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Olympus E-M5 II, camera topic
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  • Just performed some resolution tests. This should show you how sharpness and resolution of OMD 5Mark2 performs compared to the old GH2. Did in post perform white balance as well as highlight and shadow adjustments. This should hopefully lead to some discussion:)

    Size difference of the two test charts is close to crop difference of the two cameras (Used M-IS2 for OMD). Hence compare two charts in the middle.

    image image

    And here the influence of changing sharpness in Flat Picture Mode regarding OMD 5Mark2: image

    600 x 520 - 268K
    Test Chart.png
    7086 x 5000 - 984K
    1464 x 785 - 154K
    PixAnalysis Sharpness.jpg
    1458 x 720 - 131K
  • If you can read German, this is definitely a book where you can find some very useful tips and tricks:

  • Timelapse, 20mm F1.7, Movie Flat Picture Mode, 50 fps Shutter Priority, Auto WB, Auto ISO, IS-2, No Post Stabilization, camera was loosely placed right behind the windscreen of my car

  • Low light & High ISO

  • Anyone found a comparaison between Em-5 Il and Em-10 II video? I know the em10 does not have the mic in but im im very interested to test the ibis experiance on the cheaper em10 if video is good ;)

  • Can anyone clarify how to set the Mk II's video mode to 1080p/30 52Mbps IPB? We used to shoot 720p/30, but now have moved to 1080p for Vimeo and Uscreen.

    I have been experimenting; the highest bit rate video I have been able to record is 30Mbps, and that is by choosing FHD, and SF. I do see "A-I" as an option, but not IPB.

    As a stills camera, I feel the Mk II is without peer in the µ4/3rd's world; its ergonomics and physical UI is excellent. And as many others have said, the IBIS is the best, so far. For me, the silent shutter is worth the buying price (and the mechanical one is almost inaudible, too).

    But the video settings are not so clear. Can anyone assist?

  • Someone recommended asking Olympus tech support for clarification on the IPB question, in the context of 1080p/30. It seems that although the capacity to record in either All-I or IPB was a big deal at the time of the release of the camera, no one in Olympus Japan knows how to set the camera to record this way. All-I is selectable in the menu or from the SCP, as is "SF" and so on down the chain. No IPB.

    I will run tests (talking heads and demonstration of exercise techniques) here with both settings (All-I and FHD/SF) and report back.

  • Firmware Ver.2.2

    The stability of the image stabilizer’s operations has been improved.

  • I have been down how to set up the em5 mk2 for video. Firstly to set the frame rates, you need to use the quick menu - in movie mode. Find the movie spec bit and press INFO. This allows you to set 24/25/30 in all-i. It is the manual page 62, but why it can't bet set in the main setup menu is anyone's guess.

    As for clean HDMI out - set up for movie, with hdmi cable connected, and press and hold INFO - this turns off the on screen info.

    Olympus really ought to sort out the menu system..

  • Hi. So I tested the new FLAT profile for the E-M5 Mark II using an external recorder to record some ProRes HQ files.

    I've learned a few things and written it up here.

    The takeaway is...

    The HDMI is indeed 8 bit 4:2:2

    They use 601 on their internal recordings and 709 on the HDMI output

    When you choose 24 fps internally you really get 23.976 BUT the HDMI output is true 24 fps. Same for 30 fps respectively.

    Enjoy !


  • @johnbrawley thanks a lot for the articles. :)

  • @johnbrawley, that was very helpful and informative. I'm definitely going to put the EM5II on my list for purchase. I didn't realize you could record internally at the same time as external recording.

  • Hi, thanks. I've just wrapped shooting a little short film and actually I was really impressed with what the camera can do. You have to know it's limitations of course, but for a 1920 camera, once you record to an external codec it' pretty nice !


  • I may have a psychological bias toward Olympus but I have the EM5 MKII and find the images have a certain mojo that I don't see in much of GH2 footage. Maybe its the steadiness combined with great primes like the 25mm 1.8 but I honestly think this camera is awesome. I'm going to make a doc with it in B&W and so far put through a filter or two Im honestly finding I can convince people I am shooting on 16mm black and white film...

  • So, is there any benefit in DR with new flat profile and internal recording ? and how much ?

  • @toxotis70 I'm not one for measuring things and caring about the numbers BUT I have personally played around with trying to get a flat profile before the firmware which was pretty flat but couldn't handle much grading. When I compare that with the log profile I personally would say there a big difference. The log profile really gives you the basis for better images....I personally wouldn't think about not using it.

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