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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • And we're getting nasty. It was only a matter of time :)

    It is always more or less the same.

    Similar to most of man-woman relations developments. :-)

  • And hey, if you shoot under perfectly controlled lighting conditions, what do you need DR for?


  • Is there any news about the compatibility of SD cards now the first cameras are out and used in the field and a firmware update to increase compatibility with a range of cards seems to have been made? I bought one Sandisk extreme 64gb 95MB/s but I wonder if the much cheaper Komputerbay 600x 128gb 60MB/s cards will do for recording prores?

  • Come on guys, those white orbs are unacceptable, no matter how much the camera costs, $600, $1000 or $5000. If only they had mention it at launch or in the user manual then it could be an excuse. The PCC is supposed to face the big dogs but it isn't happening with those flaws... imo....

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I actually laughed out loud at that one!

  • I have been reading all comments with interest. We all Obviously can now acknowledge the problem with the blooming.. It's now down to BMD to respond and let us know if this is a hardware or software fix. If they have already got 200,000 BMPCC's on a boat towards our shores as we speak with this issue then they and we have a problem.

    If they have indentified the problem in the review cams they have sent out.. Halted production and started working on fixing the issue then that's a good sign.

    The problem is as usual with BMD we just don't know where we stand. I fail to believe that their own QC department failed to see this blooming issue.. Or they did and hoped it would go unnoticed.

    All I know Is is it would be something I couldn't live with.. And after waiting so long for the cam in the first place the last thing I want to when I finally received it is to have to send it straight back again!

  • All I'm saying is, even if u spend another grand on the BMCC u r still paying less than I paid on all my pro level cams. Less by HALF.


  • @shian

    I agree with ya buddy but I planned to use this as a Bcam to my BMCC. I don't want to worry about something "blooming" or whatever you want to call it in one angle and not the other. And most normal viewers wouldn't see it but it would cause me to drink more than I normally do and you can only imagine that from first hand experience :) Anyways if this is someones only camera, yeah, probably an easy work around and most people wouldn't notice. Everyone has a different angle on this. Good for some, bad for some and apparently life ending for others!!! ;) BTW, did you get my message about CGH?

  • Funny how some jump on this defect to state how pro they are, and could deal with this and that... Lions of zi interweb. Move on your set bro! Shame to see that problem (although some black pro-mist filter fans can like the "effect") I was ready to upgrade on this + a gx7 for my pics... Hope lumix/fuji can deliver something else in the near future!

  • Just to clear my POV. It's still the best that my money can buy and of course that it's awesome for the money, no doubt about it. So it's still on the top of my list despite the orb issue (that it's still an issue). Whenever it becomes available in stores, then I'll have to make my mind. Just chill out ;)

  • @shian my parents paid £1500 for a top of the range PC for me in 1995. It had a 486 processor.. 4mb ram and a 200mb hard drive with a 4x speed cd rom. These days you can get a top of the range PC for 600-700 quid.

    I paid £1500 for a 42 inch plasma TV in 2004.. For that price now I can get a 60 inch 3d led smart telly.

    I paid £499 for a playstation 2 back in 2001.. For that now I could get a ps4.,,

    It's all relative.. This cam is an affordable piece of prosumer/consumer kit... But it clearly has flaws.. And in 10 years time we wil be laughing at how much we paid for the BMPCC compared to what will be available then....

    I will be telling my kids in 20 years time " you don't know you are born!!.. Back in my day you were stuck with pro res hq and raw and only 128gb sd cards!!!"

    Our children will laugh at us....

  • I can't imagine how BMD missed that... shooting direct light should be one of the main tests to check how a camera's sensor behaves... They have to resolve that issue for sure!

    1000$ is not cheap - a small sensor camera isn't supposed to cost 1500-2000$ only because of an 'old-film-camera' hipster housing... or 10 000 because RAW and prores are professional formats.

    Pocket has video only, simple basic functions and no complicated codecs etc. - just great image, basic shutter and storage. That's what really matters to get your shot. Everything else has a workaround. If the sensor can't handle properly a single reflection of light, the whole camera is pretty compromised. And that's not the BMD camera line is all about.

  • sorry cant go for this.. maybe after they slash the price to like 300$$ and there are no better options at the time.. the orbs are just too much.. also haven't been very impressed with the images, altho it's currently not RAW

  • If someone doesn't mind the orbs and can work around them in their workflow, great. Telling everyone else to 'STFU' because they don't agree with you isn't.

    'Cinema' does not mean 'controlled lighting' to BM - if you're in doubt, check out their product page for it:

    "Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is everything you need to bring cinematic film look shooting to the most difficult and remote locations, perfect for documentaries, independent films, photo journalism, music festivals, ENG, protest marches and even war zones."

    Bottom line, BM did NOT want this artifact, and they will fix it. If it takes a recall, so be it.

  • And after waiting so long for the cam in the first place the last thing I want to when I finally received it is to have to send it straight back again!

    just did that... :(

  • @no_surrender Despite the rhetorical eloquence you show by using carefully reasoned arguments like calling people morons, we are in agreement that it is intended for pros, and doesn't that mean it should not fail under ordinary pro work? Don't bother to respond as I am a moron and will not understand.

  • I know how we settle this......THUNDERDOME!!!!!!!

  • Yea, I don't see this being settled any way other than Thunderdome...

  • as long as I get the dog whistle.

  • @philiplipetz... NO - Regular pro work isnt shooting videos at the park...or at the subway... I am just saying its a cinema camera.. Use it for its purpose-aka-cinema- You wouldn't use a sledgehammer to nail a picture to a wall.

  • Ps... blow your whistle... but earplugs man... you could seriously F yourself there. -

  • The orbs appear to be extreme halation, which I didn't see when I pointed it at the bright film lights at the BMD event, especially to look for that. Which leads me to believe it might be a result of the luminance sitting at the extreme edge of the DR or some setting in the codec. It wasn't there when live viewing. It is curious. Usually halation is a sensor issue. But if its not there on live view, and it records that way then the error would likely be elsewhere.

  • The white orb issue seems similar to Fuji X10's.

    Fuji had to change sensors.

  • Why is it that we never get this kind of " FUN " ( name calling, hackling, Dick Wagging ... ) on any other subject. Everybody comes to camera threads with stick and stone and knives and their Dicks in hand.

  • THUNDERDOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two DPs enter, one DP leaves!!