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  • @aldolega Thanks. Yeah, I saw that, but mine was grayed out and I couldn't change it. I was using an external battery at the time. When I switched to an internal one, the setting came back. Weird. So, now I'm able to monitor live. There's still a little delay, but I can deal with it. Phew.

    One thing I wish the GH2 had was a lower ISO rating. It makes shooting outside a little more difficult with my 12-35. Definitely need to have my Variable ND with me. I set the cam to expanded ISO, but that only works in picture mode.

  • Ok, so next issue on the chopping block. I'm finding my GH3 less sharp than my GH2 Sharpness was set to 0 on both cams.

    I tested both the GH2 and the GH3 with my Voigtlander 25mm. Distance was the same. Just moved moved camera and lens on tripod head. It was set to f4-5.6. 800ASA. Both set to 5600K (it was indoor, but shouldn't matter for this test). Each time, cam was focused by popping into tele mode.

    GH2 was set to Vibrant. Standard on the GH3. Don't think that should make a diff. Didn't test standard on each.

    I also noticed shooting the moon last night that the I couldn't really get it in focus with the GH3 on the voigtlander - not like I can with the GH2. Hoping it's not an issue with the camera.

    Here are two crops from the different cameras.

    GH2 Sharpness Comparison.png
    132 x 662 - 135K
    GH3 Sharpness Comparison.png
    154 x 672 - 157K
  • Another sharpness test with the Voigtlander. Correct color temp @ 3200K. Triple checked focus on GH3.

    In GH2, you can tell that it's definitely in focus while popped into tele. Definitely blurrier on GH3 EVF while focusing.

    This is all in video mode, btw.

    ** update ** tested it with +5 on sharpness and it's very close to GH2 now, which I prefer. Still curious to know if anyone is seeing the same thing and if I might have a bum camera?

    GH2 Focus.png
    88 x 350 - 61K
    GH3 Focus.png
    100 x 363 - 67K
    GH2 Focus.png
    88 x 350 - 61K
  • My OLED is so ridiculously bad I'm suspecting it's faulty. It looks like a GIF! It seems acceptable for brighter areas, but for darker areas and shadows it looks like 256 colors graphics. Only good side is that it reminds me of my dear Spectrum 48k graphics. Is this "normal"(the OLED badness I mean, not my Sinclair addiction)?

  • Where I can inform Panasonic they have issues with GH3 in AFC / AFS mode with wide-angle? (12-35 mm)

  • @5thwall +5 seems like a scary level of in cam sharpness. You might start seeing all kinds of side effects from it. I haven't heard of anyone shooting on +5. You might have a problem there. Check the best video settings thread.

  • @vicharris yeah been meaning to ask some questions over there. actually had to rma my gh3 due to audio noise issues.

    i've also noticed that i.resolution also brings back sharpness, but not sure what it means by "intelligent." just need to do lots of tests.

    i'm prepping for a corporate interview/b-roll shoot next month. thx for responding - look forward to catching up with you tomorrow.

  • Hey guys, so I dropped the GH3. The oled broke clean off. So I called and ordered a new LCD door and it came within 4 days. I installed it, but then the new screen when turned won't "flip". ( When you turn the screen out facing the subject, the screen orientation is supposed to change) In fact when the screen is faced out and then closed against the body, it is upside down, until it gets close to the body, where the magnet tells the body to turn the screen off. So the screen goes black as if it was facing the body. It doesn't know when the screen is rotated...

    SO I tear open my 2nd GH3 and swap screens. The NEW replacement screen does it on both bodies, and the old screen from my other GH3 works fine on both bodies. OKAY, so it's the new screen. CAll Panasonic back, and they say sorry and send me a new one overnight. Guess what, the 2nd NEW screen does the same thing, won't flip screen when you rotate the door.

    SO am I missing something here? Do I have to change some setting or somehow calibrate the screen? I can't imagine 2 brand new screens not working.

    Here is a video of the screen issue: password is gh3

  • I'd be very interested in a software override to manually flip the screen. This would be extremely helpful when I have the Gh3 mounted vertically on a copy-stand.

  • UPDATE:I emailed TX for information on how to get this to work, and they sent me this well written email... WOW.

    Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 9.48.22 AM.png
    733 x 364 - 44K
  • @sugareffect lol - where do you live? UK repair centre is excellent for this sort of thing.

  • @Sph1nxster: Cheers, I live in the USA... :( I wonder if you or anyone over there could be a mate and call YOUR service center to see if they can give advice? I'm at a loss, and pretty upset that they are ignoring me for the most part. they just wrote me back and directed me to...wait for it..... the place the sent me to them.

  • Hi All. I was having an issue with .MOV clips from my GH3 in Premiere Pro CC. I was losing the last few seconds of audio in almost every clip. Oddly, this did not happen in PP CS6.0. Jim Simon on the Adobe Forums posted an answer.

    Just rename the .MOV extension to .MPG, then the audio is fine.

  • Well, there is a big downside to just changing the file extension from MOV to MPG. If you do that, then there is no audio at all if you try to play the renamed MPG file in Windows Media player by double clicking in Explorer. Sure, it fixes the audio issue in PP CC, but...

  • OK...if you change the MPG file extension to open in Quick Time instead of WMP it's OK.

  • Ran into another issue with my GH3 last week - the strap lugs began to come loose from the camera body. First a loose LCD hinge...and now the strap lugs come loose. Sent the camera back to Panasonic again.

  • I think you have to stop skipping down the street with the camera whirling around by the strap... :-P

  • What's about the loose hot shoe issue? Anyone out there with experience after having it repaired by panny service?

  • @surfag i got mine repaired at the uk centre at it is rock solid now. I guess they metal glued it or something. I still wouldn't put my LED video light on it but quite happy to use a external flash now.

  • My LCD is loose and may drop of soon. I used 2sided tape but now I cant move LCD. EVF eypiece ocular has very soft coating. My eyeholes are so deep that I took off evf cover so that I can see hole picture in evf. Very soon ocular was scrached and now image is even softer than before. Be careful. Oh and front wheel is loose and sometimes does nothing. I think I go to service some day....

  • Could anyone help me turn off the focus expansion in photography mode? When I try to focus an object automatically, it expands the image. I wanna be able to see the image in its original size, no focus expansion. Thanks.

    Also any word on the next GH3 firmware update? Any focus peaking?

  • Has anyone heard of hack for the GH3?

  • There is none.

  • will there be one? or do think panasonic plans on releasing focus peaking zebras 2.35 crop?

  • At thos point my #1 priority would be focus peaking. It is way too fiddly/unreliable to focus manually without it...