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Olympus E-M5 II, camera topic
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  • @blah_dogs I'm not sure I understand, I don't think I have the same issue. I set the shutter at 50 and just ride the ISO to get exposure and aperture in the sweet spot. The menus is complicated, maybe you should check your video settings.

  • Firmware update v4.0 coming two cameras

    Focus Stacking Mode (OM-D E-M1 only)

    Focus Stacking Mode let you shoot macro photos that are completely in focus at all depths. A single press of the shutter button captures 8 shots with different focal positions, automatically merging them into a single shot on the camera. Depth of field larger than that of minimum aperture and high resolution without diffraction can be achieved.

    Focus Bracketing Mode

    This function captures up to 999 shots with the focus position for each shot being changed, allowing you to use photo retouching software to merge the images with larger depth of field that cannot be achieved in focus stacking mode (8 shots).

    S-OVF (Simulated OVF)

    S-OVF enables a view that is similar to that of an optical viewfinder.

    Exposure compensation and white balance are purposely not shown in S-OVF so that users who are comfortable with the optical viewfinder in DSLR cameras can use the camera in the exact same way.

    Movie-Exclusive Picture Mode: Flat (OM-D E-M5 Mark II only)

    Movie-Exclusive Picture Mode Flat provides beautiful post-editing or grading color by lowering the contrast to minimize highlight blowouts and loss of detail in shadows.

    Synchronized PCM Audio Rec. with Movie Recording

    Functions have been added for shooting movies when connecting Olympus Linear PCM Recorder LS-100 via USB cable. Slate Tone can be added to make it easier to synchronize the audio and image after recording is complete, and a function for synchronizing the start of audio recording with movie recording on the camera is also available.

    Enhanced functions on Olympus Capture Version 1.1

    You can customize the display of items on the Super Control Panel so that only the required functions are displayed, and you can change the layout for easier access of the most frequently used functions. Direct PC saving is also available and the transfer speed is made faster by saving images directly to a computer without recording to an SD card. Transfer speed is improved up to 4 times faster than before. Tether shooting capabilities are also expanded. Features such as Keystone Compensation are now available to operate via a computer by connecting the camera to a computer.

    MF Clutch and Snapshot Focus Disable

    You can change settings from the menu to disable MF Clutch and Snapshot Focus.

    Latest firmware for M.Zuiko Pro and Premium lenses

    Along with this latest firmware upgrade, latest firmware for the M.Zuiko Pro and Premium lenses will also be released. Aperture drive has been improved for smooth exposure control even when shooting movies in situations with sudden changes in brightness. It also supports for disabling the MF Clutch and Snapshot Focus.

  • Can you confirm the crop factor?

  • Manuals for new Firmware releases are out: (OMD E-M1 and E-M5 mark II)

  • Maybe I'm blind, but I cannot find anything about: Movie-Exclusive Picture Mode: Flat (OM-D E-M5 Mark II only)

    Please help...

    Edit: Maybe it's on page 176, "Picture Mode"

    Edit: Seems to be as it's not mentioned for OM-D EM1

  • A cheap way to process pictures of Focus Bracketing mode: Buy an older Version of Photoshop Elements + Photoshop Elements XXL Plugin. Works perfect...

  • Anyone played around with the new firmware yet?

    I am shooting in black and white video and am wondering if the new flat profile is any better than the already flat profile you can create with curves plus also if you can have a flat profile in black and white.....seems to change to color profile when you choose flat profile.

  • @suresure123 The flat profile is only in color but it does seem to be helping with dynamic range. The noise reduction is also nice.

    This video has some decent examples.

  • Olympus E-M5 II firmware version 2.1

    • When recording movies using the Olympus Capture version 1.1, the Touch AF display on the Olympus Capture cannot be cancelled.
    • When an electronic zoom lens is in use, the zoom does not automatically adjust to the wide-angle position even if the monitor is tilted to the self-portrait position.

  • I read that the video stabilizer mode can be set to sensor shift only and they took away the huge crop that was used in the software stabilization mode. Anyone confirm that?

  • Yes, no crop seen when switching from stabizator off to sensor only. FW 2.0

  • @gietrzy Thanks for the confirm that's great news. It was one of the reasons I returned mine glad to see they have listened.

  • Great!!! Can confirm between OFF /Movie-IS. Off and M-IS2 /Sensor Shift Only no difference in size.

    M-IS 1 /Sensor Shift + Digital still strong crop as it was known by old firmware with all Movie-IS modes.

    Edit: I can also confirm that OFF and M-IS2 in 1080p has same crop as Picture in 4608x2592 resolution. Hence, there is a factor 2.4 in between.

    Would like to know why this important fact was never mentioned in their update list.

  • @tida Agree should have been mentioned this is a big plus to me. I have always been comfortable with the M4/3 sensor compromise but do not approve of Panasonic or Olympus trimming it further.

  • @Scott Why would you return a camera due to slight cropping? You get so much benefit with the IS, its not like you have to use it. If you stabilise in post you get cropping anyway. People are not recognising the awesome abilities of this camera. The camera acts practically like its on a steady cam....there is no other camera that does this. Now its 24p flat profile, HD why isn't everyone using it?

  • @suresure123 It was only one of a few reasons and it was not slight cropping IMO. It is in many ways a great camera but I needed a good stills and video camera. The IBIS is simply amazing I've said that all along. Since than I've purchased a G7 and love it would be hard to give up UHD now that I've had it. Simply for my purposes the G7 thrashes it in video and is no slouch doing stills. I do have my eye on the EM1 and GH4 replacements and hope to be amazed and given a difficult decision between them. I'm glad Olympus is taking video more seriously because I think m4/3 excells as a hybrid.

  • Regarding flat profile. It's also strange that you cannot adjust contrast, saturation, sharpness directly. Just made some tests regarding sharpness.

    Activate Natural profile and change sharpness then activate flat profile again. It shows change in sharpness as well.

    Edit: Just made additional test with contrast and saturation settings. Like above saturation can also be influenced on flat profile by changing it in natural profile. On the other hand, contrast cannot be influenced.

    Hence it should be the best if you work in flat mode to set contrast to -2. With sharpness I'm not sure as +2 comes closer to sharpness -2 on a GH2.