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Special deals: Matteboxes, ND filters, ND holders, follow focuses
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  • @jaecjaec

    They promised to send replacement asap.
  • Weird....mine came in miles of bubble wrap and Chinese newspaper. I thought it was well packed....
  • Hi guys!

    For what it is worth, I received my cinematics matebox today! Within a week! Super fast, very well packed! a bit to well, it took me a long time to unpack. All parts in brandnew condition! No oil, no scraches, no broken stuff!

    I have not had the time to test it, since I had to go to work after it came in. But I did do quickly try to install it on my rig. Quality at first impression is good. The only thing is that I think the bolds that thighten the flags is a little crappy...flags drop down pretty easy once you touch them. But I think I can fix this with some rubbers...I'll have to figuret hat out later. The mattebox itself looks awesomely awesome! I'll try to take the thing out for a test soon, I'll keep you posted about it, or if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    I also ordered the monitor hood, he 7inch one. I'm very pleased. If you don;t have one and need one, i think this is the one to go for at first sight, but again, I'll have to test it first to be sure, but the first impression is great! It did fit on my lilliput 7inch monitor.

    So far,

  • I received a Trusmt mattebox plus follow focus last week and have been fiddling around with them.

    I'm having trouble fitting the mattebox and follow focus on my rails at the same time while using most of my lenses. I'll admit that I'm using shorter lenses, for example the fd 28 & fd 50, but they are hardly pancakes once I add my m43>fd adapter to them. Is anyone else having this problem?
  • >for example the fd 28 & fd 50, but they are hardly pancakes once I add my m43>fd adapter to them. Is anyone else having this problem?

    Can you show us the problem?
  • Received my Mattebox and FF as well today.
    Don't have aaronhenderson's problem, but so far only tried the voigtländer lens.

    I actually do like the Follow Focus, once you get it to stay in place where you want it to be.

    However, I do have a promlem with the Mattebox. One of the sideflags is missing the flange (or whatever it's called ;) so I can't attach it to the Mattebox. See attached picture.

    Who do I contact about this for replacement? ?

    Also I find Swing-Away has quite a bit of play, when the Mattebox is locked in it' position.
    It's also kinda hard to lock the flags into place, with the screw down knobs. They come loose pretty fast.
    I guess they are to little to come up with enough torque when tightening. Other than that, and apart from the filterholder 4x4 issue (which is supposedly being taken care of) it's quite a good deal

    The side flag was a mistake on my side. Delivery was good. Sorry about that.
    2400 x 1600 - 2M
    2400 x 1600 - 2M
  • >Who do I contact about this for replacement?

  • Update...

    I was able to get the matte box and follow focus both working at the same time, I had to switch the gear to the opposite side of the ff. This allows the mb room to fit under the ff. I did run into issues with using this configuration as well, but it seems like I can figure out viable work-arounds.

    Also, my mb has alot of play in it as well, I tightened down the hexs so that there is more friction, but it swings approx 4 degrees when locked. I'm planning to use this when I'm locked down, so it shouldn't cause too many problems, but if anyone planned to use it handheld, it could definitely cause issues.


    These are the issues I'm having, but I should also say that the ff has almost no backlash, and everything arrived quickly.
  • Here's the ff + mb on my 14-140... exact same configuration works with fd 28 & 50.
    968 x 1296 - 255K
  • @aaronhenderson

    Please send TrusMT info about matte box small issue, ok?
  • I've also noticed quite a bit of play in the TrusMT Mattebox. I'm pretty sure it's just the fact that it's the way it was designed. While it's attractive, the play in the swing-away is a little bit disconcerting. It's the way the part was milled.
  • Does the Cinematics work with 15mm rails? It wasn't clear from the specs. I already have a lot of 15mm Zacuto rails with my Sniper with Zacuto's Follow Focus.
  • @RodCole

    Yes, both MBs work with 15mm rails, and all the rigs you can see here in deals, use 15mm rails.
  • Here is video by TrusMT how to fix most of play:

  • Thanks Vitaliy.
    Works perfect!
  • Appreciate all of the help. It's now extremely tight!

    I'm still having issues with mounting it perfectly onto my camera+batt grip. Any ideas on how to get it so it lines up well? Looks like this might be my only solution, at the moment :
  • @brandonmrsh

    >I'm still having issues with mounting it perfectly onto my camera+batt grip.

    Sorry, but I do not understand what you mean here.

    >Looks like this might be my only solution, at the moment

    TrusMT make same clamp, btw.
  • The main issue I'm having is with the mattebox being too low, compared to the height of the lens (on camera + batt grip).

    I'll have to e-mail TrusMT and see how much this will all run me.
  • >I'll have to e-mail TrusMT and see how much this will all run me.

    Sorry, what do you mean?

    May be it is better to adjust MB height to maximum and get camera base that can be lowered?

    Other good idea is to remove battery grip and use larger external battery for powering up (see topics about it).
  • The distance from the rails to the center of the matte box should be 85mm (industry standard). As far as I know, the TrusMT adheres to that standard. If your camera is higher, you need to lower the camera, it's not TusMT's fault....
  • To those who own Cinematics matte box, what do you think about attaching Zacuto Universal Donut?

    This video uses a separate 105mm ring. The Cinematics matte box has built-in ring. Just attach velcro around the inner ring. Then attach the Donut. Good idea? Bad idea?

    Besides preventing the light leaking, this trick would extend the matte box further away from a camera body when using a small lens.
  • It would be nice if there is 3x3 filter holder for the Cinematics matte box. 4x4 is really overkill for most SLR lenses.

    But... 3x3 filter would give only 2.1x2.1 size square when it rotates. 4x4 would give 2.8x2.8. For rotating filter, maybe 4x4 makes sense.

    Why don't they make circular filter?

    Edit: Never mind. It would require 4.3 diameter circular filter to have 3x3 inner square...
  • I ordered Trust MT's Matte Box and their customer service, quality and shipping speed are great but, considering it ships from China, there is no way you'll get it before Saturday. If you live in LA your best/fastest bet is to go a AbelCine, Film Tools, Sammy's, etc. and dish out top dollar or to order the D-Focus from Jag35, who are based in LA and deliver pretty quick here. I received mine within a couple of days. Works great.
  • I'm in LA, as well, and I just bought a Trusmt from ebay a few weeks ago. I won the auction on the 9th, and they were on a holiday at the time, but notified me immediately that they would ship on Tuesday the 13th, after their holiday. They said that shipping would take about 3-5 days. It arrived on Friday, the 16th. Pretty fast shipping.
  • Can anybody confirm if the donut works on the Trusmt matte box?