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  • I have to support Amazon since I'm overweight in blackberry stock - if IVY succeeds then I could make a lot of money !

  • Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of the world's largest online retailer, Amazon, will retire on July 5, 2021. He said this during the annual meeting of shareholders of the company.

    “We chose this date because for me it is significant - this is the day of the establishment of Amazon in 1994, exactly 27 years ago,” - explained Bezos.

  • Even before the pandemic, previously unreported data shows, Amazon lost about 3 percent of its hourly associates each week, meaning the turnover among its work force was roughly 150 percent a year. That rate, almost double that of the retail and logistics industries, has made some executives worry about running out of workers across America.

    All of the system is fucked.

  • On June 15 this year, Amazon announced a fee reduction from 30% to 20% for app developers. It takes place within the framework of the small business support program and applies only to those developers who receive income of less than $1 million per year.

    According to Amazon, 94% of the mobile developers they surveyed indicated that they use the cloud. Therefore, the company decided to introduce cashback at a rate of 10% of its annual income. Developers will be able to spend the received bonuses on Amazon cloud services.

    The new conditions will take effect in the fourth quarter of this year.

    Real fee must be within fixed 2-7 cent, never any percentage and just enough to keep servers alive.

  • Amazon 2021 results

    • Net Sales $137.41BN, up +9.4 Y/Y on top of estimates of $137.82B
    • EPS $27.75, almost double the $14.09 Y/Y and also smashing estimates of $3.77.
    • Net income is $14.3 billion in the fourth quarter 2021, up from $7.2 billion a year ago, it included a pre-tax valuation gain of $11.8 billion included in non-operating income from AMZN's common stock investment in Rivian Automotive, which completed an initial public offering in November.
    • Operating Income $3.46BN, down 50%Y/Y but beating est. $2.43B
    • AWS net sales $17.78 billion, up 40% beating estimates of $17.23 billion
    • Online stores net sales $66.08 billion, down -0.6% and missing estimates of $66.44 billion
    • Estimate - Q1 Net Sales $112.0BN to $117BN, missing Wall Street est. $120.5BN
    • Estimate - Q1 Operating income between $0 billion and $3.0 billion, also badly missing estimates of $7.44BN
  • Amazon is rethinking its retail ambitions after years of expansion. The company informed Reuters it was closing all 68 of its physical bookstores, pop-up locations and 4-star shops in the US and UK.

    This is why corporations are evil - they care only for short term profits and do not care about people needs.

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