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Black Magic URSA - first modular camera, now from $4995
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  • Read the press release. It literally says room for larger, quieter fans for increased frame rate. There should be a rule that everyone reads the damn press release before commenting! :)

  • Fair Point Did Read it very quickly at work but it was very close to pack up time so Just scanned the info But Still Hope there is a 50p at 3840 x 2160

  • @Vitaliy,

    I don't seem to have the time, like you do, to do so.

  • Very surprised to see 12 stops DR, when their previous cameras do 13 stops. Interesting.

  • Oh god, guys, please read the releases and info. It's the same sensor as the 4K.

  • Looks like Blackmagic finally figured out what people meant when they complained about "form factor"... they meant "small". I wonder if this camera design was a joke at Blackmagic. I'm sure more people will jump on board with them though now as this is finally the affordable, penis-extender, monster-truck, mid-life crisis camera that their others were not.

    On the plus side though, many people who do buy this will start making better films now... because big cameras mean that you're a pro and you will make good films. Small cameras are for amateurs and mean that you don't know what you're doing.


  • I think they should called it the BURSA because a lot of their users are going to have shoulder problems. Or, I guess you could say that a growing number of shooters will suffer from ursitis. ;-)

  • "Ursa" is "female bear" in Portuguese. Maybe they were thinking about a lady kodiak on your back :)

  • It weighs almost one pound more than Alexa...

  • It weighs almost one pound more than Alexa...

    Yep, so that means people's films will be 10% better with this camera. Filmmaking is ALL about the size and weight of the cameras used. Come on, all the "professionals" know this.

  • I don't think it is heavy enough! Heavier = more stable.

  • @bwithz You're so upset about the form factor (of this and other cameras)... but, I mean I guess I Get it? Not really but I guess?

    I'm just clarifying that while some people think it's heavy, most of the industry doesn't.

  • @kholi considering what it carries on board, it's not heavy to speak of.

  • @RRRR - I know, you know... but, I mean... yeah I get it, it's just one of those things, man.

  • @bwhitz I wasn't all that interested in this camera until I found out that 12G-SDI somehow attaches to the penis. I'm wondering why this was unveiled at NAB rather than AVN?!

  • @kholi

    Do you know if someone originating from Apple is driving BM cameras design? I mean that he so loves touch screens, here it is three of them even. I am sure it is only three because they could not place more.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Haha. They like Apple a lot I guess.

  • I'd let them run some continuous advertisements on 1-2 of my screens if they went and knocked $3K off the price.

  • I'm just clarifying that while some people think it's heavy, most of the industry doesn't.

    Yes, because we all know that the current industry is just the pinnacle of efficiency... and there's absolutely no desire from the monopolized labor unions (or workers) to bloat the time/cost of production in the name of generating more labor/dues for themselves. Oh wait...

  • I concur, that studio camera looks an awful like an early imac. It's cool their trying to do something different, but to go through all the R$D, You would think a new sensor would be 1st on the list, but I suppose it's meant for controlled shooting under a light grid where you can take full advantage of the cameras native iso. In that scenario it will be fine. In fact, there's no real need for more than 12 stops in a completely controlled environment, studio shooting is pretty damn bright.

  • There isn't a new off the shelf sensor... yet.

  • As long as the fix the FPN, I don't see any camera even close to providing what this does at the price. All the people complaining is pretty funny to me. This camera is marketed and intended for maybe, maybe 10% of the people in this forum. The reasons for bashing it are absolutely absurd. I can see the lack of firmware bitching, trust me, but the rest really sounds silly.

  • @vicharris Oops, I had mistakenly thought the BM4k was 13 stops, not 12. My bad.

  • Well if you want to get specific, it's more like 11 but that's a whole nother can of worms :)

  • At this price and with this feature set, most of you need to shut up and go back to filming bushes with your hacked gh2 and 50mm f1.8.