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DaVinci Resolve 11
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  • thanks caveport for the heads up so is it possible to use davinci in combination with premiere without rendering TWICE? I mean can Davinci open my Premiere files so I can just work on certain scenes and then either davinci or premiere does the rendering with the grading settings from davinci?

  • @olli66 I think you need to do some homework to learn how Resolve works. Download a copy, open the manual and all will be revealed. There are also user forums on the BM website. It's too hard to answer questions if you don't understand the basics of how it is designed to fit in your post-production workflow.

  • R11.1 available. No more beta.

  • I found several tutorials but looks to damn complicated...switching between software all the time? I can just assume a dynamic link is not available like with premiere's own softwares?

  • @olli66 I guess it is complicated depending on what you're used to, but it can be well worth it to do things which couldn't be done with conventional software, for example being able to track and correct moving objects within an image. You don't have to use it for every shot - you could just load the ones you want and treat those.

    I find Resolve's new editing capabilities a bit clunky, and also it would involve transcoding all my GH2 footage, so I much prefer to edit in Sony Vegas and export the final shots into Resolve using a Resolve-friendly format, and then export the finished footage back into Vegas for adding titles etc - so yes, you have to round-trip between programs - but Resolve is worth it if you have the time (and the need) to do it (and can put in the hours required to learn what it can do). I take my hat off to anyone who uses it professionally and at speed!

    I do see what you are getting at - it would be great to somehow be able to switch into Resolve to grade some footage and then switch back to your editor and instantly have graded footage in your timeline - but that's not unfortunately how it works.

  • @Mark_the_Harp On tracking and correcting moving objects within an image, is Davinci Resolve better than Adobe options like Premiere and After Effects? I'm on Adobe Creative Cloud but that might remote me to try out Resolve. Thanks.

  • you don't have to round trip. Davinci's editing is okay if you just need a few scenes put together. But if it's a real shoot with multiple scenes and special fx and audio issues, premiere is clearly better.

    If you do all your editing cuts in premeire and than want to color in resolve, there's no roundtripping, just an export. If, however, you then want to do editing changes back in premeire or add effects in after fx, after coloring you will have to render and that would be a roundtrip.

    Just watch a video on roundtripping and follow every step. You only have to render one time before the release render. Even if you do changes after the initial render the edits will update automatically.

    Is it worth the effort? Plus resolve is complicated to learn. You will have to study and watch videos (Denver Riddle) to get any good at it. You can just drop in a lut or an ofx plug in in resolve. That's easy enough. If that's all you plan on doing in your color correction it isn't worth it.

    That said, Resolve is so massively better at color correction than anything else, final cut, adobe, avid, frankly it embarrasses them. Add to that the best tracking capabilities on the planet, way better and easier than even aftereffects new tracking and its hard to beat.

    It's free. The paid version has a few other capabilities, like a denoiser, that the free doesn't, but if you already have a denoiser plugin(ofx) it will work in free resolve. For the most part the free version is identical to the paid.

  • Some very good tutorials are available from Rippletraining.

  • Finally took the time to play around in Resolve 11 and it's finally at the place where I can use it on most projects. Blackmagic has made some small but significant changes that speed up the overall process between Premiere and Resolve and it's working quite well for my needs.

    I've always liked the extra color features Resolve offered but the process was cumbersome. The work I was able to do today was miles beyond any color work I could do in Premiere or After Effects and it really didn't take that much extra effort. The Hue v Hue, Hue v Saturation and the Saturation v Luma help add so much more to your footage.

    I also didn't realize the Lite version isn't limited to 1080p and lets you edit and export 4K now. Not sure how I missed that feature but now with the GH4, it's an absolute necessity.

    I just wish there were an interface more like Camera Raw/Lightroom, that's still my favorite model for coloring.

  • I'm amazed how well Resolve works on my desktop. It really is realtime effects and renders super fast.

    A little confused at my output options. I was hoping to go straight to a codec and birate suitable for web distribution but not enough options for that. Going to have to save a master and then use something else to render final output. Anyone got a format recommendation for my master?

  • something 4:4:4 I think I use quicktime mov. If I then need an output for vimeo. I use the mov file and render a custom vimeo highest setting h264 in adobe media encoder cc based on vimeo's specs .

    Resolve does not have a good output option for vimeo highquality. Not that I know of anyway. Everything will be rerendered by vimeo after upload.

  • Anyone having repeated random crashing issues while editing, coloring, or exporting? I have v11.1 with a pretty standard pc (not great but not bad) with an nVidia card which should be more than enough for 1080p work. I have reported this on the BM forums.

  • I found (on a Mac, though) that some other programs seem to block the GPU somehow.

    After using After Effects or Cinema4D, I need to restart my computer to have Resolve running reliably.

  • I second that discovery. I don't use AE or C4D but it happens too in normal use with Safari, Firefox, QT etc.

  • I had crashing while editing on v11.1lite - PC

  • I need help using the "Color match" tool:

    I load a raw dng-clip form my BMPCC into resolve and put it on the timeline. I got to a frame with my Macbeth-Chart in clear view and allign the grid from resolve (see pic 1).

    Than I hit "match" and get an absolutely wrong colour correction (see pic 2). What am I doing wrong?

    1797 x 1046 - 323K
    1796 x 1044 - 343K
  • @Psyco, Source gamma should be set to LOG, not Rec709. Also you might need to play with the Target Color Temp to get the most accurate match.

    You can look at the numbers underneath the color palette in the result to see how far off your result is from the reference chart and tweak accordingly. Sometimes it's a matter of deciding which colors you want to match 100%, but it's usually pretty negligible.

    Also, make sure you select Macbeth for your color chart, not X-Rite.

  • Will it work with mid-2012 MBP 1680x1050 screen ?

  • @Oedipax Macbeth chart and X-Rite colour checker are the same colours. The source gamma was not log, but BM Film.

    I solved the problem by changing the raw dng import from automatic to BM Film (gamma and colour space). Somehow the automatic parameters get it all wrong.

  • For those asking about minimum sys. requirements for Davinci 11 Lite - it is 8GB RAM, but on my old PC with 4GB RAM (Win7 64-bit, GPU Nvidia GT9500) - it works. Starts quite long, but after it has started I am able to do some color grading with no problem.

  • DaVinci Resolve 11.2

    DaVinci Resolve 11.2 includes improvements to CinemaDNG RAW image processing that makes working with files shot on Blackmagic digital film cameras look even better than before. Customers can take advantage of new colorspace transform enhancements when decoding RAW files for more realistic Rec. 709 and P3 colorspace images.

    New soft clip options are now available when converting high dynamic range CinemaDNG RAW images into Rec. 709 colorspace. That means customers will get dramatically better images when moving to reduced color spaces because colors are transformed using new algorithms designed to minimize clipping and provide amazing results.

    DaVinci Resolve 11.2 also makes it easier to work with Avid editors because you can now move both high resolution media and sequences back and forth between the two systems. New DNxHR encoding and decoding lets customers work natively and share the same high resolution media files, and improved AAF import and export lets editors and colorists round trip projects with Media Composer 8.3 more accurately and reliably than ever before.

  • Hey guys I was wondering if someone got OpenFx_misc plugs, they come packaged in a bundled (specially interested in yadif deinterlace) working in DRL on OS Yosemite??? Alternatively a free deinterlace OFX? =)

    BTW from Devernay's page, the Tuttle plugs I manage to get running on davinci are listed bellow; - direct DL link to the whole pkg


  • Two days ago in the BMD forums, Frédéric Devernay said: "I just fixed a bug today that prevented these plugins [OPENFX-MISC] to load in Resolve Lite 11...". Yadif Deinterlace is among them.

    Whole binary OPENFX-MISC set w/ 60+ plugins is bundled w/ Natron (updated to 1.2.1 just few hours ago - inside you will find the plugins dated to today, so probably they're already updated to work w/ Resolve 11). Free Natron downloads for OSX, Linux, FreeBSD, Windows:

    Hope that helps.

  • @czarek now they load into DRL allright but I still not getting them to work... on the other hand you just dropped an open source nuke!!! what??? convolution sharpening, a denoise plug that actually works and a myriad more effects and composite aids, all channel separable in a node based workflow for free?!!! BIG thanks mate =)