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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • "Cinema"? "Pro"? in "pro tools" "final cut pro" and other extremely pro and cinema stuff...Label gimmicks that's all folks. Pretending that all serious( "pro" if you will in the sense having the ideas, vision and the knowledge to best realize and convey them) visual narrative can/should happen in controlled light conditions is very limiting view of what "cinema" is imho but we are getting subjective just as there many types of cinema out there. Now, to the "cinema point and shoot" here - what BM is doing is definitely nothing short of amazing especially for the price range and this is no brainer. My point with them is why not take it easy. Talk and announce things when you can really deliver them. After you have taken the time to thoroughly test them gazillion times and you are certain they perform well. Then start advertising the thing as such. Having the ability to mass produce them is also a plus ; ) The vaporware business model is becoming too mainstream lately and BM is no exception in this sense. So lets just wait for the infrared intergalactic 32k sensor they would put out next year (to be had for less then 50 bucks of course, oh and the size of the box will be the tic tac candy model, and its going to be pro cinema btw ; )

  • @010101 +1 ;) difficult to type in a meaningful way when your hands are "full" ! ; )

  • Looking at all this it seems like we could need "Don't cry for me Argentina 3" topic.

    Everybody comes to camera threads with stick and stone and knives and their Dicks in hand.

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  • I also have small theory.

    What if sensor is really absolutely tha same as BMCC. But it was this sensors that had been thrown out during previous release (and it was quite big amounts) due this isue. But as BM paid for them he got the idea to produce BMPCC with them.

  • grade test v2 • 1080p25 x264 (270Mb) download

    BTW there's some very cute specimens of human being posting in this thread ;-)

  • Oooooooooooooooo :)

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Interesting. I was speculating something like that when I heard BMPCC uses only center part of sensor.

  • If so, how will BMD deal with that?!

  • Replace bad sensors with good ones?

  • And trash the whole lot?!

  • @010101 LOL :) you unseated vicharris for the laugh of the day :) But who has the bigger dick? LOL

    I have been keeping my eye on the BMPCC for quite some time. Taking all things into consideration I would rather have the BMCC then the BMPCC, the crop factor alone is a real drag. Then throw in the blooming lights deal and that pretty much seals it for me. I would love to have the dynamic range of the BMPCC especially at a mere $999.00, but to me it makes much more sense to purchase the BMCC to avoid the short comings of the BMPCC.

    The only benefit that I see about this camera is the size and dynamic range, other then that the crop factor, battery life, and blooming deal is a real let down. I already have the GH2 and although it may not have the dynamic range of the BMPCC it still provides excellent video quality with the same form factor. So for me I would rather save a little more money and purchase the BMCC instead.

  • @rlima No! You just create bmpcc v1 and v2 the second one has new sensor and costs 1.5x but no issues and have raw. "everybody" is happy - game over.

    Or they can drop the price of v1 overnight and keep the original price of v2 for the amusement of the people that just bought the v1 yesterday for 30% more... :|

  • You know, "It's very easy to be different, but very hard to be better."

    BlackMagicDesign should address this issue quickly.

    Fuji took a few months while X10 price dropped from $600 to $400. But Fuji never stated officially about which serial number is free of the issue. So Fuji forums were plagued with all kinda speculation about good versions and bad versions. Then Fuji released X20.

  • @luxis Curious to see who would get v1 if they tell the whole truth.

    @stonebat Regarding Fuji, with the difference that the X10 was not a game changer, and didn't had a legion starring at them...

  • Someone at bmd's forum just stole @Vitaliy_Kiselev 's theory... lol.

  • so the theory is BMD used the bad BMCC sensors in the pocket? I'm lost I guess

  • woohoo. speculations. rumors. image

  • Someone at bmd's forum just stole @Vitaliy_Kiselev 's theory... lol.

    The comment was deleted over there!!! OMG...

  • That's why I never 'preorder' anything or get involved in thunderdome geek thread battle royale's.

  • @rlima What thread? Just PM me to make it less strain here :)

  • Wait. Are you saying this camera for $995 is not perfect? Really?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    I suggested the theory that the BMCC sensors with the bad glass were being used in the BMPCC way back in April. I suggested it on this forum and others right after the announcement of the BMPCC. JB said it's simply not true because the sensors are made by a different company altogether and have mostly different spec's.

  • What if sensor is really absolutely tha same as BMCC. But it was this sensors that had been thrown out during previous release (and it was quite big amounts) due this isue. But as BM paid for them he got the idea to produce BMPCC with them.

    In Italy we have the term "dietrologia" = "behindology"

    • speculation about the reality behind appearance, about the true events that lie behind events
    • the critical analysis of events, in an effort to detect, behind the apparent causes, true and hidden designs
  • @Brian202020

    There are two sensor companies. One makes the 4K sensor. Another makes the BMCC and the Pocket sensor. The pocket sensor and the BMCC sensor are DIFFERENT sensors in that they aren't the same "package" but they are from the tech / generation family.