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Metabones lens speed booster adapter, focal reducer
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  • @Frame

    noticed b&h has the fd to m43 in stock for the same price. Great reason to use b&h ! Wish they'd also start carrying the alternatives as well.

  • I am thinking about which adapter to buy. What do you guys think of FD-m43 to be used with FD lenses and Nikon F? I was thinking about EF-M43 dumb e-bay version but since FD has shorter flange, it makes much more sense, not to mention the arsenal of cheap FD lenses. Even EF lenses can be adopted (without any aperture or IS, of course), say Samyang cine 35/1.5 or 85/1.5

  • @kurth Yes, I can only advice anyone not to buy from metabones directly, support is like any ebay-cheap-crap seller. They offered me to send lenses back using their FedEx account (great) but don not tell me how ! Probably they must organize pickup and support does not know. So we are stuck in this moment. Btw, this is how the Speedbooster looked when it arrived, fingerprints on both sides, they were also much dustier before :(. Lenses are loose and rattling.

    1000 x 843 - 736K
    854 x 1000 - 200K
  • I´m trying to figure out if the sigma 18-35mm lens would vignette or not on a bmpcc speedbooster.. any takes on it?

    Given the end "frame" is equivalent to approx 1.7x of "full frame" - it seems to be well within aps-c glass, though I might be thinking of it in the wrong way.

  • No vignetting.. I have both and it's fine.

  • great..! Does it work well as a combo? Maybe you could share some shots?

  • Yes. These two stay on my pocket all the time. It's a perfect combo

  • Can anyone with the BMPCC metabones confirm that the 1-7 F-stops on the metabones correspond 1:1 with actual f-stops? Or does it vary, from lens to lens? How about the Sigma 18-35mm?


  • @jrd Yes, the new one that you have corresponds to a one stop difference. That's why they switched from 8. I suggest printing out a f-stop chart that is broken down into thirds, since the booster is in thirds, laminate it and put it in your bag for reference. Makes life easier.

  • Given the 1-2/3rd stop light gain, it would seem that wide open would be 1.0 (from the Sigma 1.8) and stopped down 8.0, on the 1-7 scale. Is what you're getting? I don't yet have it, so can't test.

  • Where did you guys buy the speedbooster..From metabones directly?..Are there any good European Resellers u could recommend?

  • @marx92 Took it from Marcotec. They have them for m43/BMCC/BMPCC (but only the Nikon G mount)

  • Anyone has watched the trick to use a BMCC Speedbooster 0,5x on GH3/ GH4? It gives full frame. The procedure seems to be a bit tricky, but it works on a GH3 (no Gh2) careful with your camera however...

  • Is there Canon EF to MFT metabones speedbooster adapter yet? Sorry I've been out for a long time and can't find any good info on it.

  • @Tommyboy

    RJ makes one for sure, about Metabones - check their site.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    Thank you. RJ one " there is no electronic integration, no auto fucusing" and that's my main objective why i would like to have one.

  • @Tommyboy Based on a few hints from EOSHD and PetaPixel over the last few days, the EF-m4/3 Speedbooster will be announced really soon (although, to be fair, people on the forums have been saying that for years :P). According to Dr. Brian Caldwell (the designer of the Metabones Speedbooster), the current prototype is "so good that it clearly improves the MTF of full-frame lenses while increasing their aperture when mounting them to m4/3 cameras". It's being called the "perfect" m4/3 focal reducer.

  • The Glass in the Path: Sensor Stacks and Adapted Lenses - interesting article at

  • I thought that was an interesting article. So, essentially though, shouldn't adapters such as the MetaBones adapter be designed to compensate for the sensor stack? So, a Nikon G to M4/3 adapter would adapt not only the lens to the mount, but also for the thicker M4/3 stack?

  • That's probably why the announcement of this booster has been delayed. Last week Andrew Reid said it would be announced on the 3rd... then suddenly he said there'd been a delay and couldn't say any more.

  • I believe that the sensor glass stack is not an issue to image quality for video.

    I tested some old vintage still lenses in GH2, T3i and Nex-5n and all the lenses performs ok in center or in edges/corners (without focal reducers). If the lens is a little soft in the edges it is due to it's own nature because it shows the same performance in these three cameras and also in the film still camera. And to be honest I just saw significant edge softness in the Canon FD 20mm 2.8, all the other lenses performs ok. If the 5n or T3i shows a little more softness in the edges it is because the crop factor is 1.6 and 1.73 respectively for video and then they see more field of view comparing to GH2.

    If you stop down just one fstop in the vintage lenses the image quality becomes great quality in center or edges. No worries at all. Sometimes I just need to stop down half fstop. Only the Canon FD 20mm 2.8 needs to go to f5.6 or f8 for a flat focus plane. But for bokeh shoots even this poor lens performs ok in f3.5

    So I am more concerned about the capability of the focal reducers to keep a flat focus plane to avoid field curvature and combine the glass in a way to avoid CA instead of worry about the sensor stack. Maybe sensor stack will only introduce an almost unoticeable difference for 4K video using lenses wide open...

    I always stop down at least half fstop or one fstop or 1,5 fstop when there is enough light, this is to remove the bloom/glow from the old vintage lenses and to remove the axial CA (purple fringing) which is common in old vintage lenses without ED glass.

    At this moment I do not have a feedback about focal reducers... But if I start using, I will keep the stop down in the lens to improve the quality, so I believe the sensor stack will not be a problem...

  • I just received from B&H Photo a "Metabones N/F - M43 Mount SpeedBooster" - that is what is inscribed on the SB. It is the clickless version. To my surprise I was able to mount my Nikkor 20mm f2.8 AIS lens without an issue. I thought they were incompatible? I checked on the MB website and this lens is still listed as incompatible. At bottom of page:

    I checked the Nikkor lens mount, it has the little scoop out of the mount at 10 o'clock, indicating AIS and an orange "22" for f22. So I am pretty sure it's an AIS.

    Can anyone confirm that the design was altered to accommodate this lens after all?

    Maybe @brianc1959 can chime in if he knows of a change? Anyway, if I am not damaging anything, I am very happy about it.

    It also arrived with the glass coated with something smeary. I suppose from manufacturing? Tiffin Filters used to arrive the same way.


    1296 x 968 - 575K
    1296 x 968 - 575K
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  • I have a Rokkor 58mm f1.2, an awesome lens, is there some focal reducer for this mount?

  • MetaBones makes an MD-to-m4/3 Speedbooster, and one for E-mount as well, I believe.

  • The EF-m43 Speedbooster is here! (kind of)

    The bad news is that it only works on the BMPCC. I'm assuming Metabones is trying to get AF working on m43 before they release the version for the GH4. The good news is that it's one step closer to being a reality!

    (on a completely unrelated note, why do links to EOSHD show up like that?)