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Panasonic GH5 camera, actual users feedback
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  • @aked, I tried, but it failed to restore to a previous date. I had made too many changes.

    @Zaven13, it's not a player issue. It was working perfectly with any footage from any cam before I started testing NLE's. Only after uninstalling a few of the trial versions did it start to stutter and lose audio sync.

    What other software or drivers can effect video playback on a windows 10 machine besides the video card driver and directX / directShow ???

    Cheers, Pete

  • @c3hammer, another thing I can think of is whether you deleted or back-leveled any video and audio codecs as part of your uninstalling the trial software. make sure your codecs are up to date. Microsoft has an official codec pack for these exact purposes.

  • I have a small request:

    Can anybody here (which already has the GH5) do a 6K 3/2 video with the GH5, something with a lot of details (outside, with grass or vegetation) , standard profile from a wide angle and the camera fixed (not moving, panning etc), about 20 second or so and upload it to

    I thank you very much in advance!

  • @Eno is this what you were looking for I put it in drop box as public it's 6k 3:2 wide angle (10mm slr magic) with lots of detailed plant life! I just noticed you wanted not moving, I did it hand held but wasn't exactly waving the camera around, if that's no good I'm out again with it tomorrow and can take something locked down. vegetation is a tiny bit under exposed but I didn't have any graduated filters with me and it was quite a high dynamic scene but just squeezed it in I think.

    Out of interest how are you processing that, I tried a few of my usual suspects for dealing with that sort of thing and got pretty poor results transcoding it etc and can't play it with anything with out the player crashing.

  • @Umii

    Thanks for file.

    It is very high quality 192 Mbit/s long GOP HEVC file. Exif says iso100, Standard profile 0,0,0,0. I can play it with Potplayer but it is not playing smooth in my old computer. When I adjust gamma or saturation heavily up and down I cant get any banding or macro blocking. I think this is quality like a 500 Mbit h.264 ipb file or 1000 Mbit intra.

  • @Umii

    Thank you very much! It i exactly what I wanted to see. I can play it with Media Player Classic (latest version: and Pot Player (although both feature frame dropping on my system even though both the CPU and GPU are not 100% utilized). For the moment Premiere can not decode the file but I've read they'll fully support GH5 video formats after the summer update.

  • I was riding my mountain bike this evening and spotted this Canadian Geese family so I shot a few stills and this video.

  • Is the 6k photo AFC good enough for moving subjects for example sports photos? It uses video AF. GH4 4k photo AFC is very slow.

  • @vesku seems to work well I had a play today, here's an example was on AFC 225 area, shutter priority at 1/1000 auto iso hand held with the 45-175 (with new firmware) I left af sensitivity at 0, switching at 0 moving object +2, using ffmpeg to just dump to png image sequence for now that seems to be easiest way to look at them for me. (ffmpeg -i .\P1000011.MP4 .\11_out\11_%02d.png)

    I have been just filming at 4k 10bit at a high shutter speed and pulling stills as needed + can give a video at the same time, might see if I can film a whole round at 6k next time not worried about it being 4:3 I actually think that is a nice ratio to film at nowadays if the target is mobile etc.

  • @umii

    Thanks for sharing. This is actually not a good AF test. I am thinking a difficult scene where the horse or subject runs towards a camera at 300mm tele or at least 175mm.

    I can see some minor compression artifacts. The rolling shutter bend is quite minimal.

    Average bitrate is 214 Mbs !

  • I recorded a h256 6k photo sequence the other day and ffmpeg told me it was 190mbs, thought it was wrong. Maybe the 6k photo mode isn't 100mbps like stated? Or VBR?

  • @Alcomposer I'm pretty sure it's around 190 a less scientific test I noticed today by chance is set it to record 4K 10bit and see how much it says you can record mine says 55m42sec then set to 6k photo mine says 41m45 sec which implies it's expecting to store more data but would support what you see, shame can't choose vlog for 6k 4:3 that would keep anamorphic folks happy :)

  • @Umii, what? We can't select vlog for 6k??? I thought vlog was now a standard profile for still photos as well? :-(

    I hope when anamorphic video mode gets released we get the same bit rate and resolution options.

  • @alcomposer yes, vlog and Rec709 greyed out in 6k photo mode. They are available in 4K 10bit anamorphic film mode tho. Will be interesting to see what gets released in future firmware upgrades looks to be plenty of scope for some more fun stuff to come!

  • @Umii I don't have VLogL yet, (on way) so haven't played yet. I'm just super happy with the 422 10bit however, even with CineD 0-5-5-5. And now I have been playing with fast Panasonic Glass, I am almost at the point I want to ditch manual lenses and go to Panasonic Glass for video. Only thing holding me back is decent control of focus. I am a complete focus control freak. :-)

  • @alcomposer - I really wish they had added a second port for full Panasonic LANC control. As is we only get record start/stop and zoom. Perhaps once tethering is available via USB it might be possible to make a LANC controller to USB unit?

  • @Fost

    Yes, I agree. However currently we only get 'fly by wire' control of Panasonic native glass. (so I think LANC control would only give us more 'fly by wire' as opposed to responsive speed control - like a real manual focus ring).

    The good news is however that Focus Transition in the GH5 has let the cat out of the bag. Panasonic 'can' control the focus of native glass very well, but decided to give us a very strange way of accessing it. (I do like it however, just wish there was full manual control as well).

    If Panasonic were able to publish the lens focus and zoom controls over USB 3.1 that would just be the best! However I am not sure if they would do that to help other manufacturers make awesome follow focus controls? (it would sell more Panasonic glass however, and considering the GH5 is a good seller from what I can tell, this may be a good thing.)

    First they would most probably have to make a custom follow focus control unit. Tilta is a good place to look for inspiration.

    Honestly with a computerised lens, I really don't understand why they haven't done this already, as it is really necessary for video, which is a major selling point of the GH5 system anyway.

  • Hi. A quick question. When I change Iso values I have to use the up-front dial ring (the one under my index finger), while the rear ring makes me only change the Iso limit. I really don't need to change the Iso limit, and with the Gh4 I was used to turn the rear dial (the one under my thumb finger). So now I just can't get used to it and it takes double the time to change the Iso values. Is there a way to change things around?

  • Anyone know if there is a way to playback VLog-L footage with an applied LUT?

  • @joe1946

    The moon shot is fabulous!

  • Thanks Eno, btw the jello effect was caused by bad seeing conditions and tube currents because of the sharp temp drop last night.

  • I was out in a wetlands park this weekend snapping a few pics and taking a few movies. When I returned home, I noticed that some of the movies contained an intermittent, but very prominent "scratchy" sound in the audio track - even where there was low ambient noise. I thought it might be wind or an issue with the limiter, but the audio tracks on some clips were perfectly fine. I'm reviewing the clips now to try and see if I can isolate the behavior.

    Anyone experience this?

  • @v10tdi don't know if this is the same thing but I've found I have to be super careful of the strap or even the little triangle bit the strap clips onto hitting the body when I'm filming, I've been meaning to test it properly, i never had the problem with the gh4 but the 5 seems super sensitive to it. I was wondering if perhaps it software, I know Panasonic said the gh5 suppressed operation noise, I wondered if it got confused if the camera gets slightly tapped. Might not be what you had but it's something I noticed.

  • Just finished my first filming with GH5, have to say that VLogL seems to have come a long way, and noise is really not that much of a problem. Is anyone else a bit in-love with whites and inky blacks on the GH5 or is it just me?

    Things I like:

    • Noticeably better in-camera recording (basically no issues with light grading with correct WB)
    • Better colour
    • Better rolling shutter (negligible)
    • Focus Transition (actually a really usable feature)
    • Usability (Full size HDMI etc- menus etc)

    Room for improvement:

    • VLog-L in-camera clip playback (played back log clips are not displayed with LUT)
    • 60p 4k is only 8bit 420? (pleeze Panasonic lets get it the same as the rest of the modes)
    • VFR makes video look like lego-land. (way too much pixel skipping)
    • Auto-focus is just not working for me


    • Better manual focus control of Panasonic Glass (USB tethered Follow Focus?)
    • Allow VFR to do a 1920x1080 windowed mode (similar to Blackmagic) to negate pixel skipping) I don't mind if its cropped in even further due to the windowing- but at least this would make it usable for professional work.
    • Higher bit-rate than 400mbps (or use h265 for those high-end modes)
    • Allow quick switching between LUTs in VLog-L (custom function button)