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Driftwood Cluster X Series 4:│Moon T8│Spizz T7
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  • Thanks @Tjabo! One more question: what is the difference between the stock firmware's SH/60p mode and that of T8?

  • Hi Alison, Have attached an excel file showing the various changes made with a wide selection of hacks. No macros are involved so file should open cleanly.

    Best of luck Callan

    GH2 Hack Tables.xlsx
  • Music video shot with Moon T8.

  • New GH2 User here trying out Driftwood. I guess I will ask this here:

    I'm having trouble finding/switching between 24p/30 and the 60fps setting. Is it under the 'Creative Movie' menu? Right now I am on the 24p/24H setting. Any pointers?


    • Cinema - 24H or 24L - 1080p23.976

    • HBR - 1080PsF25/30 (PAL/NTSC)

    • Manual Movie Mode:

      • FSH 1080i25/30

      • FH 1080i25/30 lower bit rate

      • SH 720p50/60

      • H 720p50/60

    And you switch PAL/NTSC at SETUP menu, VIDEO OUT: PAL or NTSC.

    That's it.

    And there are many topics for beginners, FAQs and even camera manual! :)

  • @dlzn, I love that video! Did you shoot all of it in "SH" mode for the slow motion and then render it out to 1080p50?

    I still prefer Moon T8 to any of the other hacks so far, and this video is a great example of how fantastic it is.

  • Hey @Tjabo! Thank you for your compliment. Yes I did. Shot everything in 720p50 and than upscaled it tot 1080p in a 24 frames timeline. And afterwards exported it as 1080p50.

    I totally agree! This hack is my favorite one so far. Great for using during low light shoots as well.

    This video I made is an example of it:

  • @dlzn couple of questions... 1.why to put it into 1080p24 timeline if your going to export it to 1080p50? 2.if u want to export in 24p, what is the best method to use to minimize jitter? i'm using adobe premiere


    1. Because of the smooth slow motion. @rostislav 2. Shooting with frames as high as possible.
  • Well, here's my latest Moon T8 work, Takumar 1.4 with Pixco speedbooster and Panasonic 14mm 2.5.

  • Ok everyone, since it seems a lot of us really like Moon T8, I was just wondering if anyone following this thread had done any detailed comparison of Moon T8 versus GH4? I seem to end up using the GH4 most of the time for several reasons, but every once in a while it is fun to get the GH2 out and play with it. The results are always surprisingly nice, even in SH mode for 60P.

    Is the GH4 just a better camera in every way, or does the GH2 with Moon T8 still have some redeeming value that makes it superior in some way? For now I'm keeping the GH2 for use as my B-cam since I'm selling my Nikon D750, I'm just curious what others think.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts/opinions! :-)

  • @Tjabo I know its moon t7 bud did you saw this video?

  • @RdC, I have seen that video before, but I will take another look.

    Being as I'm not even a huge fan of shooting in 4K other than if I am doing it for cropping options, 4k isn't the big trump card for me that it is for others, or like the guy who shot that videos implies it might be.

    Actually, my favorite mode for the GH4 is the spectacular 1080p60, 200Mbps All-I. That mode is phenomenal!

  • Just threw the GH2 with Moon T8 out on the porch to record the sunset last night. 24L mode, 14-42 kit lens on about 14mm:

  • Very productive period for me, a cover video inspired by latest Eurovision winner music video. Takumar 1.4 smc, and T8

  • I shot some Moon T8 test footage a long time ago (all impromptu hand held stuff, but it works I guess), and just happened to be playing around with grading it this morning. Moon T8 is still my favorite. :-)

    I think I have some comparative macro ladybug footage I shot at the same time with the GH4. I'll try to do some comparisons with both of them graded.

  • Good afternoon. Use GH2 Flow Motion v2 with SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC 95 MB / sec, 64 GB, video recording comes to 33 MB / s. And there is no stability bitrate sometimes more sometimes less. Perhaps you can help me to obtain the stability of high bitrate?

  • Hey i got a question i've shoot this on my Ronin M with Gh2 and moont t8 hack and I like the hack a lot however, im not sure why but my sound/audio is not working when i import it in Adobe Premier Pro CC its totally missing and when i play my clip on my computer the file the sound is all there? Does any one know whats wrong? Here is the video

  • Will this Christmas bring a final gift like Moon T9 for GH2 users?

  • I'm hoping Santa will bring a new grain-free wide gamut high dynamic range film stock from Kodak. Not holding my breath! Seriously, I don't think any more GH2 patches are necessary. The existing patches give great results and are about as good as one can get from the hardware. What I have been waiting for is the legendary Filmvision Pro plugin. There have been many tests posted but still no release date. Anyone know if it is still being developed?

  • @caveport: You're probably right about GH2 patches, but since Driftwood announced Moon T9 almost an year and half ago even with nice snapshot example, I still think there is something little more that can be done. I don't know why there are no any news about Moon T9 from Driftwood anymore...

    About FilmVision Pro - that's my development, hehe. No enough time to finish it yet. I still face difficulties about lifting the shadows and reducing the highlights without affecting the rest of image characteristics. I tried some popular plug-ins like Shadows and Highlights, Low/Ultra contrast, etc., and they also can't do the job I'm looking for. Also, I work on adding what I call "micro sharpness" algorithm which can't be found in the popular plug-ins, but it's extremely important for our cameras!

    Below is an example of some of my old Panasonic G2 files I'm still keeping processed with my FilmVision Pro plug-in. Believe me or not, I can't get such a look with GH2! What I'm convinced more and more is that achieving a cinematic/film look strongly depends on shooting Dynamic or Cinema profile with everything set on +0 +0 +0 +0 !!!

  • Moon T7 except for underwater, which is GoPro Hero 3+ Black

    Galapagos - in the footsteps of Darwin from Rasmus Ramsboel Jensen on Vimeo.

    I went back from T8 as I did not like the 30fps on T8

  • @Brumbazz Very nice watching:)