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4K Black Magic Production Camera, raw, $2495 now
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  • Great detail. Want. But will wait to see the Panasonic.....

  • @Hazna IMHO global shutter emulates film more then DR and color science.

    LOL show me a 10 stop DR global shutter sensor camera next to a 14 stop DR rolling shutter Arri Alexa and tell me which one look more like film.

  • i like the point on global shutter being filmic. thank god there isnt a m4/3 mount, has saved me 4k =)

  • @danyyyel there are plenty of old amazing films with limited DR.

  • Swing the camera hard left or right with your 13 stops rolling shutter....

  • Somebody knows if it´s possible to bring to the BlackMagic 4K slow-motion with a future firmware? Even only 1080/60p in burst mode would be really great. Thanks,

    So, nobody knows about this? Vitaliy_Kiselev?

  • slowmo availabylity too :-/

  • ON Semiconductor Corp. on Thursday sued Belgian firm CMOSIS N.V. and others for allegedly infringing four of its patents covering image sensor technology, including two patents for systems invented by one of CMOSIS's co-founders, according to court documents.

    In its complaint, Phoenix, Ariz.-based ON Semiconductor accused CMOSIS of infringing its U.S. Patent numbers 5,933,190, 6,011,251, 7,408,195 and 7,608,516, by making and selling complementary metal-oxide semiconductor, or CMOS, image sensors for use in digital cameras. The '195 and '516 patents list CMOSIS co-founder Guy Meynants as inventor.

  • Swing the camera hard left or right with your 13 stops rolling shutter....

    OMG NOBODY CARES ABOUT ROLLING SHUTTER!!! If your films don't look like "film" on the 2.5k Blackmagic with rolling shutter, or on a DSLR, or on a Red, bla bla bla... THEY NEVER WILL! It's because of YOU, not the shutter! I get it, people are shooting crappy stuff right now, and they think they're going to get the mythical Global-Shutter camera and all the sudden people aren't going to be like "wow, what changed, you films look like real movies now!" Won't happen. People don't notice. People don't care. It's not what's making people's film look "not professional". Latitude, Color, and Texture make 1000000x more difference than the image shifting a little bit when you're shooting like an idiot (swinging camera around). I've NEVER SEEN the rolling shutter from my GH3 or 2.5K Blackmagic... because they're always on a Steadicam, jib, or proper hand-held rig. And I do allot of music video/fast moving stuff.

    Sorry about the rant. I'm just so sick of new scape-goat argument. It makes no difference... besides for VFX people. They're the only ones that get a pass. Or if you're shooting things with very specific technical requirements... like events with strobe lights.

    Rant over.

  • Yeah, the whole rolling shutter thing is killing me...unless you're filming the next Bourne movie! :) I've practiced to pan with action while keeping up with the actor and even tilt up towards the end with a actor to really hide RS.

  • ready for shipping and price reduction to 2.995$

  • The BM Production Camera 4K is shipping and reduced to 2999$ as announced today!

  • but actually no RAW, only ProRes now

    Initially the cameras will ship with ProRes recording. We are working as hard as we can to add RAW recording quickly and to build cameras so everyone gets their orders asap.

  • Good news, now we need to understand that BM means under shipping :-) Is it one month or three :-)

  • I've heard of reports of guys in the UK getting theirs this week. Only a handful, but that's much improved on the previous attempts.

  • Only a handful, but that's much improved on the previous attempts.

    What do you mean under "much improved"?

    BM 4K camera can be very strange thing, as I am sure we'll have some update at NAB and most probably price will drop even further very soon.

  • Wow. BM's really starting to put pressure on the other manufactures to step up their prosumer lines here. Love these lower prices but it really puts a hit on rental fees here. I guess more money for better glass is the key to that.

  • Yes, overcrank on new BM at NAB and price drop. People will not be satisfied with their GH4.

  • @bwhitz -- An excellent example of the value of global shutter. More info on the Vimeo page:

  • All 3 BMD cameras, including the BMPC-4K shooting 1080p:

    This version of the edit tells you which cam shot each scene:

  • All 3 BMD cameras. The BMPC-4K was used to shoot the car in the studio (4K UHD mode):