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Black Magic: Official $1,995 raw cinema camera topic, series 2
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  • @sunboy Nice to see this doing the rounds :)

  • Btw, it looks like issues are quite serious.

    Story with glass did not ended with any results.

    One of the versions I heard that company who make sensors can only make small amount with good quality, all else exhabit big number of dead pixels and heavy banding.

  • Whats your source?

  • I may be switching to the GH3, if that is the case. I can buy it with the Voigt 17.5 for the same $ as the BMCC. I'll give BM til Feb to suss all of this out.

  • Source for this info? Don't see this info anywhere else. :-)

  • @retrospective @arknox

    I can't tell you the source, it was private talk. :-) This version can be incorrect, but at least it has much more logic in it compared to official one.

  • funny talk going on at bmc forum by disgruntled fanboys wanting more mini-updates. whatever the case, its probably in bmc's best interest to just keep quiet about whatever manuf issues they have until after the problem is solved.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev where is the BMD cam in this video?

  • @peaceonearth

    I happened to have the early V1 Blackmagic Camera with me to shoot some behind the scenes.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev thanks, I didn't watch the making of in vimeo therefore I did not read the text. Imho nothing you couldn't have with a GH2.

  • Btw interesting video

    It shows that BMC requires NDs that stop IR part of the spectrum, with normal cheap NDs you'll went into issues.

  • Very useful information in this video (Vitaliy how do you find this stuff!?). I hope you also post it in the filter topic. Shows two things quite clearly:

    1. There is no replacement for good quality GLASS ND filtration, specifically the new generation of IR absorbing glass;
    2. Formatt HD glass filters are the all-round best choice.

      (BTW, they're also less expensive than Schneider and Tiffen, at least here in Europe). I've used Formatt for years and they've always proven to be excellent value. (No, I'm not with the company, just a satisfied customer)

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Interesting indeed. If they ever send me my camera, I'll need to invest in a hot mirror filter.

    What is it about RAW video that makes it more susceptible to IR contamination?

  • Something like this will do the trick, says its for CCD but I guess there is no technical reason as to why it wont work on CMOS?

    Is it best to chuck it in front or behind the ND's or no difference?

  • ready for tomorrow news guys? :)

  • It should be today - BMD is a Melbourne company so right now its lunch time on Friday the 14th.

  • They've been promising the MFT version to ship in December. I'm guessing that date has slipped. :-( I have a short film in pre-production to shoot next month, so I guess it's back to my GH2 and D800.

  • ready for tomorrow news guys? :)

    Do you mean new announcment where they talk that could not ship the camera because lot of cockroaches inside the cameras? They also told that all equipment are now dismanted to find and catch all of them and put them in nature (laws in AUS are very strict - 4 years of prison for every eliminated cockroach).

  • Excellent video from Abelcine. I was impressed by the Canons stability.

  • @vicx

    You just always understand that they were testing ND128 (hence 2.1) to show easy to spot big color cast and IR contamination. Plus now one know that HD128 "general" filter had been used.

    Btw, it is not Canon stability, it is just test for strength of IR filter. And it can have consequences in the red channel.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev That's some appalling comment to make if you can't cite any factual source besides your "secret" source. Give it a break until they make or break the actual update.

  • Looks like there isn't going to be an actual update. I find their management of expectation interesting...