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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • If you go to hangouts here and start at minute 17 or so there was kind of a NAB panel discussion on '4k in Film' centred around the GH4.

    I turned it off after awhile but might be of use to someone. I feel like Panasonic has so much to offer and is so funny about getting information out there.

  • Obviously gh4 takes exposed incorrectly (compared to Driftwood test) but ... judge yourself.

  • That's a little bit of a rough test. Were they all supposed to be graded different? Did you use a vectorscope to get the skin tones there?

  • Pretty impressive DR on the GH4 with Cine-D, it does seem superior to the BM in shadow detail with the untouched files. That's not to say there isn't any more to be found in the ProRes files but what will the noise levels look like after they're lifted?

  • Guys, Any UK potential GH4 buyers - I've asked Panasonic and Park Cameras if we could do an event towards the end of this month regarding what GH4 is to filmmakers (and of course we can meet up and talk all things Lumix). More news on this soon. Hopefully, this will make up for our cancelled get-together last year. Look out for update very soon! :-)

  • @driftwood can you do any kind of zoom focus checking while recording? or do you just have focus peaking to handle that?

  • @driftwood, can you tell your very supportive/cool UK Panasonic people to keep up the good work...and send someone to Latin America haha?

  • Will GH4 available for purchase this month?

  • On sale in the UK on May 5th, if that helps

  • guys, sorry, maybe a little off-topic... a multicamera shoot with GH2 (any hack recommendations?), GH3 and GH4...possible to somehow match the colors? I don't mind for little differences in the images... lenses are all Lumix (12-35, 35-100 and 1.7/20) what do you think?

  • Some Sports Slow motion with the GH4 at a Soccer match. Looks like 720p to me, not too bad.

  • @mrbill thanks. Just checked, available in Japan on 24th April.

  • @jamesgh2 The YouTube stream is 720p. The shutter looked too high on it, but it looks OK.

  • Panasonic and Park Cameras have agreed and arranged it immediately! Place: London.

    Here's the link - only 30 places per session. :-)

    I'll be able to take everyone through the GH4 and hopefully have some live actor/performance to demonstrate. As usual I'm not getting paid for this but its a great chance for personal-viewers to hook up.

    Here's the link to book a place.

    It'll be great to meet you guys and have a chat afterwards.

  • Slow motion clip.

  • You tube compression of Skintone v Vimeo compression test. You tube is much warmer (reds)



  • Someone asked me what the Voigtlander Nokton 25mm F0.95 looks like on the GH4. This is for them albeit jpg compressed from photoshop (untouched/ungraded). C4K CineLikeD, down sampled by photoshop to fit 2mb limit of personal-view.

    GH4 Voightlander 0.95 25mm C4K test ungraded screengrab.jpg
    2560 x 1440 - 2M
    GH4 Voightlander 0.95 25mm C4K test ungraded screengrab2.jpg
    2560 x 1440 - 1M
  • Samy's recently changed the status of the GH4 to "usually ships in 3-5 business days". It still says it is out of stock and I doubt it will ship till the end of the month. However, there is always hope that it will ship sooner.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Wow those lab shots do show promise. Up to ISO 800 the GH4 is better than the Canon 7D in detail. It is a great sensor. More DR and better noise control. This means that it is a true hybrid in quality. I never could get something better than the 7D in the GH2 stills. This is amazing.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Thank you, finally some proper pictures. I very much like the new jpg engine and NR algorithms, they seem to clean the noise very well, and keep a lot of detail.

    It is very interesting though, until ISO 3200 Pana GH4 looks better than Pana GX7, after ISO 6400 is GX7 has a slight edge: