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Panasonic G7 topic, 4K castrate monster or GH4 for poor
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  • I bought my camera from Ebay / England / ,model and 25p,and there is no limit 29.59min in AVCHD.I'm pleasantly surprised!!! Firmware Version 1.0 . In mp4, limit 20 min. here seller :

  • Bought mine on Black Friday. Great cam! I loved how clean the images are. Just wish it was hackable like the gh2. More bitrate, eliminate time limit and 4:3 for anamorphics would be more than awesome. Almost a 4k gh2.

  • You can do 4:3 video. Just use 4K photo mode in start/stop.

  • Latest Personal View G7 arrived via DHL with the kit lens and extra battery. Very good deal, testing now. Has new firmware.

    Kit lens is very good--shocker--I'm really surprised, it is sharp, quick and good color~no IS button but smaller and lighter than the original version I bought with my GH1.

  • @DrDave you mean for stills or video? on the gh2 I've always liked the old kit lens for video, maybe because it was not too sharp and contrasty as the 20m 1.7 for instance, but than for stills it was not so good. How do you like the g7 in general and with the kit lens for stills so far? on pair of what you can get with pancakes for instance?

  • @Ezzelin No 24p and no sound in 4k photo mode tho..

  • Actually sound does work at least mine records sound but yes it does default to 30FPS.

  • @ttancredi I never got really great video from a zoom with a smart chip, I tend to use the primes, but this lens has good color and it's sharp and lightweight. It's a bit slow, of course. I did a few tests with it for video and and it looked fine. Photos nice and cripsy, as well.

  • I just got to test my unlimited NTSC G7 that I bought from here and did a test at MP4 FHD 60P and it cut off recording at 20m20s. I used a 64gb Transcend U3 Card. Not happy.

  • I just got to test my unlimited NTSC G7 that I bought from here and did a test at MP4 FHD 60P and it cut off recording at 20m20s. I used a 64gb Transcend U3 Card. Not happy.

    For various cutoffs and such, always check manual first.

    You can also ask @DrDave or many other owners here.

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  • Try the AVCHD format for 1080p - it is unlimited for me, as is 4k MP4. Good Luck

  • I just tried 1080P AVCHD and it gives 5 hours with the 64gb. I was just under the impression when Vitality stated:

    "US or PAL versions both have 30 min limit in 4K and high bitrate 1080p. Deal version is NTSC and does not have this limit. And it has nothing to do with spanning."

    that 1080P 60P MP4 would not be limited as well.

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    Here is table for you.

    You need to use AVCHD for 1080p60 and lower, it is same bitrate as MP4.

    340 x 274 - 33K
  • BTW The PNY 256gb is going for $75 on Amazon--you need a big card for this cam.

  • I have a strange defect to my G7 that I was wondering if anyone else has seen. When in C custom on the settings dial if the camera gets flexed it jumps to Panorama setting than back to C mode. Wondering if this is just my camera? It hasn't been to much of a problem so far but it is annoying.

  • @DrDave, do you know if the 256GB U3 card works with the 4k recording of the G7. I read some comments and many people have issues with 4k recording on their Sony RX100IV cameras.

  • Just got the G7, anyone have a link to site where it explains how to correctly setup the camera for video recording and what are the best settings if your grading and not grading.

  • @wickitom I bought one PNY 256gb for my G7 and it works fine. I ordered a second 256gb and I will test it when it arrives. There's no guarantees with SD media, no matter what the brand, but I haven't had a problem with PNY or far!

  • Has anyone tried to update an unlimited recording G7 yet? Does it keep the unlimited recording?

  • Just got my G7!!! Popped in my old 32GB SanDisk Extreme 45MB/s card and tested the video. Was able to record 4K 24P for the full half hour on that card, which surprised me since it's an older card. Still has Firmware 1.0 on it.

    Shot indoors and outside to give it a good test and it was able to handle all the dense forest areas with no problems. Really like the controls. Coming from a GH1 and G5 it's a great upgrade. I've got a lot of testing to do in order to get familiar but so far I really like it.

  • @Aria, so you managed to record 4K on an old 32GB SD card? That IS something.

  • @Aria congratulations! It's a great cam. Weird to be able to change the aperture and shutter at the same time, coming from the older models.

    @JayB38 my G7 worked with several of my older, slower cards but I bought a big fast PNY cause it was cheap. I think it works fairly well with older cards, but of course if it stops recording that's no fun.

  • @DrDave, that's good to know. I can't wait to snag it while on sale.

  • I tried to get the SanDisk 45MB/s to fail by moving the camera a lot and shooting a forested area with tons of bushes n trees. It never had a hiccup! My guess is a 95MB/s would have no issues with 100mbps or 200mbps. I trust this SanDisk card as I've used it every week for years now.

    I see the PNY's and I do think I will buy a 128GB or 256GB card and see how that works. I've only used SanDisk cards in my cameras.