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Panasonic Conversion Lenses
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  • Stonebat, how do you like nice wide blue flares from the 14mm and wide adapter, nice hey.

  • @Rambo I would need a few more days to see if the small blue flares bother me or not.

  • This is a keeper.

    For photo, I'd pick 7-14mm, 12mm 2.0, or 9-18mm. BTW I own none of them.

    For video, I'd pick 14mm 2.5 and DMW-GWC1. I like it cuz it's less perfect. Strange but true!

    2048 x 857 - 1M
  • I just ordered one of these today, based on all of the reviews here. Thanks. I almost ought the slr magic. But I have a hangup about any product name that has the word "magic" :) I just sold my la7200. Sad, but too finicky to use in rough shootiing situations. Also thanks for the the idea to cram the glassless 55mm filter ring in there. Brilliant.

  • @stonebat, are you saying the 14/2.5 with the adapter is still sharper than the Olly 12mm?

  • @DrDave I don't own Oly 12mm. I guess Oly 12mm is sharper and optically more perfect.

  • Hi Guys,

    Now I got my refund from my Slr magic 12mm I want the panny 14mm with the DMW-GWC1. Who can tell me whats the catch on this new H-H014, why its so cheap?

  • No catch, they are usually separated from a new camera (body and lens sold separately). That's what I paid for mine.

  • @stonebat @Rambo how does the autofocus work with the adapter? and have you tried it on the 14-42x? any better? thanks.

  • That's a top lens, panny 14mm, just look for one that is separated from a kit.

  • @DrDave what do you mean, are you sure they can be diferent?

  • Meaning you want a new one but the price is low because someone bought the kit new, then sold the camera and the lens. You can also get a black color if you like.

  • @Rambo, how did you guys fit in an nd fader or lens hood? both is vignetting with the 55mm rambo solution

  • Somebody knows if exists a teleconverter for lumix 14mm f2.5? thanks! :)

  • These are stills of the 14mm 2.5 without adapter, with GWC-1 wide angle a 11mm, and the 1.33 Soligor anamorphic for comparison.

    adapters 1.jpg
    383 x 215 - 28K
    298 x 187 - 23K
    362 x 217 - 29K
    464 x 217 - 37K
  • Sorry, anamorphic floats and skewed as I took the picture but you get the drift.

  • I think this will be a perfect set up for the pocket cam.

  • @Trumpetman thanks! looks quite significant change in fov. I was wondering where did you buy the 1.33 Soligor anamorphic ? Couldn't find one on ebay.

  • @double_vision I bought the Soligor off of ebay for an inflated price a couple of years ago when I got my GH2. It really is cheaply made and sold for a couple hundred bucks originally. Since the DSLR revolution all of these cheap focus through anamorphic lenses have soared in price. The Soligors are pretty rare, but they are basically the same as the Century Optics anamorphs. I will probably only use it when I need the lens flares, otherwise I will probably use the wide angle and crop for 1.33. It's much sharper.

  • I would be expecting the price of Panasonic wide adapters to come down with advents like Metabones, Mitakon Lens Turbo and now The Vizelex Light Cannon.

    None of these will, of course, work with my Panasonic H-H013 14mm - but, like lots of other folks, I'm holding off on a Panasonic wide adapter: first for-the versatility of a focal reducer with one of my wide full-frame lenses - and secondly, because I've had heaps of luck (and praise, and cash earned!) with my Panasonic 14mm H-H014 attached to a 1980's "Optron Video 0.5x" wide adapter.


    300 x 296 - 146K
  • I think someone else has asked a similar question, but seems there hasn't been an answer yet: what if you screw the gwc1 conversion lens in a ND filter atached to the 14mm Panasonic Lens? Wouldn't this be an easier option? Forgive my ignorance please if this is an absurd question.

  • I think it will vignette badly. Not really sure.