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GoPro Hero4 cameras official topic
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  • @markr041: thanks for the info! Updating now. ;) Will have test results tonight. Hopefully, it fixes the moire/aliasing issue...

  • As usual, I said I wasn't going to get one but I did. Still testing everything but with the new firmware it's looking good.....especially in low light. I still wish it had complete exposure control but they're getting closer. I will say that so far I haven't gotten the remote App to work but I haven't spent a lot of time on it yet.

  • Probably the best GoPro/Quad video I've seen.

    This originally had to be taken down due to legal reasons ( shooting in Nat Pk no commercial permit). Permits have now been granted after the fact and it can now be shared. I watched it when it was first posted 3 weeks ago after contacting Christiaan via email and obtaining a password on the promise it wouldn't be shared.






    May be it is for other topic?

  • Hello, Here's the video test I did this week with the new GoPro Hero4 on my Phantom2:

    (still in french, sorry!)

  • GoPro in the rain:

  • Anyone experiencing flickering shadows in their footage? Both my GP4 Black and a friend's have it. You can see it here from about 0:13 to 0:20:

  • This 4K video contains fall color scenes shot in Protune flat, those clips color-graded by me in Vegas Pro, and then a clip of the same scene shot in Protune color. So you can see what you work with when shooting flat using the GoPro Black 4, and how I do compared to how the camera does in interpreting the color. I graded based on what I remembered the scene looked like ( I was going for reality, not style). Sometimes my grade looks exactly like the ooc color clip. Sometimes not.

    Here is the final graded 4K video:

  • GoPro in St Louis, in the rain, in 4K:

  • It would be nice if someone could post a Hero4 4K video while camera is in action instead of secured on a tripod. It will be interesting to see how Hero4 handles focus and jitter with 4K while camera is moving.

  • The Hero is fixed focus camera, so there is nothing to learn about focus when stationary or in action.

  • @Zaven13 if you're asking if rolling shutter is an issue with it handheld...yes.

  • I see multiple overheating reports with Hero4.

    Guys, do you have them?

  • No, and I have shot multiple 4k videos and longish time-lapses. I believe some individual units are faulty and should just be exchanged.

  • No, and I have shot multiple 4k videos and longish time-lapses.

    How long is your 4K videos? As people mostly complain for really longs ones (>1 hour without break).

  • I got mine yesterday so didn't do tests yet but while reading manual i found one peculiar section

    High-Performance Video Modes and Camera Temperatures The HERO4 Black features unique high-performance video modes: 4K30/24, 4K24 SuperView, 2.7K48/50, 2.7K30 SuperView, 2.7K 4:3, 1440p80, 1080p120/90, 960p120 and 720p120. When using these video modes, it is normal for the camera to become warm and use more power. Using these high-performance modes in higher temperatures decreases camera recording time. In addition, lack of airflow around the camera, using the camera with the GoPro App, or in combination with BacPac accessories further increases camera temperature and power consumption, and decreases camera recording time. If the camera gets too hot, a message appears on the screen indicating that the camera is shutting down. The camera stops recording, saves your video, disconnects from the GoPro App, and powers off. If this happens, let your camera sit and cool before attempting to use it again. For extended recording time in high-performance video modes, capture shorter video clips when in stationary use, and/or limit your use of features that increase power consumption, such as the GoPro App or BacPac accessories. To control your camera remotely at higher temperatures, use the GoPro remote instead of the GoPro App"

    Thats from page page 27

  • I got talked into a hero4 black at the camera store when I went in to buy a silver....

    I'm kinda pissed they didn't mention the battery life is 40% LESS than the already poor battery life on the silver. I wanted screen for framing but the saleman said I should just use the phone app,,,,OK, I'll try.

    With Wi-Fi on and a full charge I was able to record about 25 minutes of 2.7Kp30 footage. The camera was on for a total of about 35 minutes before battery dead.

    I chose 2.7k because it allow "medium" instead of only "super wide" as on 4k. Well, "medium" is still way too wide and fishy.

    Taking the camera back. Ptooy.

  • 4k allows both wide and superview. The black can take an lcd back, which taxes the battery much less than wifi.

    Buying a camera based on a salesman's advice generally does not work out. It's why we have forums like this, where there are plenty of videos in all modes and reports of experience.

  • Has GoPro published what the bitrates are for each recording resolution on the Hero4 Black with and without protune?

  • You're wrong. Only ultra wide and superview. "medium" should be called wide