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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • Is the new DFD AF technology require as to buy new Lenses ;) like 12-35 II or 35-100 II Im waiting for good AF since GH1 but if thats needs new lenses its like buying new system...otherwise why they would make new ones .. I like V1

  • I am curious to see what type of improvement this is has in terms of lowlight ability. Personally speaking for me this was the biggest downfall for the GH4. The GH5 with 10bit 422 4K internally, .76 EVF/3,680 resolution, waveform monitor and vectorscope is a HUGE upgrade. The ability to have all of those features without carrying around an external recorder/monitor will sway a lot of people into purchasing the GH5.

    There are couple of red flags though. The biggest one being that the firmware will come later on down the line. Wonder how much that will cost Cha-Ching $$$$$. I am also curious as to the the actual improvement in quality with the firmware update once all the hype settles down. I don't know maybe I am a bit pessimestic after all the hype with VLOG which IMO was a waste of time and just added more noise to the image after everything is said and done. Also look at the ALL-Intra on the GH4 was is it really that great all things considered?

    All in all though seems like a great camera. Personally I wouldn't purchase one until after all of the firmware updates are done along with some real reviews of the camera. Until the firmware updates come seems like it is really not worth buying if you already have a GH4.

  • Info on this video say's low light footage was shot using 3200 & 6400 ISO (pre-production).

  • The first GH5 low light test I could find (in the second part of the video):

  • Do we know if any of demo videos out utilized the extended dynamic range and v log profile ?it looks like all baked in profiles so far

  • Wow... I am kinda impressed with the "6K photo 30fps" mode for photography. 18 megapixel stills from the 6K photo mode not to shabby. Also I must say that the autofocus on the GH4 was really good so I can imagine how good it will be with the GH5. I am talking about AFS single point, point to point focusing. M/43 does not work for me in terms of photography but I am sure this camera will be great for all of the people that it does work for.

  • @liork it's the same pixel count. GX8, Pen-F, E-M1 II and GH5, they all have a 5184 x 3888 pixel sensor. Panasonic saying 20.3MP and Olympus saying 20.4 is just a different in how they made the pixel approximation but both sensors have the exactly same pixel count.

  • Well, I'm impressed. One of the interviews with the Panny spokesmen said that the camera can record 4K, 60FPS, in 10-bit... but with an external HDMI recorder. Given the camera's own LCD screen abilities (LUTs,m histograms, etc.), then maybe there's a good external recorder without a screen (i.e., cheaper) that can record that stream.

    From what I can tell, the GH4 had 10 stops of exposure, and with Vlog that went up to 12. Apparently the GH5 has 13 stops; I'm not sure what Vlog'll do for that. But, between the 10-bit recording rate, better noise reduction, and an extra stop or two, this camera will probably be dandy in low light.

    I'm sold. And late February is my birthday, so that adds to the incentive.

  • @Azo Thanks for the footage link. For some reason the 30P footage won't play with Vegas 14, but the 60P does and it actually looks incredible with Filmconvert LUTs. They seemed to have improved V-Log with the 8 bit, it's gorgeous when graded.

  • @Tron Whats weird is that even on the Mac Side the 24p and 30p footage will not play with Quicktime. VLC has no problem playing all of the footage.

    3840 x 2160 - 496K
    3840 x 2160 - 819K
  • Yeah, works with media players but no dice in the editor. Very odd.

  • @Azo,

    At what iso(s) where those vlog clips shot?

  • @cas1 I am not sure this is not my footage but I think it was shot at ISO 400 which would be the base ISO for the GH5.

  • i cannot play smoothly those clips and editing in premiere (PC) is pain in the a$#@ss !

  • I am on OSX 10.11.6 El Capitan. I transcoded all the footage to ProRes HQ and everything plays and edits really smooth on my X99 with GTX980 hackintosh ;-) I can play all of the downloaded footage with VLC and everything is smooth with no hiccups.

    I take that back the 60p footage jumps around in VLC but plays back smoothly with Quicktime Player. The 24p and 30p footage will not playback with the Quicktime player but plays back smoothly with the VLC player. All of the footage once converted to ProRes works fine for me on my system. Another interesting note all of the footage seems to be right at about the 150mbs mark.

  • The 30P 4:2:2 footage reports back as 140 Mb/s CBR in MediaInfo. Somewhat surprising, I would've expected VBR.

  • I wonder whether Depth-From-Defocus is still unavailable in video more, where it would be most useful for a decent continous auto-focus...

  • Panasonic Technical marketing Interview

  • Does it magnify for focus while recording?

  • @Tron I saw one guy testing the footage and he said it's VBR and it maxed out at around 200Mbps.

  • 2 of the guys that shot with the GH5 plus Nick Driftwood replied to me that they think the new firmware update of 400Mbps All-I will be H.265. Nick even said that since HEVC is 2x more efficient it would be like an All-I 800Mbps in the GH4 with an H.264 codec.

    Nothing official by Panasonic though. But it seems that the GH5 will indeed have both H.264 and H.265 options for 4K videos. I wrote a piece talking about wanting HEVC All-I but I didn't actually believe Panasonic would do that but it seems that they will. Having options is always good, plus having HEVC means it's quite future proof when editing and computers catch up to that better.

  • I wonder how long the 6K Hi-Res video will record for? I know they spec'd a 6K "burst of video" for the 6K photo mode, but now with HEVC, it should be without limit.

  • @estarkey7 I watched a video where they stated that you can record 30p for an unlimited amount of time.

  • The GH5's V-Log L appears to be very similar to the GH4's V-Log L.

    Graded in Logarist. Click for full size.

    Exposure and contrast adjustment:

    Exposure and white balance adjustment:

    Credit: Neumann Films. License