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DaVinci Resolve 11
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  • yes. 11. Eleven is great!

    (from: spinal tap.

  • HitFilm and Davinci are best software things for this and last year.

  • I love DaVinci - interesting they're calling this new version an "online editor" and not a colour-correction / colorist program.

  • They were building R10 out as an online as well, R11's supposedly full blown now.

  • @kholi

    Do you know any details?

  • No details about this specific announcement. I'm not on the Resolve team, but I think I know someone that is.

    If they announce tomorrow then people should be allowed to talk about their initial impressions, then later on full on reviews/thoughts.

    May move my NAB schedule up to tomorrow instead of Wednesday... big stuff's coming and I don't want to be late.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev, what is HotFilm? I can't find anything on Google about it.

  • Looks very nice upgrade, since the adobe CC strategy of software rent, I think it will put a very powerful alternative to the people who don't want to subscribe to adobe.

  • Yep, Lite version will add more disturbance in the force, err, market.

  • Some nice new features in Resolve 11

    X-rite Color Checker Feature look's great

    956 x 532 - 80K
  • Mts support?

  • The new highlight recovery / local contrast enhancement adjustments in the RAW tab looks fantastic! Finally Lightroom / ACR style adjustments inside Resolve!!

  • @tonalt Looks like it does I found this Decoding of Panasonic MTS video

    Its under Native File Formats Supported Way Way down the list at the bottom

  • @Craig_R Nice! I love Resolve but converting mts files to something else was too much hassle.

  • +1 X-rite Color Checker.

    The additional audio features including: "Audio crossfade with 0dB, +3dB and -3dB transition options" are welcome.

  • I went through the new feature set for Editing. The play now becomes obvious, they're shooting for feature parity with traditional NLEs (except the FCPX abomination with which will interop perfectly). The value proposition then becomes "why do the offline editing thing over there and come here for online/color/finishing when we have the kitchen sink - for free". That's how they'll sell the next million Decklinks.

  • X-rite color checker support, fantastic! This with the ability to edit my bmpcc footage seals the deal for me. What a kick to adobe's teeth.

  • FCPX is NOT an abomination. It may not be everything you want from an NLE, but don't exaggerate.

  • Would be interesting what they are going to do with version 12. Maybe they will attack Photoshop and Lightroom....


    Editing and Grading for Photographers.jpg
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  • Anyone know what "Decoding of Panasonic MTS Video" means? Is that a process that converts the MTS to something else for use in Davinci? If so, any image quality issues?

    Will have to download and try the Davinci Lite. I'm curious how good an editor it is vs Premiere Pro.

  • @matt_gh2 It is under the Native File Formats so I hope its not converted.

    I have read on the Blackmagic Forums that Resolve 11 is not ready for download until June which is a Pain as I really want to have a look but I guess I will have wait.

  • Does anyone have a fast link to minimum hardware requirements for Lite ?

  • CC apart, this new main release contains over 70 new editing features and is now a full-fledged editing solution.

    Previous version, Resolve 10, already had some basic NLE feature as well. Anyone has tried using it as NLE? Any Feedback?

    I'm an Edius lover and I should migrate to version 7 spending a lot of money... I saw that the free resolve lite has everything I should ever need and more but I'm a bit scare of its learning curve and speed on a computer like mine: Intel Core i7-2600K CPU @3.40GHz, 8,0GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics + ATI HD7850 on Win7 64bit. I'm able to edit my 140Mb AVCHD files straight into Edius without transcoding. I can add several filters and CC on several tracks and still be able to play in real time. Furthermore it's able to use Intel Quick Sync technology for H.264 hardware encoding so export process it's blazing fast.