, and is investing heavily in its grocery business.

    We once imagined that the web would be a democratizing force in the economy, making it easier for anyone with a good idea to start a business, find an audience, and succeed. “The digital revolution was supposed to create an age of empowered micro-entrepreneurship, with power devolving to the masses,” observes Steven Strauss, a visiting professor at Princeton.7 It hasn’t turned out that way. Five years ago, Americans spent $170 billion shopping online, and Amazon accounted for one in four of those dollars.8

    This is that happens if you do not read PV blog posts.

    What customers pay for Prime is less than it costs Amazon, which loses an estimated $1 billion a year on the shipping perks alone. But the point of the fee has never been about money. As Vijay Ravindran, a former technical manager at Amazon, explained to Brad Stone: “It was never about [the fee]. It was really about changing people’s mentality so they wouldn’t shop anywhere else.” Signing up for Prime greatly reduces the chances that a person will shop around, in part because the more one orders from Amazon, the more value in free shipping one derives from the annual fee. Less than 1 percent of Prime members visit competing sites while shopping on Amazon, and Prime members spend almost three times as much with the company as non-Prime customers do.

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    Amazon exploits this dependence to dictate terms and prices to suppliers, and it uses the data it gathers from companies selling on its platform to weaken them as competitors. A company that designs a popular product and builds a market for it on Amazon's site can suddenly find that Amazon has introduced a nearly identical version and given it top billing in search results. One study found that, after a retailer becomes a seller on Amazon, it's only a matter of weeks before Amazon brings the merchant's most popular items into its own inventory.

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  • Going further

    SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jul. 12, 2017-- (NASDAQ:AMZN) – On a day with incredible deals reserved exclusively for Prime members, sales on July 11 surpassed Black Friday and Cyber Monday, making it the biggest day ever in Amazon history. With hundreds of thousands of deals, this year’s Prime Day was too big for 24 hours – so Prime members had 30 hours to shop. The Prime Day 2017 event grew by more than 60 percent compared to the same 30 hours last year, and sales growth by small businesses and entrepreneurs was even higher. More new members joined Prime on July 11 than on any single day in Amazon history. Tens of millions of Prime members made a purchase on Prime Day 2017, more than 50 percent higher than the prior year.

    Prime members’ most popular purchase was the Echo Dot, which was not only the best-selling Amazon device this Prime Day, but also the best-selling product from any manufacturer in any category across Amazon globally. Prime Day 2017 was also the biggest sales event ever for Amazon devices in the U.S. and around the world, including record sales for Echo, Fire tablets and Kindle devices. The all new Element 55-inch 4K Ultra HD smart LED TV – Amazon Fire TV Edition was the best-selling TV deal in Amazon history – selling through record units in less than four hours. Top sellers from around the world, excluding Amazon devices, included:

  • nice oldstock dump by taxpayerazon

  • Other, not pretty side of Amazon

    The spy agency's CIO (chief information officer) John Edwards said that its watershed deal with Amazon Web Services (AWS) was the "best decision we ever made". Edwards was appointed as the spy agency's CIO last year, during the US intelligence community's (IC) shift to adopting cloud computing.

    Speaking at the AWS summit in Washington D.C., Edwards provided an unclassified peek at how America's 17 intelligence agencies that are a part of the nation's IC are using cloud computing. The CIO said that the spy agency's cloud was "pretty close" to being invincible.

    “If we’re going to have the best military in the world, as we must have, 10, 20 years, 30 years from now, we need to strengthen our partnership with companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing and many others that I’ve met out here. I’m determined to do that. It’s part of the responsibility of the department, not only to fight today’s fight but to make sure that we’re superior for tomorrow’s. And the most important ingredient is our wonderful people, but secondly, it’s technology,” Defense Secretary Ash Carter said following his visit to the Amazon Headquarters in Seattle.

    The Defense Innovation Board is an organization set up in 2016 to bring the technological innovation and best practice of Silicon Valley to the U.S. Military. The board has dozen members including Jeff Bezos. Eric Schmidt is the chair.

    The Defense Innovation Advisory Board voted to approve 11 recommendations that covered issues such as boosting cybersecurity for advanced weapons, and funding new research in artificial intelligence.

    This guys are not your friends, they do not put Echo to please you. This guys will use your voice and your habits to destroy you if you start to do something bad for ruling class.

  • Inc (AMZN.O) has launched a social feature called Spark that allows members to showcase and purchase products on its platforms, the retail giant's first clear move into the world of social media.

    Spark, which is currently only available for Amazon's premium paying Prime members, encourages users to share photos and videos, just like popular social media platforms Instagram and Pinterest. The new feature publicly launched on Tuesday for use on mobile devices that use Apple's (AAPL.O) iOS operating system.

    Spark users can tag products on their posts that are available on Amazon and anyone browsing the feeds can instantly find and purchase them on the platform. Users can also respond to posts with "smiles," equivalent to Facebook's "likes."

  • Sears Holdings (NASDAQ: SHLD) announced today the launch of Kenmore products on, as well as the integration of the full line of Kenmore Smart appliances with Amazon Alexa. This marks the broadest distribution of Kenmore, America's most trusted home appliance brand, outside of Sears branded stores and related online retail platforms. Kenmore Smart connected room air conditioners integrated with Alexa are now available on The distribution on is planned to be expanded to the full line of Kenmore home appliances in all U.S. market segments, with Kenmore, Sears Home Services, and Innovel Solutions providing white-glove service for delivery, installation and extended product protection for a full range of home appliances.

  • The FTC is probing a complaint brought by the advocacy group Consumer Watchdog, which looked at some 1,000 products on Amazon's website in June and found that Amazon put reference prices, or list prices, on about 46 percent of them.

    An analysis found that in 61 percent of products with reference prices, Amazon's reference prices were higher than it had sold the same product in the previous 90 days, Consumer Watchdog said in a letter to the FTC dated July 6.

    Surprise, Amazon is using old tricks of bad sellers.

  • Tens of thousands of Amazon sellers might have just sold a whole bunch of their items in one the e-commerce titan itself. According to CNBC, the Fulfilled by Amazon team has emailed thousands of sellers in the US, offering to buy their goods at full retail price so it can have them in store in its warehouses. The Fulfilled by Amazon program already keeps and ships paying customers' items for them. This particular project was conjured up as a way to reach out to sellers that aren't part of a program -- Amazon is even foregoing additional fees

    It is part of much worse program. As even very small visibility seller have on Amazon will be completely gone. And you must not mistake, as after retail price lure it'll be fast pressure to sell at big discount and finally abandoning intermediates one by one for all more or less popular offers.

  • Nothing new, destroyed many online and offline shops, all at the expense financed by banks Inc on Thursday reported a jump in retail sales along with a profit slump, as its rapid, costly expansion into new shopping categories and countries showed no sign of slowing.

    The world's largest online retailer posted second-quarter revenue of $38 billion, up 25 percent from a year earlier. The breakneck growth stood in contrast to the fate of many brick-and-mortar rivals, who have struggled to find their footing as more people shop online.

    Yet Seattle-based Amazon posted a 77 percent drop in quarterly income, and even said it could lose up to $400 million in operating profit during the current quarter. Beyond reflecting retail's notoriously thin margins, the forecast signaled Amazon would invest heavily to maintain its dominance.

  • Again, while retail is what they are known for, it is NOT how Amazon makes money:

    And the list of companies that use AWS doesn't even publicly include feature many who love to "analyze" what kind of data you are consuming (like US DoD, NSA, etc.).

    In your day-to-day life you could use numerous services, apps, SAAS, etc. and think you are jumping all around the internet but in reality are truly ONLY interfacing with Amazon, either in the front or backend. And that is a LOT of data that they have about you, what you like, what you don't like, etc.

    Retail/E-Commerce is how they bring you in but is essentially meaningless to their bottom line, now. Netflix does not have one physical data center that they use anymore. Think about that. The world's largest user of internet traffic ( uses AWS exclusively. And they are only one company out of thousands...

  • @tfinn good point - it's nuts that the modern trend in companies don't amount to much more than being an '8 hour work-week' entity that outsources everything to lowball entities while existing only as a brand and patent/license squatters.
    Perhaps in the future, USA can slash wages to below china's level in order to regain our competitive edge

  • The tables are turning.

  • @tfinn

    If you look at posts above and another pages you'll find it all. Including NSA and AWS stuff.


    Perhaps in the future, USA can slash wages to below china's level in order to regain our competitive edge

    Actually already cut must be much more deep, as it'll require building factories.
    It'll be really fine life, all will love it. I just suggest to keep this ideas private.

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  • Australian retail is now in sign

    U.S. retail giant unveiled the site of its first Australian warehouse on Thursday and named a German executive as country manager, signaling it is prepared for industrial strife in the world's 12th-biggest economy.

    Three months after revealing plans to launch online shopfront service Amazon Marketplace in Australia, the Seattle-based retailer said it had chosen an industrial area outside the second-biggest city Melbourne for its first warehouse.

  • One more opinion

    Amazon is doing great damage to tax paying retailers. Towns, cities and states throughout the U.S. are being hurt - many jobs being lost!

    Donald J. Trump

  • Amazon began price reduction in Whole Foods


    “No retailer can under-price as long as Amazon can, make no money and get away with it. That’s why people are scared.”

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