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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • These aren't low light cameras. If you want that, you should know a S16 sensor is not going to be clean at night with zero extra lighting.

  • They are only low light to the point where the extra stop or two of latitude in the lows makes it so ISO 800 on the BMCC and BMPCC can reach into the darks as much as say a GH2 at ISO 1600-3200.

  • Stumbled upon this and I though i'd post it - could be useful for some. It calculates the crop factor with different lens on the bmpcc:

  • Phillip blooms footage from the bmpcc

    Nicely shot.. Best footage I have seen... Still not blown away by the quality though..

  • @lmackreath

    Thanks for posting. I don't know. This might be the first video that's made me start to slightly regret canceling my pre-order.

  • Agree... nice! :)

  • I think this one is also very nice!

  • @double_vision

    Color looks great! :) Sharpness looks great... with some of the lenses he used ;)

    Everything looks like it was shot with an open shutter to me though (I don't like that, but that's all a matter of taste now, I suppose)

  • Seemed noisy? It is noisy. That's what this camera is. Better than all that smeared, codec smoothed 8-bit crap we're used :-).

  • Solid reds and skin tones...

  • @vicharris Really?? The movement looked so video-y. Wonder what the issue was... My eyes??? :)

  • @vicharris Oh, I see you've been talking to Note on Vimeo :)

    From the BMPCC owner:

    "I think my cam might have a shutter speed bug."

  • Yep, saw that too. BETA testers we are!!! :)

  • I have mentioned this shutter speed problem before. In 99% of the BMPCC videos I have seen so far the shutter speed seems set wrong. This actually might be the case in most of the examples but I would assume by now most people would be shooting at 180 degrees to get the 1/50 filmic look. If they are then there is something not right as the motion and/or blur doesn't look right at all..

  • There is some kind of ghosting on any fast moving subjects. Still or minimal movement shots look great.. But it seems the cam cannot handle a lot of motion. I hope this is simply down to people using the wrong shutter speed for the respective shot..

  • I was just notified that my BMPCC has shipped from Adorama. I placed my order on April 8th.

  • My differing grades on John Brawley's ravens . Trying to push saturation and sharpness up in prores files

  • Definitely weirdness going on in the motion coming from the BMPCC. Probably a cadence issue. Like 60fps coming off the chip being put converted to 24 fps. Just a guess, I know nothing about the chip in the camera.

    I posted about this 5 weeks ago, but y'all dismissed it as lighting or a post problem. Ha! Now we know it's not, it's the camera. From the stills I posted with the ball having 2 ghosts, then 3 ghosts, I think it's clearly a 3:2 pulldown issue. BMD needs to address this fast. Maybe that's why they wouldn't let anyone shoot a sample in NYC 2 weeks ago. They didn't even have the same firmware on all the BMPCCs.

  • @CFreak You're right that something weird is going on with the pocket camera (think a lot of us agree), I'm just not sure if it's cadence, shutter or what...

    Shutter angle/hand shaking test from bmpcc user, Note, on Vimeo:

    ...would have been better if he was shooting people walking around, but it's something. Have to appreciate the time people put in to posting test footage :)

  • Never seen so much over the top pixel/shutter/motion/artifact peeping in my life. Some of you people need to just take a break.

  • @Stylz if you are paying this much for a camera you want to make sure it doesn't have any issues.. The reason for this site and this topic and forums in general is to have a place to discuss things., you don't have to read it and you also don't have to comment..This particular forum topic is about discussing the BMPCC and not about degrading other people's opinions..

    your comment has bought nothing to the topic therefore it doesn't belong here

  • I disagree but noted.

  • £800 for something that is 8/10 in a market where 10/10 costs £70,000+. Personally, I'm having a coke and shutting the #### up. :-)