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Panasonic G6 topic, GH2 replacement camera
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  • Very nice video Grimor, Viva Malaga!

  • 48HFP film we shot 2 weeks a go, spoken in dutch (NL) Used Voightlander 25mm, Olympus 45mm and Panasonic 14-45

  • Lovely work! I like the image very much, very clean, natural, full looking image! Also nice story, much more interesting then those run of the mill, fail-safe-formula, productions. Groetjes Uit Haaren NB.

  • A few shots taken on rainy camping trip with my kids. Used an Anamorphic lens for a more interesting look. Not too much action, but I was trying not to get the camera wet!

  • So, I've always shot in 24P. I am now shooting in 30P. When I import 30P AVCHD into FCPX, it shows up as 29.97i. 60P shows up as 60i. What is going on?

  • Almost half of this video is shot on G6, so I thought to share it here. Do you guys think that there is room for improvement image quality wise? I'm kinda new to the video world and still trying to figure out a lot of stuff, steep lurning curve....

  • Looking at the PV camera status FAQ it seems that nothing has happened for the G6 for a long time. They (Vitaliy, I guess) does not have a camera accessible, and the firmware is not "dumped" or "decrypted".

    Should we give up hoping for a hack? Me personally, the only thing I really need it the removal of the 29.59 min length restriction on video clips.

  • @andreas_kagedal, I wonder the same too. Any news on a hack for the G6? #1 biggest thing for me is NTSC/PAL switching and language switching (so I can buy from the USA, or Japan, rather than in NZ), #2 is removing the 29.59 limit (for weddings and other live events).

    As soon as that happens I'm getting a G6, or three! But I'm in no rush, until then I'm quite happy trucking along with my BMPCC, D5200, and collection of cheaper m4/3 cameras (for weddings/live events).

  • Some testing at nigth with samyangs and graded via VSCO (ligthroom) as an experiment Samyang 35 and 85 on a RJ speed booster. I really like the image but would like better erogonomics/sligthly better body feel (the G6 feels too plasticky, esp coming from a canon 50D!!)

  • G6 in super low light, same setup as above, I really like the setup for run and gun! Graded with filmconvert this time. Filmed at the festival of Lights in Lyon, a photographer's dream place :)

  • @Adam_Mercier your video underlines the Lumix G6 potential. Combination of supercharged GH2 sensor and codec in Lumix G6 accompanied with super bright lens makes the video quality indeed very good.

  • Good day,

    First post. Thank you to people on this forum. I came across this board in September of 2013 learning about dslr's for video.

    The only camera I have ever owned are sub $100 point / shoots and knew anything about exposure and such. I have learned much here on cinema and documentary. What I needed was for run-n-gun journalism.

    If I could get quality on par with our local Time Warner cable news, we would be in good shape. TW reporting cameraman are not using the big shoulder rigs like channel 2,4,7 ...

    In February 2014 I purchased the G6 when it was on sale. I pieced together a pretty good diy rig without spending much.

    I figured I mind as well post at least something as sort of a proof thank you. It is nothing compared to the short story films people post here. However, it does show a bit off a simpler side of video work that is important.

    Currently, I do not have much to offer as help to folks here except probably another new person since my knowledge is very basic.

    I do very short interview clips 00:00:40 to minute and a half.

    G6, stock 14-42mm lens, profile standard/stock settings. ISO all the way down, manual everything, 24fps. What isn't so easy, is that, every time the camera is moved to a new place, the exposure changes. In post, some clips have brighten, color correction, and sharpen in Sony Vegas.

    Could use prime lens in the 14mm range but it would have to be as inexpensive one as I could get. With the 14mm and the sensor crop, I am about 6' to 8' away from the reporting interview. TW can be up to 4'.

    We started a journalist media network on January 1, 2015 and did our first reporting on that day. Various groups were protesting and reported on it. We must look pretty professional because folks wanted to be interviewed by us. I have probably around 1,000 invested including the $30 shotgun mic and used ev60 journalist mic. matte box (took off the doors), two rails, quick releases, cowboy chest/shoulder mount, home made aluminum "cage", cables.

    Thank you once again.

    Tony Matuszak, Depew, NY - ALN America's Learning Network --

    clips look cleaner clicking on the youtube "sprocket" and set quality to 720HD.

  • says g6 is discontinued. Will we see a 4k g7 today ?

  • The G6 rocked for me this year, but maybe GH3 soon? I cant justify a GH4 yet haha here is an experiment with the G6 and a modified RJ speed booster with added oval aperture for anamorphic like bokeh, I like the results! it takes away the clinicaly flat bokeh of the samyangs.

  • Very interesting. Can you post some images of the Speed Booster modification?

  • Very simple and rough stuff : but the size and shape is pretty critical. The fact that it's internally mounted make it transparent to operate, but the effect is most visible above f2.8

    720 x 960 - 147K
  • @Adam_Mercier "The G6 rocked for me this year, but maybe GH3 soon". What do you mean by this? You want to get a GH3 instead? You prefer it to the G6?

  • I like the g6 but the body is too small for handheld work with bigger lenses and I have been in at least 2 situations where a weatherproof body would have been more than welcome! The battery life on the g6 is quite good but there is no grip available... I've never used the gh3 but I used the gh4 and really enjoyed the body feel! The gh3 has no focus peaking but a more robust code could be useful. Either this or get a nx1 when I go to Korea! My plan is to keep both, with the g6 as a nice B cam.

  • Hi guys, maybe this has been already posted; anyone got a preset for contrast footage night shots? I tried all the settings already aviable in camera but all i get is a footage i don't like too much. I like deep blacks and i don't care too much about dynamic range since it does look always washed to me.

  • what would people say the closest profile settings on the g6 match that of the gh2 smooth all at -2?

  • @mcoser what preset you use? If you do not care about dynamic range and wants that deep blacks very DSLR footage you could try "Vivid +5, +5, +5, -5". However, I think this setting is a little bit too much which make your footage un-gradable in post. Don't you think it is better to let it as flat as possible and process later in post?

    @lmackreath please see
  • @yskunto thanks, I have used that thread in the past but no one mentions a like for like profile that they believe closest matches the GH2 at smooth -2 across the board

  • Here is a music video i shot using my G6; mostly the 14mm; and a yashica 50mm f2.0 for the close ups. Let me know what you think :-)

  • My G6 has a loose screw too as reported by others here... time to send it back I guess :5