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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • “If I wanted a real video camera, I’d get a Canon or a Sony, not some pretend video camera from someone trying to be a camera company.”

    Why so much Hate on the GH4 from the photographers.. I love Panasonic more as far as video goes.

  • 10 days after presentation and no material leaked...

  • deleted my previous comment. Sorry for the repeat.

  • Guys, the newcameranews is a site that satirizes (very well, indeed) the world of photographic sites. :)

  • That's pretty darn funny;) I guess 'nuclear physicists cover the photography stories' part should have been a tip off.

  • Guys, the newcameranews is a site that satirizes (very well, indeed) the world of photographic sites. :)

    How it is related to GH4?

  • It the video above it looks as if the brick takes its HDMI input from the cameras miniHDMI connector. Too bad I cant understand anything they say :)

    Could someone who speaks Japanese? translate main points if there is something new thats not been released yet?

  • First impressions from Mr advertising's friends

  • @LongJohnSilver: from the link above "What I love about this camera that it gives you great internal 4K recording and with the addition of the YAGH adapter provides you the option of a 10 bit 4K out to an external recorder, basically putting it in professional video territory." This is still the most unclear point about GH4. To my opinion, even if many of you say the opposite, to have 4k 10 bit we need the YAGH; ok, we have the confidential pdf, but even there there is no clear statement, and implementing such a high level function in a 1600€ camera is too beautiful to be true.

  • @giuliobottini We will never know for sure until some other camera will be distributed (maybe with a more stable release). I asked his buddy and he told me I do not know. Voldemort sent them tons of tweets asking to connect the HDMI to their 4k panny TV with no luck. The strange thing is that they are still editing their material or Pans did not authorize to publish their work

  • @LongJohnSilver a review from the same guy. :

    someone named Chris asked about the downsampled to 1080p benefits, but eduardo didn't replied him since 3 days but replies to other questions -_-'

  • I think this image more or less proves that the "brick" uses the same HDMI as the camera provides in body. So it would be legitimate to assume that the in body HDMI does indeed provide 4K 10 bit 422 output.

    GH4_internal_HDMI_vs_brick (Small).jpg
    854 x 385 - 611K
  • It would not be unprecedented for a hardware manufacturer to intentionally cripple functionality in order to sell more gear. In this case, monitor out of 4K/10/422 could be disabled in software unless the YAGH(!) is attached. I doubt it, though. My guess is that if it can be recorded via HDMI then it will be doable without the interface. Otherwise ... I bet there's someone around here who could enable via a hack. :-)

  • @AdamT

    Most funny thing is that about 98% of people who are so interested in this thing (4K 422) will never use external 4K recorder with GH4 :-) And about 99.9% have very vague understanding that it is very big difference (from simple human nature POV) between 1080 420 and 4K 420.

  • @Jasketti, "to assume that the in body HDMI does indeed provide 4K 10 bit 422 output", if that is the case , perhaps a future firmware update and 4K compressed license option for the Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q may be an alternative option to using the 'brick', unless one requires the brick connectivity as well. The O7Q may be a cost hit, however, it does have an ongoing monitoring feature, and also, a 4K recording license should not just be limited to the GH4 signal to record 4K. Interesting.

    Edit: No O7Q and 4K HDMI, see below.

  • @Jasketti @AdamT In the artikel bellow you can se that the HDMI on the DMW-YAGHE is connected directly to the GH4 HDMI port. But I think i heard in their video that the DMW-YAGHE vwas said to enable 10bit 4.2.2 from the camera. Normally this was disabled on the HDMI port. Still only speculations:) @Vitaley_Kiselev, you are right I will probably never use 4.2.2 10 bit in the near future, but if it is in the camera I might.

  • It's fake :(

    @aria thanks

  • @LongJohnSilver, I believe this guy posts fake videos. Whenever a new camera comes out this guy posts super early videos claiming they are the new camera, which no one else has. It's possible he has the cameras, but somehow I doubt it. He never posts any commentary about the cameras, which I find suspicious.

  • @WhiteRabbit Unfortunately the CD Odyssey 7Q does not support 4K via HDMI, it's a hardware limitation on their recorder and not the GH4. But they are offering 4K 4:2:2 10bit capture via the brick.

    So just to confirm Mitch, you can not record 4K 10-bit 4:2:2 out of the mini HDMI on the GH4, it's only possible through the YAGH interface?

    Via HDMI we can record 1080p 422 10-bit up to 30p.

    and on the following post:

    No. I is a hardware limitation of the Odyssey7Q. Over HDMI we do not accept 1080 60p or 4K.

    Mitch Gross Director of Communications Convergent-Design

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev You couldn't have said it better VK 98% of GH4 users will not opt in and buy an external recorder to get that 10bit 422 goodness just because the simple fact that it will cost way too much. I said the same thing in an earlier post and it makes a whole lot of sense.

  • I'm like many of the relative noobs into video ... even after 30+ years as a still-photog pro: hard-disk needs were stunning. That's with a GH3. Do I want a GH4? Oh baby, yea. Then I think of shooting 4k or 2000mb data streams, and go ... oh baby, I need to buy my own hard-drive factory first ... :-)

    Now ... does anything ... ANYTHING ... I'm shooting or probably going to be shooting for (and it is for clients) going to NEED 4k? Well ... um ... ahem ... um ... realistically? ... um ... no. But I'm sure I'll find something, right?

    And I'm gonna need a new computer, it barely gets through editing GH3 dot-mov stuff. Money makes the world go 'round ...

  • I've just put a pre order in lol. ETA mid late April. Should be interesting.

  • @killagram, thank you for information: No O7Q and 4K HDMI.

  • @rNeil Even if you don't shoot 4K the GH4 will be a VERY nice upgrade for HD video. It's not just about 4K, this camera has a lot of pro features and enhancements that will make it possibly the best compact still/video solution available.