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Tascam DR-70D, more and better
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  • Tried turning off all the inputs and trying to use each input by itself. Still get the hiss. Used 2 different cables as well. Nothing fixes it but dual record mode. I'm thinking maybe 2 inputs are bad and when dual record mode is activated it switches the good ones to channel 1 and 2 and the bad ones to the backup channels 3 and 4 with the hiss. But when dual record mode is deactivated it defaults those bad inputs back to channel 1 and 2.

    The clean audio I do get sound superb. I'm thinking I have a faulty unit or Tascam makes crap products or both. Not sure what to do.

  • @Chaos123x You definitely have the newest firmware installed? There were initial sound issues with the early firmwares. Since then, many (including myself) have noted drastic improvements, that have really put this recorder above a lot of the other options in this price range. Also, try a system reset.

  • Yes the newest firmware is installed, first thing I did when I took it out of the box was to upgrade it.

    I called Tascam and they said it's probably because I I'm using a unapproved SD Card. Not sure how that works because the hiss is there before I even record. Right now I'm using a 16gb 90mbs PNY Card, but I should receive a "tested" SanDisk card this week sometime. They said if it's not the SD card then I should just return it.

    Not sure if I should exchange for a new one or sell my SD 302 and use the extra money towards a Zoom F8. My original plan was to use the dr-70D for a few years till I could afford a better recorder like a F8 or 633. But I guess you get what you pay for. Just worried that my replacement will have issues too.

  • Ok so double checked everything and confirmed that I can get a clean signal by inputting my ntg3 directly into Chanel 1 with out without dual record mode. Channel 2, 3, and 4 all have hiss even when bypassing the 302 and going directly into the recorder.

  • Well I'm returning it. Did the factory reset and now none of the inputs work and the head phone jack works intermittently. Now it won't except the Line input from the 302 also plugging the mic ins directly doesn't work either now. Looks like I got a bad one.

  • Don't blame that kind of hiss on Tascam.

  • @Chaos123x - at least you discovered this while you still have the option to return it. I would suggest exchanging it for a second copy (Every electronic item in the world is subject to a dud every now and again). There are more than enough people here who have had good luck with it. One thing I forgot to suggest was switching the phase for those given channels. There is an option in the menu for each channel to do so. Doubt it will fix it, though worth a shot at least.

  • A heads up: With the latest firmwares, the 70D is quite picky about SD cards. A 32gb Transcend card resulted in errors, but an 8gb Sandisk Pro (95) has worked well for me.

    Here is the official manufacturer tested media list (changed from earlier) -

  • A lot of those cards are either fairly expensive or discontinued. My "approved" 16gb that was supposed to ship to me from Amazon just got delayed a whole month some how. I think SanDisk no longer makes the specific model. I never had issues with my H4n, shoot I just used a old generic 2gig SD card I found in a box of junk.

  • Ok so I got my second unit and I can confirm that I have the same issue though it's not as bad as I thought.

    One the return cable I was using was adding extra hiss to what I was hearing through the 302. But when you turn on the dual record mode it does cut down the hiss considerablly it's acuatlly pretty hard to hear when connecting your head phones directly to the dr-70D but when amplified through the sound devices 302 return channel you can hear a huge difference in the amount of noise.

    I think this is a design flaw. Though I know a lot of people are hearing noise when they are outputting to there camera.

    So if you are using only channel 1 and 2 I would recommend turning it on for a reduction in noise.

    Anybody want to try it out and test it?

    Like I said very hard to tell difference right out of the dr-70D because the headphone jack is not very loud, but it is definitely there.

    The guy from Tascam did say it could be the SD card, but I'm having a very difficult time getting a approved card from Amazon.

  • Ughhhh forgot when you use the dual record mode the backup tracks are unusable because of the extra hiss.

    Might have to return this thing anyways.

  • Ok so hopefully last post not that anybody is interested but it might help somebody in the future.

    It was the SD Card! I did have a approved card that I was using with my hacked Gh2. I tried the card previously but didn't initialize it and has the same problems with my unapproved card. Not that I did a full erase everything seems to be working.

  • It's back! Yup started getting the same problem again even with the approved card on my second unit, though not as bad as the first time. I'm going to replace all of my cabling Sunday and try again. Also the headphone jack stopped working, just like the other unit.

  • Very strange.... what differences could there that matter between an approved card vs a fast modern unapproved card?!

  • The guy at Tascam says it's because the entire system runs through the card. It doesn't just save a file on to the card like you might think. I'm guessing they are using the card for some type of virtual memory or file paging.

  • The guy at Tascam says it's because the entire system runs through the card. It doesn't just save a file on to the >card like you might think. I'm guessing they are using the card for some type of virtual memory or file paging.

    Does the DR60d run this way? I always use left over cheap cards on mine. Maybe I need to be more conscientious.

  • I don't know the guy at Tascam could of been blowing smoke. Who knows.

  • I have been trying to run my DR-70D off a USB battery (RAVPower RP-PB13 14000mAh). The battery had plenty of power to operate my DR-60 recorder, and for a while the DR-70D run fine. Lately, the DR-70D will display the USB Power Bus message and I have to reply to re-establish the USB power setting. This will often mess up my record settings, and cause down time during video shoots. The battery is fully charged, and I have tried two different USB batteries. It is an otherwise good recorder, but if I can't solve this issue it looks like I have to go back to dumping AA batteries in landfills. Any suggestions?

  • davidp158 - try to power from USB but WITH your AA batteries also put in. I've heard about some problems without AA batteries, like DR-70D can not measure how much power left- so maybe it is the case...

  • @davidp158 make sure you update to the latest firmware for the DR-70D

  • @davidp158 I recently had a similar problem with my DR-70D on a shoot: I was using a phone charger to power it and it kept restarting. Also I had phantom power turned on for all 4 XLR inputs. Turned out it was the phone charger that couldn't supply enough power, it was rated at 0.7A. Switched to my battery pack rated at 1A and everything was fine. Not sure if you were using condenser mics with phantom power but worth a shot.

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  • Dang, sorry I missed out on that deal, Vitaliy. That's a great deal for DR-70 and case. I'll have to keep an eye out for so,etching like that again!

  • Same deal again

    Tascam DR-70D 4-Channel Audio Recorder for DSLR Cameras, - Bundle With SKB Custom Hard Case for Tascam DR-70D

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I'm seeing it for $339... $219 would be killer.